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Jaguars show fan appreciation


Jaguars season ticket holder Mike Santos was surprised by the trip of a lifetime, along with his brother Eddie. The pair got the opportunity to travel to Indianapolis with VIP treatment to watch the Jaguars take on the Colts on opening weekend.

"Eddie and I were just blown away with the whole experience. We felt like VIPs when we were able to travel with the team buses over to Lucas Oil Stadium, and it was special to be able to stand on the field as the team warmed up before going to our seats to watch the game," he said.

Santos was the recipient of the grand prize in the 2009 Renewal Sweepstakes. By simply renewing his tickets online after the 2008 season, his name was automatically entered in the sweepstakes.

"I couldn't believe it when they told me we'd won. It's really awesome of the team to do this and to make this opportunity available to season ticket holders," Santos said.

In addition to Santos' grand prize, the 2009 Renewal Sweepstakes also rewarded a first, second, and third prize to more than 20 season ticket holders. The first prize was receiving credit back for up to two tickets. Charles Boice, Linda Dillingham and Scott Torak received this first prize.

Torak, like Santos, was surprised and excited when he found out that he had won.

"I was excited [when we found out we'd won credit toward our tickets]," he said. "We just love going to the games. It's always an outing for us."

Season ticket holders who won the second prize were awarded the chance to take a pre-game sideline visit during the 2009 season. There were 10 lucky recipients of this opportunity.

The third prize, awarded to another 10 season ticket holders, is an autographed helmet by the Jaguars 1st-round draft pick, starting offensive tackle Eugene Monroe.

The Jaguars encourage online ticket renewals because of several features that are made available to season ticket holders through the online account management tool, My Jaguars Account. Ticket holders are able to pay their invoices as well as forward and resell their tickets if they are unable to attend a game.

The online features also allow for improved communication between the Jaguars and their customers, allowing season ticket holders to subscribe to receive a game day email, account-specific notifications, special offers and more. Over half of Jaguars' season ticket holders renewed their tickets online and were automatically entered in the sweepstakes.

In addition to the 2009 Renewal Sweepstakes, Jaguars season ticket holders were given the opportunity to sign up online for a chance to be selected to help hold the massive American flag on the field during pregame ceremonies this season. About 300 were selected and can be seen in action before every home game, stretching and waving the 100-yard flag during the National Anthem.

"We're always looking for fun ways to reward and recognize our season ticket holders," said Nicola Drake, Senior Manager of Fan Services. "Giving fans the opportunity to travel with the team to an away game and to stand on the field just before kick-off provides us with some unique ways to show how much we value and appreciate their support."

Here is a list of all the winners from the 2009 Renewal Sweepstakes, and how long they have been season ticket holders:

Away game trip for two
  • Michael Santos, since 2004
2009 season ticket credit
  • Charles Boice, since 1993 *

Scott Torak, since 1993

Pregame sideline visit during the 2009 Jaguars season
  • Charles Kelso, since 2008

Larry Augustine, since 2004 * Mack Thigpen, since 2005 *

Dean Miller, since 2006 * Larry Kelsey, since 2007 *

George Reinhardt, since 2005 * Richard Clark, since 1993 *

Berman Brothers, Inc., since 1993 * Benjamin Nelson, since 2007 *

Garret Godbolt, since 2005

Autographed helmet by the Jaguars 1st-round draft pick, Eugene Monroe
  • Raymond Dzikowski, since 1993

Owens Corning, since 1993 * Lewis Parrish, since 1993 *

Mary & Michael Wright, since 1993 * Steve Nelson, since 1994 *

Tracie Zaher, since 2004 * Bonnie & David Theroux, since 2002 *

Theresa Lindsey, since 2003 * Gene Lindenboom, since 2005

  • Shawn Gomez, since 2006
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