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Jags need more picks

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Trip from Jacksonville:
How much do you expect the Jaguars to spend on player salaries this year, since 2010 is an uncapped year?

Vic: They'll spend as though it's a normal year. They're not spending a lot more or a lot less.

Jeffrey from Oakland, CA:
The Steelers might be looking to trade Big Ben. Would the Jaguars give up a top 10 pick for him? He's not that old, is he? Do you consider him an elite quarterback?

Vic: He's 28 and, yes, I consider him to be an elite quarterback. I remember when people referred to him as a game manager. Well, the guy who threw for 501 yards against the Packers last season and tossed the most beautiful touchdown pass of the season on what was the final play of that game, for the win, sure looked like an elite quarterback to me. I think he's a great quarterback who is on his way to the Hall of Fame, provided he's able to overcome this flurry of off-the-field problems that could now take as many as six games from the prime of his career. He's in a tough spot. The pressure on him is going to be extreme. He'll be booed. Lesser circumstances have ruined other men. He's always been a crunch-time quarterback and now he's facing the biggest crunch-time drive of his life. Teams such as the 49ers or Vikings, both of whom only need a quarterback to get to the championship level, should have interest in Roethlisberger. I don't think the Jaguars should have interest. Jacksonville, in my opinion, is not a good place for him. Filling Jacksonville Municipal Stadium and securing the future of professional football in Jacksonville is the number one goal this season, and I don't think the Jaguars should risk a fan backlash.

Eric from Boone, NC:
Did the Jaguars bring in Armanti Edwards for a workout?

Vic: They went up there and worked him out. He ran a 4.4 and on a cold and windy day caught every punt they could shoot at him out of a jugs gun I was told was set on "kill." In other words, it was an outstanding workout. I volunteered to go up there and conduct it, as I love the mountains, but my offer was ignored.

Jordan from Charlotte, NC:
What's the chances Jacksonville trades down to the late teens, then trades down again to the back of the first round? Would this be a good scenario?

Vic: In most drafts it would be said that a team trading back twice was trading for the sake of trading. The team would be criticized for trading away from value. This draft, however, is deep enough that more picks would likely yield more value. The Jags need more picks. I would be in favor of it.

George from London, ON:
Actually, no one knows Einstein's last words because the night nurse in the room where he died didn't speak German.

Vic: I've heard that his final words were: "Tell them to draft Tebow."

Bill from Savannah, GA:
What are your thoughts on Ben Roethlisberger's suspension?

Vic: My thoughts are that I don't know enough about the facts and circumstances of his misdeeds to dispute the commissioner's decision to suspend him for six games. The Steelers support the decision, which also has to say something about the message they want to send with this punishment. He's a reckless guy. In the long run, this will probably be in his best interests, too. He needs to play as well off the field as he does on the field. He needs to become a professional.

Kyle from Pensacola, FL:
I get it, Vic. If you were picking fifth you'd take Clausen. That is assuming all the other teams' boards look the same, which they don't. I love the way you're attacked on everything from your value board to your all-important power rankings.

Vic: It's really comical. I tell everyone not to put too much stock into my value board because I'm not a scout, just a sportswriter. I don't even want to do a value board but the fans are insistent that I do one. So I do one for their entertainment, but then they call me all kinds of bad names when I don't favor their favorite college players, which only goes to prove that fans like to be angry. I have people accusing me of being a Penn State homer because I have Sean Lee on my value board. First of all, I grew up in a home in which my mother went to Penn State and my dad went to Pitt and I was always daddy's boy, if you know what I mean. There was an irrational period of my life when I would've told you that I hated Penn State. The reason for my infatuation for Lee is that I've had a coach and a scout for whom I have the utmost respect tell me they think Lee is the best middle linebacker in the draft. They are absolutely gaga about the guy. I'm supposed to ignore that? Hey, folks, why don't you just take what I'm saying as a hint instead of rejecting it as favoritism.

Tim from Jacksonville:
Do you think the league gave the Jaguars more four o'clock games than usual on purpose in order to help eliminate some of the complaints Jacksonville has about playing in the heat?

Vic: I think the league did everything but promise to give Jaguars fans a ride to the game.

Ryan from Orange Park, FL:
I just read an article on Yahoo about Toby Gerhart and how he won't go in the first round and may have to play fullback when he is drafted due to being stereotyped because he's white.

Vic: It's kind of like a black quarterback having to play wide receiver due to being stereotyped because he's black, right?

Bill from Jacksonville:
If you're a fan of college football and nostalgia, is it worth it to go to South Bend and see a Notre Dame game? I am a huge Gator fan but have always been enamored with the history of Notre Dame football.

Vic: It's all about where your heart is. If your heart is with the Gators, it's not likely you'll find anything special at Notre Dame. If, however, you're a Notre Dame fan, nothing stirs your heart as the history and tradition of Notre Dame football. I envy Brian Kelly. He has a chance to resurrect Notre Dame football. When you win at Notre Dame, you achieve immortality.

Jody from Fernandina Beach, FL:
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Vic, do you ever wake up in the morning and question your sanity?

Vic: I was playing golf with a friend the other day and we were talking about our financial security. I told him the wife and kids are all taken care of and it's only a problem if I live. He laughed, but I didn't because it's the truth. How's that for insanity?

Chris from Orlando, FL:
I looked at your value board and didn't see Florida C/G Maurkice Pouncey on it. What gives? Everything I've read is that he's on the rise with quite a few teams.

Vic: I have a prejudice against centers and guards in the first round. They have to be special to make my top 32. Mike Iupati is special, plus, he can also play tackle. In talking to a couple of my guys, so to speak, I did not get the impression they considered Pouncey to be special. They told me he was the best of a bad center crop. I hear, however, that the Steelers are prepared to make him the 18th pick of the draft, which would make him special. If you were able to look at every team's board, I think you would be surprised at how different they are. It's not just mine. I'll give you an example. Kareem Jackson, the cornerback from Alabama, is a player of a wide diversity of opinion. Some teams think he might be the best of the cornerback crop. The Cal defensive tackle, Tyson Alualu, is another such player. Some teams wrinkle their nose at him, while others are crazy about him. What I give you are 32 names I believe would be on most boards. Then I call some people I know and check it with them, and I get comments such as, "I like what you've done," or "You have him too low," etc. Please, don't take this too seriously.

Rashaad from Jacksonville:
If Dez Bryant is at 10, we have to take him, right?

Vic: I wouldn't worry about that.

G.W. from Hurricane, WV:
Just wondering, how many "Let's trade for Big Ben" e-mails did you get today?

Vic: Probably a couple hundred or more. Apparently his off-the-field issues became less offensive once it was reported the Steelers were willing to trade him.

Jodi from Orange Park, FL:
How many players are still on the roster from the 2008 draft?

Vic: There's only one left, Derrick Harvey. The really bad part about that is that the Jaguars went into the 2008 draft with eight picks within the first 159 picks, made two major trade-ups for Harvey and Quentin Groves and now only have Harvey left on their roster from all those picks and all that wheeling and dealing. It was a draft that could've solidified the future of the team's roster, but one year later the Jaguars were in rebuilding. If ever there was an example of what not to do, the '08 draft is it. Never, ever think you're one player away. Never, ever trade away your future for the present. You've asked the question of the day, a simple, direct inquiry that goes right to the heart of why the Jaguars are where they are. This is what's not going to happen going forward. Those days, I promise you, are over.

Kyle from Orange Park, FL:
I know the draft starts at 7:30 p.m., but do you have an idea of when St. Louis actually goes on the clock? With this being the first prime-time draft, I find it hard to believe the first pick will be at 4:30 p.m. Pacific time, do you?

Vic: Technically, the Rams are on the clock now. If they elect to wait until the official start of the draft, then their allotted 10 minutes will begin at 7:30 p.m. EDT, when the commissioner walks to the podium and starts the action.

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