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Jimmy Smith hospitalized


Jaguars wide receiver Jimmy Smith has been hospitalized for closer evaluation and follow-up tests after undergoing surgery earlier this month. He was re-admitted because the progress of his recovery has been slower than expected.

In early April Jimmy was originally admitted to the hospital due to an obstruction in his small intestine. He underwent surgery to remove the section of intestine which was obstructed. This obstruction was related to scar tissue remaining from his 1993 appendectomy and intestinal surgery.

Jimmy then underwent follow-up exploratory surgery two weeks later for removal of additional scar tissue. Secondary or follow-up surgery is not unusual with intestinal surgery.

Jimmy is expected to be in the hospital for two-to-three days, and he is expected to be released to go home by the end of this week. He is now undergoing tests to help determine the plan of treatment over the next few weeks. He will continue to be under close medical supervision.

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