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WHOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH....sorry...just trying to give those of you who didn't come to the Chiefs game last week some sounds from the case you were wondering, and i know you are because your reading my journal, that scream was me flying across the stadium on a rope strung up between two corner light towers....I not only risked my life once for the fans enjoyment....ok so i enjoyed it too....anyway....i did the stunt twice....but don't tell the lawyers....we only got insurance for one jump....let's keep that between us....thanks....i highly recommend all of you try that....oh geez....scratch that....what i meant to say is kids don't try that at home.

Oh yeah we beat the Chiefs.

Back to the focus of this journal...ME...i've had a pretty hectic season so far...appearances have been piling up...which is no different than any other year of course...i guess it's because dialing 904-633-6544 just comes so naturally to so many people...HA i kill myself....i totally had you guys didn't even notice the subtle plug i just made for appearances...anyway!

I saw a bunch of people wearing my brand new Replica Jersey...and i have to apologize once again for running out of the 2X size for adults...i've placed a re-order for a bunch more and even some 4X...which is good because those 4X ones may come in handy if my jersey ever get's ripped before a's amazing how much the jersey is identical to's tough to explain in'll have to go buy one to really look at it closely...then you'll see what i'm talking about....

ok that's 2 shameless plugs in one email...ties the old record...who wants to go for my good buddy would say..."Let's DO IT!"...two words...."Bobble Belly"...wooohooo new record!

So we're off to see Peyton and the Colts, and i'm off to a wedding....NO NOT MINE....I haven't found the right girl yet....forgive me for going Dr. Phil on you but....let's be honest, the female Jaguar population here in Jville just isn't that diverse....there's like 3, no 2...heck i'm not sure...i haven't been able to get too close to them at the Zoo to know...So what i'm saying is....SYTSMJSSASFJ....(Single Yellow Teal Spotted Male Jaguar Seeks Single Any Spotted Female Jaguar)....Wow that was refreshing....i got that off my shoulders i know why those people go on those helps heal your personal pain if you open up to millions of complete strangers and give them explicit details of your most private and personal problems....and of course the pay check from the show helps heal some of the hurt too.

Well i gotta run...ok walk...ok ride one of my scooters outta is good folks we're 4-2 and heading for first place if we win this week....i feel pretty confident we will score prediction is 27 - 24 we win on a last minute field goal.

Much Love


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