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Lageman joins 'Jaguars This Week'

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Shane Parsons from Nitro, WV:
You have said our weakest position is the linebacker spot. Do you think a player such as T.J. Slaughter will develop into the type of player we need or will we look to free agency or the draft for our man?
Linebacker may turn out to be a position of strength but, for now, it's the area on this team that has the fewest proven veterans. I consider T.J. Slaughter to have established himself as a quality linebacker last season. There is every indication he is one of the Jaguars' core players of the future.

Chris Helms from Tampa, FL:
How do you see Mike Pearson sizing up as a possible starter, with the team bringing in extra experienced veteran tackles?
Mike Pearson wasn't drafted in the second round to sit the bench. He'll be given every chance to win the starting job, and it's expected he will become the Jaguars' future at left tackle.

Ira Zalkan from Jacksonville:
Are the Jaguars comfortable with Jason Craft as a starter? Are there any other veterans who could upgrade the position?
The Jaguars take great pride in the development of Jason Craft into a quality cover-corner. It would be nearly impossible at this late stage for the Jaguars to find a better cornerback.

Ben Johnson from Jacksonville:
Where can we get the weekly radio program since WBWL is off the air? I enjoyed the Wednesday program at five p.m.
"Jaguars This Week" has undergone a few changes. First of all, the show has moved to AM 690, WOKV, where the show can be heard at six p.m. on Wednesdays. In August, the show will expand to two hours. Also, former Jaguars defensive end Jeff Lageman has joined the show.

Joyce Southerland from Jacksonville:
I thought the preseason game with Tampa Bay had been changed from Aug. 16 to Aug. 17, but it is still listed as Aug. 16. Which is the correct date?
The date and time of the game had been changed back and forth, but it finally settled into its original slot on Friday, Aug. 16 at seven p.m. at Alltel Stadium.

Jon-Michael Harris from Starke, FL:
Do you agree or disagree with the blackout rules? If you disagree, how would you change them?
I think it's unfair and unrealistic to expect any business to give its product away. And don't tell me about taxpayer money having built Alltel Stadium. Taxpayer money buys police cars, too, but you can't drive them. Yes, I agree with the blackout rules, mostly because it protects the ticket-buying fan, who is every team's most precious commodity. If there is a solution to the blackout problem -- so the ticket-buying fan isn't mistreated but the fan at home has a chance to see the game on TV -- I believe it involves pay-per-view TV.

Paul Monaghan from Jacksonville:
What are the odds of the Jaguars making some roster moves after training camp, as teams start to unload their extra players to get down to the final roster? If they do, what position do you think would they look at first?
I expect the Jaguars to make a few roster moves as teams cut their rosters. You could immediately point to quarterback and linebacker, but I think the Jaguars would consider a player at any position, as long as they believed he could help the team.

Scott Mitchell from Jacksonville:
Assuming Fred Taylor stays healthy for all 16 games, and assuming the offensive line stays relatively healthy, how many yards rushing do you think he can get? Is 2,000 yards a realistic possibility?
It'll take time for the offensive line to gel and Fred Taylor is coming off a major injury. For those reasons, I do not think 2,000 yards is a realistic expectation.

Timothy Dumas from Lumberton, MS:
What are the chances of the Jags winning the division this year? Will they go far with a healthy Taylor? How long do you think it will take for Garrard to be the great QB the Jags need?
Ask me something simple, Tim, like, "How low do you think the Dow will go?" or "When do you think the stock market will begin its recovery?" Yes, there is growing sentiment the Jaguars can be competitive for the AFC South Division title this season. Personally, I'm more concerned about the Jaguars developing a cast of young players for the future during this season. Fred Taylor is one of the key players. If he returns to his form of 2000, the Jaguars can make this more than a development season. We'll have to wait and see. As far as David Garrard is concerned, we must be patient.

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