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Knighton conference call transcript


(on his reaction to being drafted by the Jaguars) "I'm just excited. My whole career I have always been an under the radar guy. I was just hoping a team would give me a shot to show my ability and I'm ready to make an impact wherever I can."

(on why he thinks he has always been an under the radar guy) "I come from a small town in Connecticut and went to a small school in Philadelphia that is not known for football. I knew I had to work hard to show everybody my abilities and it's paid off now."

(on his expectations) "I just plan on coming in and working hard and playing my role. Whatever role they give me, just be the best at it, and learn from the guys that are there already, just play my part and hopefully make an impact."

(on if any other schools recruited him) "No, not at all. Coming out of high school, a couple teams did. UConn did just because I am from Connecticut. I was really never a highly recruited guy. It was either Temple or Buffalo and I chose Temple. It paid off."

(on the reason why some of the bigger schools weren't recruiting him) "I don't know what it is. Right now I'm just at loss for words."

(on if he was a receiver in high school) "Yes, I was an all-state receiver in high school."

(did he just outgrow the receiver position) "I had a late growth spurt and I started to develop an appetite. I just put on a lot of weight."

(did you think you would go this high in the draft) "I didn't really know what to expect. My agent had told me what teams were interested and where I might go. I am the type of guy who just lets the process handle itself. I'm never trying to guess or anticipate things. I just go with the flow."

(who is your agent?) "Tony Page."

(on if he knows anything about the Jaguars) "I know a lot about the Jaguars. I know a lot about football. I know Jack Del Rio is a defensive guy. I just plan on coming in and playing my role and trying to be the best player I can."

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