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Jags wanna keep it going


The Jaguars are asking fans to bring the enthusiasm they displayed at the Monday night game against the Steelers to this Sunday's game against the New York Jets.

"We want to continue the in-stadium tradition we saw in the Pittsburgh game. We really hope people will continue to wear their teal and create the same energy in the building every week that we did for the first two games," ticket director Scott Loft said.

General bowl seating for Sunday's game is sold out. About 200 club seats remain unsold. Loft said he's confident Alltel Stadium will be full.

"From the support our fans have showed us over the first couple of weeks, we believe we'll get that the rest of the season and beyond," Loft said. "Is this going to be Cleveland's 'Dawg Pound?' Is this going to be Green Bay's 'Cheeseheads?' We think we have a great opportunity to create a tradition."

Alltel Stadium's general bowl seating is sold out through this season, which means the Jaguars will have sold out the general bowl seating for 16 consecutive games. That's the tradition to which Loft refers.

In the Monday night game against the Steelers, the Jaguars unveiled an All-Teal approach the team wants to continue this Sunday. The Jaguars will run an advertisement in this Friday's "Florida Times-Union" proclaiming this Sunday as a second All-Teal Stadium day. The ad will offer this All-Teal checklist: teal face paint, teal number 71 jersey, white jag stick, your loudest voice.

The number 71 jersey refers to Tony Boselli's induction into the "Pride of the Jaguars." Boselli is the team's first inductee to its ring of honor. The induction ceremony will occur at halftime.

"Wiggle sticks" were handed out to fans as they entered for the Steelers game. The Jaguars are inviting fans to bring their stick with them to this Sunday's game.

A recent Harris Interactive Survey ranked the Jaguars as the NFL's least popular team, but Loft is high on the support the team has received locally from its fans.

"It's the 51st-largest market in the country and we're 12 years old. We're an infant compared to most teams. Our fans locally attend games at a higher ratio than any place in the country. Our local support is terrific," Loft said.

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