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JACKSONVILLE – Senior writer John Oehser's five takeaways from Wednesday's LIVE with Jaguars CB Aaron Colvin …

1.Colvin is confident. Colvin unquestionably has the confidence of a cornerback – and in the NFL, that's a good, necessary thing. Colvin, selected by the Jaguars in the fourth round of the 2014 NFL Draft from the University of Oklahoma, played the final six games last season after missing the first ten while recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament. He played mostly as a nickel back last season, starting one game, with a fumble for a touchdown and two passes defensed. While he made enough of an impact to be a player many believe can be a key part of the defense moving forward, he said his expectations go beyond what he accomplished. "I expected that out of myself, as far as the productivity," Colvin said. "I wanted to go out there and actually do more. I wanted to create more turnovers for my defense. I wanted to go out there and make my presence felt. Some games I felt like I did and some games I felt like I could have done more."

2.Colvin is on the move …Colvin played well as the nickel in the slot last season, with the six-game stint essentially being his first time playing inside. He has played well enough that during 2015 OTAs he's also getting a look with the first team at the outside position that he considers his more natural spot. "They're throwing me from inside to outside," he said. "Outside – that's my home. That's where I've been playing my whole college career. Inside, I'm still growing. I feel like I'm still growing as a player at both positions. Whatever it is they ask me to do, that's what I'm going to do. They let me know it can be difficult at times. I just take it as a challenge and I'm going to run with it."

3… and he feels he can handle moving.Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley said recently he has spoken with Colvin about the challenge of being asked to play both outside and inside. While Bradley said he told Colvin there were challenges to playing both spots, Colvin said he believes he can handle the multiple duties. "To be truthful, it's not difficult to me," Colvin said. "People tell me that it can be challenging and it's going to be a tough thing to do, but honestly it's just playing football. I feel like I'm a football player and wherever you play me it's my job to go out there and lock them up. Whether I'm inside, whether I'm outside – as long as I'm mentally prepared and mentally ready to go out there and perform at a high level, then I'm going to go out and make plays."

4.Colvin respects the interior.With the continued emphasis on passing in the NFL, the nickel corner – the third corner on the field in passing situations – has taken on increased importance on recent seasons. Some observers essentially consider it a starting position, and Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell when discussing Colvin this offseason has repeatedly discussed the importance the Jaguars place on the role. Colvin said he agrees that the position is critical. "With all the offenses you see now, you have big-time receivers everywhere," he said. "You see big-time receivers in the slot now, so the nickel position is really growing as far as you've got to have one. I take it as a compliment that they want me inside, because you have to be quick. There's more room on the inside." He then added with a smile, "I can't lie. I do like being on an island sometimes."

5.Working in June is better than not.Count Colvin as one player who absolutely doesn't mind practicing in OTAs. Colvin spent the entire offseason in 2014 rehabilitating his ACL, and said the chance to be involved in the entire offseason program is important as he prepares for his second NFL season. "I get a chance just to grow," Colvin said. "You can watch all the film you want. You can get in the playbook all you want. But until you get all those physical reps, I don't feel like you can grow as a player. Right now, I'm getting a chance to do that. I get a chance to get critiqued on what I'm doing. I get a chance to make mistakes, correct them and get ready for the season."

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