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3 AND 0......for those of you who don't know...that means 3 WINS and 0 LOSSES....but if you don't know that already i guess i'ld have to question why you are on an NFL website...oh wait...i forgot you probably heard about ME!!!!!

Yes it's true we beat the Titans in pinching...i know i'm not dreaming...I'm not ready to say that i finally feel vindicated for the AFC Championship game...not even close...when we beat them AGAIN here this year i STILL won't be happy...when will i get over that loss you ask?...well it's not that i haven't gotten over's not like i wake up with cold sweats at night with visions of Jeff "Mullet Head" Fisher hoisting that trophy on our field....ok that only happens when i forget to take my medication....but my point is that i will ALWAYS dislike (Mom said never say "hate") the Titans as any good Jaguars fan can understand!

Instead of talking about the Colts and Peyton Manning coming to town i'ld like to take this time to let people know a little bit about ME!...I'm available for appearances year round..all you have to do is call 904-633-6544....oh yeah...and i'm hilarious!

So Peyton Manning is coming to town huh?....well i have something i'ld like to try this week with the fans...EVERY time he throws an incomplete pass i want the entire stadium to yell his name 3 times like this......PEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYTOOOOOOOOONNNNNN....then after the 3rd time say YOU STINK!...i got this idea from some friends of mine from the New York area...In New York they do this to opposing players all the time as a taunting gesture in hopes that it will annoy the player and make him play badly...and it works very i know for us in the south it's hard to be annoying because we're all so dang hospitable ... well do whatever you have to...ask any of your friends from the northeast to help you....they have a knack for this stuff.

Alright that's about all i have for you this week...oh yeah i almost forgot...have you ever thought about what it would be like to be ME?...well i have...i mean i do...or is it i am...sorry i confused myself...anyway...since you'll probably not be able to grow a tail...some yellow and teal fur and become a 403 pound Jaguar i have the next best thing...YOU can wear an exact replica of my Jersey and pretend you are you ask?...well if you come to the games you'll be able to buy my jersey ( shameless plug ) from any of the shops in the concourse!!!!...I have to advise you to be careful though...i've tested a few jerseys on some office staff and they seem to be doing the belly shake uncontrollably as soon as they put it on...weird huh?

So now you have at least 3 reasons to buy a ticket and come to the game...1: To see ME!...2: To see my amazing entrance (get in your seat by 12:40pm) and hilarious antics...3: To buy my jersey because you can't get it anywhere else....and if those aren't your doesn't matter...just come to the game!!!!!!

Much Love


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