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Jags to go 'Oklahoma'

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Carter from Orange Park, FL:
Do you suppose Mayor Peyton has forgotten the economic impact the Jaguars have on the local economy? He's quibbling over a few million dollars a year of lost Alltel Stadium revenue when he should be looking at how many dollars Jacksonville has to lose if the Jags should leave. Wake up, Jacksonville, and look at what this team has done for you. Wake up, Mayor Peyton. Can you really get re-elected if you allow the Jags to leave? If we lose this team now, we'll never get another one. Do you agree, Vic?

Vic: Baltimore, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston and St. Louis all lost NFL teams and got new teams. Los Angeles is the next city to get another team. Most people believe, however, that if Jacksonville loses the Jaguars, it will never get another NFL team. I won't say never, but I will say this: The NFL wouldn't return to Jacksonville as quickly as it did to those other cities. There are a couple of reasons for that: 1.) I think we've seen the last of expansion for a long time. 2.) Those other cities are places where the NFL had either once been very successful or the size of the market is so large that it demands having a team. If Jacksonville was to lose an expansion team before it was 15 years old, the stigma of that failure would dog Jacksonville for a long, long time.

Steve from Jacksonville:
Vic, love your column. My question is, how many cornerbacks do you think the team will keep?

Vic: Cornerbacks are always at a premium and coaches will always find a way to make room for a good one. If there's one position at which you don't mind being a little heavy in numbers, it's cornerback. They are great athletes who help you on special teams and they are valuable "jars on the shelf." I would think the Jaguars would keep at least six cornerbacks.

Mark from Savannah, GA:
Is Savannah in the designated market area or extended market area of the Jaguars.

Vic: Savannah is in the Jaguars' EMA (extended market area), along with Daytona Beach and Gainesville. A city's DMA (designated market area) is comprised of the city's home county and its bordering counties. That means Jacksonville's DMA is comprised of Duval, Nassau, Baker, Clay and St. Johns counties.

Bryan from Jacksonville:
What is the shortest tenure of any NFL franchise in a city?

Vic: I can't speak for the infancy of the NFL, when it was attempting to find places where the sport might succeed, but the league put a team in Dallas in 1951 and had to move it to Hershey, Pa., at the halfway point in the season. At the end of the season, that team moved to Baltimore and became the Colts.

Beau from Twin Falls, ID:
How is Mike Pearson doing in his recovery?

Vic: Mike has been a full participant in practice so far in training camp. I asked him Saturday how it was going for him and he said everything was fine. Mike underwent major knee reconstruction early last season. I can't imagine he's as quick on his feet now as he was before the injury, but he truly is making a quick recovery and I have no doubt he'll make it all the way back. He just needs time.

Andrew from Baton Rouge, LA:
I was paying attention to the Javon Walker situation in Green Bay and the GM of the Packers sent a memo to Walker's agent stating the team will not re-do or trade Walker. Walker has decided to hold-out, so, if the Packers hold up to what they are saying, how long until Walker is out from under the wing of the Packers? In other words, when can he go to another team without consent from the Packers?

Vic: Javon Walker has two years remaining on his rookie contract and his holdout is a breach of that contract. Until he plays out the final two years of his contract, or the Packers trade him or cut him, he can't go anywhere. In other words, if he decided to not play football this season, he would still owe the Packers two more years.

Steven from Jacksonville:
With all the new draft picks and free agents we brought in, how do you think this year's defense will be compared to last year's defense?

Vic: In my opinion, the Jaguars could have a dominating defense this season, and the acquisition of Reggie Hayward could be the thing that puts this defense over the top. Here's why: The presence of Hayward and the Jaguars' two star defensive tackles could literally direct the football. In other words, Hayward and Marcus Stroud or Hayward and John Henderson next to each other on the right side of the defense will cause offenses to direct the football to the other side of the defense, and that's the definition of offensive predictability. All great defenses have players who cut the field in half. The combination of Hayward and one of the Jaguars' two star defensive tackles on one side of the field could have that effect.

Doug from Jacksonville:
As of now, Matt Jones is still holding out. I know it's still early but it angers me because, in my opinion, he needs to be in camp more so than anyone. He is gonna be learning a totally new position. We took a risk by taking him in the first round and it hurts the more he holds out. Am I wrong by being upset like this?

Vic: I saw Matt Jones here at the stadium as late as a couple of mornings before the start of training camp. He worked out right up to the start of camp and I have no doubt he has full command of the Jaguars' playbook. What's most important right now is that the Jaguars and Jones get his contract done right. He's expected to be a cornerstone player for this team for a lot of years and a few days of absence is a small price to pay for something with which the team and Jones must live for a long time. Remember what I've said over and over: This is professional football; it's about the money. Don't get all twisted up emotionally because you think a guy is snubbing his teammates. That's not it. Be patient because this is important.

Fred from Portland, OR:
Now The Times-Union is saying Alan Herman is Matt Jones' agent. You once mentioned Dave Butz as his agent and ESPN before that said it was Brian Mackler. Can you somehow end the confusion here and explain this?

Vic: All of those guys work for the same agency but Dave Butz is Matt Jones' official "agent of record."

Bonnie from Columbia, SC:
What do you think of training camp so far?

Vic: As far as I'm concerned, what's happened so far is nothing more than an extension of spring practices. I don't get anything out of these underwear practices. I wanna see who does what when the pads go on, and the pads go on this evening. Better yet, Jack Del Rio told me this morning that he will conduct the team's first-ever "Oklahoma Drill" this evening. Now we're talkin'.

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