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JACKSONVILLE – He can't go absolutely all-out in terms of preparation. It's not time yet.

That's the case for any veteran who joins an NFL team this time of year, and it's true for new Jaguars defensive end Jared Odrick.

But if it isn't yet time to learn or even try to learn everything there is to know about his new team, new scheme and new surroundings, Odrick – who signed with the Jaguars as an unrestricted free agent early last month – said there is plenty he can do to prepare.

That means being as ready as possible physically when he joins the Jaguars later this month.

And that has been his focus throughout this offseason.

"I'm excited to get all of it started, but I haven't stopped this offseason," Odrick said Wednesday afternoon in an appearance with J.P. Shadrick and John Oehser on LIVE. "I've been traveling and everywhere I've traveled, I've trained.

"In terms of getting in the state of mind to start workouts, it's something I've been doing all offseason."

Odrick, a first-round selection by Miami in the 2010 NFL Draft who spent the past five seasons with the Dolphins, spoke to LIVE by telephone Wednesday. As he did, he said he was on the roof of the gym where he trains.

"We're getting ready to pump out arms," he said, adding, "It's my everyday life."

Odrick said he has spent the recent months building hamstrings, "fortifying my body" and getting ready for the upcoming on-field portion of the offseason.

"I think that's what this time is for," he said, adding. "The season's a long way off. I think it's different for me than it is for a rookie. The rookie's ready to rumble the first day whereas the veteran understands the season is a long way off and these are stepping stones to the season."

The Jaguars' voluntary offseason conditioning program begins April 21, with organized team activities in May and June. Odrick said that's when he can begin studying film, learning the defense and getting a full grasp on his new surroundings.

"I'm still in the digesting process," he said. "I haven't spent much time except for the tour of the locker room and the facilities. That's what this OTA stuff is all about, is becoming affiliated with the new characters. That's the time you begin to bond and jell with people and figure out where you fit. …

"I've been focusing on my body, getting things aligned. That's what this time is for. The thing is, football translates from team to team and from organization to organization. You're not playing a whole new game when you switch teams. You're going to get lead weaks. You're going to get outside press and zone. You're going to get pass sets. It's just adjusting to the different organizations you're playing with or against."

Odrick said in a very real sense his approach is similar this offseason to previous NFL offseasons.

"Every year you come into offseason program and the season and you want to reestablish yourself – regardless of what organization you're playing for," Odrick said. "If it's new or old or the same one, you always have to reestablish yourself.

"Obviously being with a different team and a different organization and a whole new cast of characters, you have to do that once again. A part of me reestablishing myself is making sure I come in in shape."

Also on Wednesday:

*Odrick described himself as a passionate player, and added that he gets angry a lot. "I like hitting people," Odrick said. "I'm a guy who likes to know what his role is and likes to do it to the best of his ability. I feel like my anger is very useful on the football field because I always want to do what my job entails. I always want to do a very good job and I set a high standard for myself both on and off the field. It carries over onto the field and I think that's one place where I'm allowed to release that anger. I like to do that, and I think you'll see a lot of knockback from me in the run game. I think that fits along with what the Jaguars' defensive line is all about." …

*Odrick added of the defensive line, "You see that they're very aggressive and very talented. They're very speed-oriented. I can't get my eyes off (Jaguars defensive tackle) Sen'Derrick (Marks) watching film. I think many of my attributes that I'll bring will fit right in." …

The Jacksonville Jaguars have signed former Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Jared Odrick.

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