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"Kaitlyn was thrilled"


The Jaguars received hundreds of applications from fans wanting to have their photo featured on the club's 2011 general bowl tickets.  Jacksonville native Tamara McKinney sent in two photos; one of her five-year old daughter, and one of her husband displaying his "Jaguar" truck.  Her reason the Jaguars should pick one of the photos was simple: "My family lives for Jaguars football."

Winners were selected by fans on and the Jaguars Facebook page.  Here's Tamara's story:

"Kaitlyn was thrilled when we told her she was selected.  She is beyond excited.  We even bought her a season ticket this year so she could go to all the games with us.  We have five tickets as a family. 

"My husband has had tickets from the start and he would go with his dad off and on. He has his truck painted Jaguars.  The bottom half is black, the top half is teal, with a gold stripe around it.  He has a hand-painted Jaguar head that takes up the whole hood. 

"We have been together 12 years so we fell in love with it together.  You start to take on what your spouse likes and turn it into something you like. I didn't really know anything about football but I really enjoy it now. 

"Going to the games is something we can do as a family.  For away games, we sit at home and watch the games as a family on TV.  We just love the whole atmosphere of going to a game.  We love watching Jaxson de Ville.  Nothing can compare to it.  We go to the Nascar races and other events but it's nothing like a Jaguar game.  It's totally different from watching it on television.  It just takes it to a whole new level.   

"Last year was Kaitlyn's first game and it was the Houston game with the Hail Mary play. She went to the most perfect game you could possibly go to. She loved it.   We sit up in section 435 so there are a lot of kids up there.  We aren't down by the Bud Zone or anything like that so we were pretty confident she would be fine.

"She was born a Jaguar and will always be a Jaguar."

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