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OK i think i left that first Journal entry up for long enough....So 2 games down and 2 to go till we start playing for real....but if you were at the game last friday you probably noticed that i'm already in mid-season form....i usually don't show too much in the pre-season...i try to keep it pretty "Vanilla" as they say....but this past Friday I opened up my playbook a little and did a dance in the Third Quarter that went quite well if i do say so myself...which i just did!...I also lost a game of Musical chairs during the 2 minute warning which i am currently protesting the outcome of....

That little girl should be ashamed of herself for her tactics in the final moments of that game....Lucky for me i had a cup on so there was no permanent damage....and as for the criticism i received for how the 2 boys got ejected from the game?....They should be thanking me for shoving them when i did....There was a nasty Bee out there on the field that nearly got them both...Had i not had the keen vision to spot that Bee heading right for the boys when i did they may have been stinged, i mean stung, or is it stang.....whatever!...they could have been hurt! is purely coincidental that the Bee came for each of them right when the music was stopping....So all of you who said i cheated can now begin your apologies!

Which reminds me....don't think i didn't notice all of you who left early and didn't stick around to see my hilarious skit in the 4th quarter....come on people it's a Friday night, you don't have to work the next day....and it's not like they stopped serving beer before the game was over....oh wait a boss just informed that they did stop serving.....UH OK nevermind folks...on to another topic!

Oh yeah this whole NFL Films show "Jaguars Summer"'re probably wondering why i'm not all over it...well i thought it would be best if i give the players a chance to get some attention for once....You know they can be a little sensitive sometimes....Besides...i don't really like cameras or a lot of attention...i'm kind of shy and unassuming....i don't really need the exposure....people already know so much about me that they wouldn't really learn much from seeing me on the show....the fact that they have not approached me to be on the show nor asked anyone here about putting me on the show....really has nothing to do with why i'm not on it.

So this week the Cheese Heads come to town....They have a really good up and coming QB...uh Brett something....i've been in this league for 9 years and i know talent when i see it...i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that this guy could turn out to be pretty good....If he could only get some pub...that's short for publicity....i'm in the know on this stuff so sometimes i use industry terms that the common fan wouldn't understand....But keep an eye out for this guy Brett...he may surprise some people...but you can say that you knew all along because you heard it here first.

Well it is a game week so i have to get back to work....the life of an NFL mascot never stops....except for nap time....meal time...and TV time....but other than those 18 hours each day i work really hard....can't wait to see you all at the game friday night....well at least 55,000 of you or so....but don't get me started on the Bruce Banner says "You wouldn't like me when i'm angry!"....but unlike him i don't turn green and jump from mountain top to mountain top and bust up a bunch of stuff in a fit of rage....that takes too much energy and it would cut into my nap time....

Much Love Folks!


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