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Jags will have new look


The all-white look is gone and teal is in for early-season home games. Those are two of the major changes in Jaguars uniform design and policy for the 2004 season.

Jaguars equipment manager Drew Hampton confirmed today that the Jaguars will wear their teal jerseys in all but one home game in the 2004 season; the team will wear its black jerseys for the Dec. 5, nationally-televised Sunday-nighter against visiting Pittsburgh. Hampton also cited changes to the design of the team's black pants and white jerseys.

Here are the changes:

• The Jaguars will no longer wear white jerseys with white pants. When the Jaguars wear their white jerseys, they will wear their black pants.

• White jerseys will only be worn for road games this season. The Jaguars had previously worn white jerseys for early-season home games, when it was thought the north Florida heat made it advantageous for the Jaguars to put the visiting team in its dark colors. That theory was proved meaningless in the Jaguars home opener last year, when the navy-blue-clad Buffalo Bills scored a 38-17 win on a scorching-hot afternoon.

• The team's black pants, which it settled on as a uniform staple in the second half of last season, will have the stripes removed from the sides of the leg. The Jaguars will wear solid-black pants that will feature a jaguar head on each side, just below the waist.

• Numbers and letters on the white jersey will be changed from teal to black. The new white jersey will have black numbers and letters on gold on teal.

"We thought the solid black game pants would flow better, look better, with our jerseys. The change with the jersey, with black being the number color, will definitely play better with the black game pants," Hampton said.

The design of the team's black jersey, teal jersey and white pants will be unchanged. The teal jersey will be worn with either white pants or black pants; the black jersey will be worn with black pants for the Steelers game.

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