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Just shave it, baby, shave it

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Ted from Jacksonville:
There are a lot of things that could happen in the next three years, including draft choice order, but do you think the Jags are looking at Tim Tebow with any serious consideration?
Vic: Probably not until he at least takes one snap from center as Florida's first-string quarterback. We know he can run the quarterback draw. Let's find out if he can pass the ball.

Brian from San Diego, CA:
I hear they are going to come out with a commemorative stamp to memorialize Barbaro: a picture of Barbaro on one side winning the Derby; the other side will be adhesive made from Barbaro. The stamp will say "Lick a winner."
Vic: That's awful and I don't want any more of that. Let's have some respect for that poor horse.

Ryan from Jacksonville:
Are there any plays in the playbook that have Matt Jones throwing the ball like Antwaan Randle El did in Super Bowl XL and, if not, why?
Vic: Ryan, the Jaguars are trying to find a quarterback who can throw a pass like Randle El did in the Super Bowl.

Mario from Fort Lauderdale, FL:
If you were to choose 10 questions not to be asked in "Ask Vic," what would those questions be?
Vic: The top 10 questions not to ask in "Ask Vic:"

  10.      Do you think the Jaguars will go  after Terrell Owens?        9.      Do you think the Jaguars will go  after Randy Moss?        8.      Why did the Jaguars go after J.J.  Stokes?        7.      Do you think the Jaguars will draft  Chris Leak in the first round?        6.      Should Jimmy Smith be hired to coach  the Jaguars' wide receivers?        5.      When are the Jaguars going to start  using Matt Jones the right way?        4.      Can you provide an update on the rehab  of:            a.      Donovin Darius?            b.      Mike Peterson?             c.      Brent Hawkins?              d.      Barbaro?              e.      Barbarella?              f.      Tony Boselli?             g.      anybody on the team who has a boo-boo?        3.      

Should the Jaguars sign and cut Mark Brunell so he can retire a Jaguar? 2. Should the Jaguars sign and cut Harry Colon so he can retire a Jaguar?

And the number one question not to ask in "Ask Vic" is: Why don't the Jaguars do a better job of marketing?

Mark from Charleston, SC:
In your opinion, what are the five greatest Super Bowl teams of all-time?
Vic: The Dolphins that won Super Bowl VIII, the Steelers that won Super Bowl XIII, the 49ers that won Super Bowl XIX, the Bears that won Super Bowl XX and the Cowboys that won Super Bowl XXVII. Put them in any order you want. They were all great.

Greg from Fort Myers, FL:
Who are we going to get at the QB position? What about Trent Green?
Vic: : Green is under contract through 2009. Don't you mean Damon Huard, who is scheduled to become a free agent? Huard is someone worthy of consideration. He played well for Kansas City when Green was injured. Huard, however, will be 34 when training camp begins and his arm strength is Penningtonesque. At best, he would be a stop-gap solution. That's not what the Jaguars need. They need to find or develop someone who can become a long-term fixture at the position.

Tyler from Irvine, CA:
Still no renegotiation with Fred Taylor. I want him to stay. Should I be worried?
Vic: No, he's under contract through next season. What's the rush?

Richard from Middleburg, FL:
I am a long-time season ticket holder and today I noticed the Jaguars are now selling season tickets for the upcoming season. What happened to the waiting list for next year, or have they exhausted the people on the list?
Vic: There were about 1,500 fans on a waiting list. Instead of waiting until all renewals were complete to assign seats, the Jaguars are assigning seats out of the group allotment and will replenish the group allotment later. It's all about renewals.

Gary from St. Augustine, FL:
Brady Quinn looks to me like the real deal at quarterback, right at the top of my value board; strong arm, good pocket passer, yet, mobile and plays intelligently. What do you think?
Vic: He looks like a first pick of the draft, until you watch him against Michigan, USC and LSU last season. He was horrible in those games, which were the biggest games of the season for Notre Dame. That's a little bit of a red flag for me. You need your quarterback to be a crunch-time player.

Marc from Gainesville, FL:
How long until you start talking about the draft and possible free-agent signings for the Jags?
Vic: The next things on the calendar are the cut and tag dates. I'm talking about those dates in February when teams may begin cutting players and using the "franchise" and "transition" tags. We really can't make any judgments on the free-agent class until we find out who's going to wear what tags and what players have been cut because their salaries were judged to have exceeded their worth. By the end of February, we'll be deep into the free-agent event, which will carry us through March. At the same time, I'll begin previewing the draft. April, of course, is all draft all the time. The short answer is this: I'll be turning my attention to free agency soon, then to the draft in March. One massages the other.

Mike from Miami, FL:
Do you realistically think Quinn Gray has a chance at starting for this team next year?
Vic: That's going to depend on what the Jaguars do as far as acquiring a quarterback during the offseason. If the Jaguars were to trade draft picks and spend a lot of money to acquire someone such as Matt Schaub, he would obviously become the team's starting quarterback immediately and for the long-term future. If the Jaguars don't make that kind of a bold move in the offseason, then I think Gray would be given a legitimate chance to win the starting job.

Gary from Centerville, OH:
I just wanted to let Brett from Glendive, MT, know that maybe he should be sent to the glue factory. Those who know nothing about horse racing should keep such thoughts to themselves. Long live the champion spirit of Barbaro in all of us.
Vic: Barbaro is dead. Long live Barbaro.

Vince from Williamsport, PA:
My friend has really long hair. He's thinking about getting it cut soon but no one else wants him to. Is this is a dumb choice on his part? What should I tell him?
Vic: Tell him to shave it off. My hair fell out when I went through chemo and it was great. My wife loved it. She couldn't keep her hands off me. I don't what it is about hair and our obsession with it. I keep saying I'm gonna shave it off, but I don't do it and I don't know why I don't. I swear I'm gonna do it. As soon as it gets warm, it's comin' off.

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