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Jaguars, US Assure prepare for London

In preparation for their second NFL International Series game in London, the Jacksonville Jaguars today announced the expansion of a multi-year partnership with US Assure, a Jacksonville-based provider of construction and commercial insurance programs and services.  The Jaguars will play the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, November 9 at Wembley Stadium in London.  The team and US Assure also described how they plan to use EverBank Field's new video boards to create a stronger brand.

The Jaguars' four-year commitment to play a home game in London was part of a plan with several goals, one of which is growing and broadening the Jaguars fan base internationally. Another goal is the economic benefit to the club and to the city of Jacksonville and surrounding region, as a key objective is to sell Jacksonville to the world. The Jaguars are working with civic and business leaders in marketing Jacksonville as a world-class leisure destination as well as a place to grow business.

"This unique partnership US Assure has created with the Jaguars allows us to bring together our community leaders with national and global opportunities in a setting where Jacksonville becomes the focal point," said Ty Petway Chairman and CEO of US Assure.  "As a result, bonds are forged and relationships created that can only benefit our community.  With a nearly 40-year history in Jacksonville and our association with the Jaguars from day one, US Assure is proud to play a part in making this happen," said Petway.  The partnership began last year and has expanded to a multi-year commitment from US Assure to the Jaguars. 

Video Boards help with branding, name change

In addition to London-based activities, US Assure has used its partnership with the Jaguars to enhance its local presence and support its branding initiatives.  The company initially supported the unveiling of EverBank Field's new video boards in July when Fulham Football Club played a match and country superstar Carrie Underwood helped the Jaguars unveil the new boards to the community.  The company, which has been in Jacksonville for almost 40 years and was formerly known as Zurich Insurance Services, recently rebranded. Realizing how the new video boards could be used to help tell Jacksonville's unique story, US Assure decided to commit to a season-long sponsorship featuring their logo on the boards during every quarter of every Jaguars home game. 

"Brand recognition starts at home.  We invest heavily in our employees and our community and it is important to us that, even though we do business throughout the country, we want to be visible at home," said Chief Marketing Officer Ryan Schwartz. "Our values and those of the Jaguars and their leadership align extremely well so the partnership was a natural extension of our relationship."

The two main video boards at Everbank Field each measure 60 feet high by 362 feet wide and feature a 13HD pixel layout. With more than 21,700 square feet of digital canvas, each display is longer than a football field and can feature three full-size HD windows for maximum versatility during any event. 

The 13HD technology was selected for many reasons, chief among them being the high brightness that helps overcome the Florida sunlight. The high contrast and wide viewing angles are unmatched in the industry for this type of product, thus providing the outstanding visual impact desired by the Jaguars for their fans.

"We are proud of our partnership with US Assure and we look forward to working with them both in our London initiative and in the new video enhancements at EverBank Field," Jaguars President Mark Lamping said. "US Assure is a long-time Jacksonville business that is an important part of this community, and partnerships like this are good examples how the Jaguars want to be aligned in our community."

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