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Jags have ambassadors


They are a group of players who represent the greatest moments in the Jaguars' history, and now they want to re-live those memories with the fans who cheered them. One former Jaguars player, however, wants to make a comeback.

"I've been kicking, maybe, once a week," Mike Hollis said. "I got a call from the Titans (Thursday), to see where I was. I'll remain in shape. I'll stay ready."

Hollis joined 10 other former Jaguars at a press conference this morning to announce the formation of Jaguars Alumni Group Ambassadors. Dave Widell, Lonnie Marts, Will Moore, Eric Curry, Eugene Chung, Don Davey, Paul Frase, Tom McManus, Carnell Lake and Jeff Kopp were on hand for the announcement.

"We want to make our presence felt at games and around the community. We also want to be there for the players," said Kopp, one of the originators of the JAG Ambassadors idea.

The group would seem to be a perfect fit for the new pregame tailgate cabanas, where the former players might entertain fans with stories of the good ol' days.

"We'll be highly critical of what's going on on the field because we were so much better," Kopp said jokingly.

"It gets us re-connected with the organization. We all had a pretty good time playing here. To get all of these guys together; it's a lot of fun for us," Kopp added.

Hollis would like to re-connect with the team's present. He said he recently expressed to owner Wayne Weaver the desire to be considered able and willing, should the team have need for kicker's services.

"Now that the season's started, I've gotten a little bit of an itch. I'm ready if they need me," said Hollis, 32, whose career was shortened by three back surgeries. He was released by the New York Giants and former Jaguars head coach Tom Coughlin last March.

Hollis' counterparts at today's press conference, however, are content with retirement.

"People want to re-live those memories," Widell said. "It's been too long since the Jaguars have been at the top. We want to be here when things get turned around."

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