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Jonathan Quinn Q&A


Berlin Thunder and Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Jonathan Quinn chatted about playing the upcoming World Bowl IX game against the Barcelona Dragons.

Jonathan Quinn: Hello everyone! I just got out of meetings and am looking forward to chatting with you!

Question: Hello Jonathan, Describe what winning "The World Bowl" would mean to you?

Jonathan Quinn: It would be very important! It is a goal we set as a team early on in Tampa. We have all made sacrifices to be here in Europe and we don't want that wasted. Our goal and the ultimate goal is the win the World Bowl.

Question: What do you have to do to prepare to play a tough Barcelona team?

Jonathan Quinn: We need film study, sharp and crisp practices and be ready to go. We have to be a team and play all 4 quarters. At the end we should be on top.

Question: What's the biggest benefit you get from playing in NFLEurope?

Jonathan Quinn: That would be the game experience. There is no substitute for that and NFL Europe is the perfect chance for that. You can't get than in the NFL unless you are one of the starters.

Question: Hello Jonathan, Which Players that you've faced this season in NFL Europe do you think will have a great NFL Season next year?

Jonathan Quinn: There are a lot of guys who have the ability to make teams. It is hard to say who will have impact because I don't know what players are on what teams. Mike Green, Whelan, Jackson, Chris Coleman.. there are several who have a great opportunity ahead of them. And there will be some surprises, guys who weren't on the front page here, that could make a big impact next season.

Question: If you could take one Berlin player with you to the Jags who would it be?

Jonathan Quinn: One Berlin player? I'm not sure. We have so many good players it would be hard to pick one. Probably why I am not a Pro Scout. Some positions are stacked in Jacksonville and some have needs but I can't single one guy out.

Question: Madre Hill's receiving yards nearly equaled his rushing yards, do you think that'll raise his value to NFL scouts?

Jonathan Quinn: I think he has had a tremendous year. He came on the last half of the season and runs well and catches well. And is fast! I think he has done nothing but increase his value to the scouts by being here.

Question: What did you like most about Germany and your stay in Berlin? German beer? the "ancient" European cities (compared to US ones)? The attitude of the fans making noise all the time?

Jonathan Quinn: The fans are definitely unique. They have whistles, horns and everything in the stadium and that is exciting. Germany is pretty. I saw the Alps and the cities and everything. The history is so deep and rich it was exciting to witness some of that.

Question: Jonathan- I attend MTSU and am a HUGE Jags fan (even in TN territory), how did your time here at MTSU prepare you for the NFL and beyond?

Jonathan Quinn: Being at MTSU prepared me well. Coach was an old school disciplinarian and prepared me for the NFL. I credit him and the staff with making me who I am today and my mental toughness. I wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't attended MTSU.

Question: Pretending that you'll be the Jags #2 QB this season and your contract running out the end of this season. How do you feel you staying next year still as #2 rather that getting a starter job in Phoenix or elsewhere? I'd really hate it to see another Rob Johnson story.

Jonathan Quinn: My family and I love Jacksonville and would love to stay there. Rob was traded and he didn't have a choice. The Jags traded him to Buffalo. I don't know my future but would love to stay here. They brought me into the league and I have always been a Jaguar. That is what I would like to continue to be.

Question: What has been the funniest experience you've had in Amsterdam? Can you give us a behind the scenes story?

Jonathan Quinn: I am not a guy who goes out a lot. Amsterdam is a wild city but I haven't seen much. I have been out a bit during the day but not at night. I haven't seen the red light district or the coffee shops or anything you often hear about. So my stories are lame. Sorry to disappoint you.

Question: Seeing that Amsterdam has a well-known red light district, will there be a controversy nin Amsterdam ?

Jonathan Quinn: Not with me. I have no intention of going there. Not even to look at it. So there won't be anything with me. I cannot speak for other players. I know it is a big tour site for the tourists but I don't expect any problems with anyone.

Question: Mr.Quinn who would be your favorite target on the Jags or do you have one yet?

Jonathan Quinn: I would say the favorites are Keenan McCardell and Jimmy Smith. They have caught the ball in the clutch so often and are ProBowl caliber receivers. They have to be the go to guys.

Question: Has NFLEL been physically and emotionally draining for you? Also do you feel 1 month will be adequate rest to get ready for training camp?

Jonathan Quinn: Anytime you play a football season you will be drained. Hopefully my body will recover fast and be in football mode going into camp. I have never done this before. Some have been under 100% and others have bounced right back. Hopefully I bounce right back and am ready to go.

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