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Jonathan Quinn Earns His Second Player of the Week Honors


Winning my second NFL Europe League Offensive Player of the Week award is a good feeling. I think that it's an award for the whole team playing as a unit. The offensive line did a great job this week holding off a very good Amsterdam defensive front. The receivers did a good job of catching the balls and making plays. Finishing with five touchdowns and almost 300 yards is a testament to my teammates.

I don't get to watch the other quarterbacks in NFL Europe, so I really don't know what I am doing differently to lead the league in passing. What I do know is that our offense is really starting to come together and is starting to click, which has helped my play. We can anticipate what each other is going to do and we feel comfortable with each other. That is what is supposed to happen as the season progresses. We are at a very productive point right now.

This weekend's game against Amsterdam is a big one. There are so many playoff scenarios; it's mind-boggling. Basically, we need to go out and win. If Rhein wins, then we go to the tie-breakers and right now, I think we win those tie-breakers. We need to concentrate on the game ahead. The good thing about it is that Rhein plays on Saturday so we will know ahead what we will have to do, since we are the only game on Sunday. We will know exactly what we need to do to get to the World Bowl. And we will do whatever it takes.

The playoff run in the last few weeks has been fun. I feel bad for the guys from Frankfurt and Scotland who are now out of it, but are still playing. Those guys are trying to end the season and then get back to the states. For others of us here, there is a good chance that we could make it to the World Bowl on the very last play in our last game on Sunday. That makes every down and every play important.

We hosted Amsterdam last week and this week we travel to Amsterdam. There are pros and cons in playing a team in back-to-back weeks. If you beat them in the first week, you should be able to beat them again. You just have to make some adjustments. However, there is some carryover. If you ticked them off in the first game, then they may still be mad about it. There is really no break between the two games, so you really have to go with similar game plans. Those second games can go either way.

The whole European experience has been really good. Berlin is a beautiful city and I have been able to get out and see various parts of Germany. The last couple of days, I went to Munich and see Dachau, the concentration camp, then we got to see the Neuschwanstein castle, the one that Disney World used to model Cinderella's castle after. That was pretty amazing. Just being able to see the countryside and the Alps is spectacular. I just want to take every advantage of seeing things here. It has been an incredible experience.

My most difficult task in Berlin was to find an English-speaking church. I found one that was a non-denominational church that was used as a Lutheran church in the afternoon. They had an English service and it is nice. It's different because in there you had Germans, some Americans and some people that haven't been Christian their whole life. It has been good and refreshing. The same person who does the service does our Bible study. We have Bible study every Thursday and that has been fun too.

I am so excited to see my family in a couple of weeks that I can't stand it. Hopefully, we will be here for the World Bowl. And hopefully, I will be coming home with the World Bowl trophy. I can't wait to step off the plane and see my family.

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