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Jaguars Booster Club supports the team in a big way


The Jaguars organization would like to say a special thank you to the Jaguars Booster Club for the ongoing volunteerism, community service and spirited support of the team and the Jaguars Foundation.

The Booster Club is perhaps most recognized by fans for their Saturday send-offs of the team for away games.  Since the inaugural season of 1995, the Booster Club has never missed doing a send-off, except for Florida-Georgia, Gator Bowl and other games on Saturdays when the stadium was not accessible to the Jaguars fans.  The Boosters provide hotdogs, donuts and drinks to the fans for a small donation.  The Booster Club also has a fan-services table during training camp, draft day and at season ticket holder seat selection events.

What is less-known but none-the-less very appreciated is the volunteer work and fundraising done by the Booster Club to support the Jaguars Foundation and other local charities.  Members help the Jaguars Foundation with various projects throughout the year, such as preparing and sorting Honor Rows®  t-shirts and supplies for youth who have earned their seat to Jaguars home game; helping with logistics at the taping of the annual Straight Talk™ television program to prevent teen pregnancy and STI's among teens; and getting student journals, teacher manuals, t-shirts and other items organized for middle school students in the NFL/Jaguars Play 60 Challenge to promote fitness and healthy eating. 

Delores Barr Weaver, Jaguars owner and Jaguars Foundation Chair/CEO, stated, "We cannot thank the Jaguars Booster Club enough for their financial and volunteer support.  The Foundation has a small staff, so when we need a large project done, we know we can count on the Booster Club volunteers."  

Lynn Carman, Jaguars Booster Club Community Relations Coordinator, said, "As the Jaguars' official booster organization, nothing pleases us more to know that our resources of time, treasure and talent are being utilized by the team and the Foundation." 

According to Booster Club President Dan Erlandson, the Club has over 900 members and holds fund-raisers at their events throughout the year.  The Celebrity BBQ Dinner is held in April, the Monday Night Beach Football Bash in July, the Tailgate for Breast Cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, as well as silent and/or live auctions at their annual meeting in June and holiday party in December.  Proceeds benefit children's programs at the Jaguars Foundation, mammogram services at Baptist Health, programs of the American Legion, and other local charities. 

To date the Jaguars Foundation has received more than $76,000 from the Booster Club.  Of that amount, $64,000 has been contributed for the NFL – YET (Youth Education Town) for their programs.  The NFL – YET was built in Brentwood as a legacy from the NFL for Jacksonville hosting the Super Bowl, and is operated by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida.  The "Resource Zone" room at the center was named in honor of the Booster Club support and work.

Erlandson stated, "Jacksonville would not be the same town without the Jaguars.  We know, as in any sport, we won't always win, but we will always support the team because we know the positive impact the owners, staff and players have on our city." 

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