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Jags trade for more picks


The Jaguars will have a full day of drafting on their hands on Sunday, following a trade with the Baltimore Ravens in the third round on Saturday. The Jaguars traded their second of two third-round picks – the 86th overall pick, which they acquired from Denver – for fourth, fifth and sixth-round picks. That means the Jaguars will have 10 picks on day two of the NFL draft.

"We feel like we acquired three good football players today," coach Jack Del Rio said, referring to the Jaguars' picks in rounds one, two and three. Those picks are safety Reggie Nelson, linebacker Justin Durant and wide receiver Mike Walker. "You can find some good players on the second day," Del Rio added.

Nelson is a known commodity. He was one of the stars of the Florida Gators national-championship team and he is expected to become an immediate play-maker at free safety for the Jaguars.

Durant and Walker, however, require introductions. Durant was a small-college star at Hampton and Walker labored for a Central Florida team that endured a long season.

"A really exciting linebacker," Del Rio said of Durant.


"We were wondering what he would run. It was just a matter of whether he got his speed back," Del Rio said.

Heading into day two, the question is: Wadda ya gonna do with all those draft picks, coach?

A team that professes to have a strong roster could add as many as 13 players in this draft. Beyond that, Del Rio said the Jaguars could add to his collection of wide receivers on day two, which would make for an ultra-competitive situation at wide receiver heading into spring practices.

"We're going to make it competitive and I wouldn't be surprised if another guy or two is added tomorrow," Del Rio said of the wide receiver position. "We're going to continue to make that group competitive."

The Jaguars have addressed a passing-game deficiency by hiring a new offensive coordinator, new quarterbacks coach, two new wide receivers coaches, signing veteran Dennis Northcutt, drafting Walker and possibly another wide receiver or two on Sunday.

What the Jaguars didn't do on Saturday was add a quarterback and that, of course, was the main topic of interest among the media and fans.

"We're going to try to put a plan together now for tomorrow," personnel director James Harris told reporters as the draft's first day concluded.

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