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Jaguars QB's accept news


Byron Leftwich and David Garrard had each heard the rumor that the Jaguars are interested in acquiring Daunte Culpepper, and Leftwich and Garrard each expressed understanding and acceptance of the situation.

"Any time you have a quarterback of Daunte's caliber, and any time you can add a guy of that caliber, as an organization it's smart to look into it, especially with me having one year left on my contract. I have no problem with it," Leftwich told reporters following the Jaguars' practice on Wednesday morning.

Garrard confirmed the rumor that was advanced by, that the team has spoken to Garrard about its interest in Culpepper. Garrard said he was approached by Offensive Coordinator Dirk Koetter last Friday.

"Yeah, they talked to me. Dirk did. He said it doesn't have anything to do with (my) status. He just wanted to make sure we knew it was true. They don't have to tell you what they're thinking. It was cool. I just took it that if there's a player on the street as good as Daunte Culpepper, you have to take a look at him. I'm not going to fault the organization. It's a business," Garrard said.

The Miami Dolphins want to trade Culpepper, who is to earn a $5.5 million salary this season. Culpepper wants the team to release him so he might be free to negotiate a deal with any team that might be interested in him.

Leftwich is the Jaguars' starting quarterback and coach Jack Del Rio told reporters last week that any interest they would have in another quarterback would be in a supporting role only. Garrard, of course, is the team's backup quarterback, but Garrard clings to the hope he'll be given an opportunity to compete for the starting job.

Asked if he views the Jaguars' interest in Culpepper as a personal affront, Leftwich said: "I think it has something to do with me because I'm in the last year of my contract. I understand it. I'm in the last year of my contract and nobody knows which way this is going to go."

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