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Lay off the video games

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Rick from Ft. Gibson, OK:
I love your articles. I always take the time to check up on your opinions. Now, since you have been here since the beginning and you've probably interviewed 90 percent of the players, who is the better interview, Hugh Douglas or John Jurkovic?

Vic: You're talking about two guys in the interview Hall of Fame, though their styles are different. John Jurkovic was a charmer; Hugh Douglas is an edge guy. Jurkovic was great for a "rainy day" story; Douglas plays best in the postgame. I haven't had a chance to work with Douglas long enough to offer a firm opinion; so far, he's been great. My concern is that "edge" guys have a tendency to, every once and awhile, pull an "I ain't talking." Jurko never did that. I'll need more time.

Ben from Tampa, FL:
Vic, man I have been trying for so long to get one of my questions answered, so please give this a shot: Del Rio said Mathis and McCree had been battling all camp and he said he has three starter-caliber safeties? Which safeties was he referring to?

Vic: Rashean Mathis, Marlon McCree and Donovin Darius.

Gil from Atlantic Beach, FL:
I read where you said Mark Brunell was hot. Do you think any of it had to do with the coaching staff's trying to evaluate him and others with their play-calling, which in some instances wasn't used for yardage but to see how the offense would react. An example would be the use of play-action, before we'd even run the ball three times. A call like that just makes a quarterback look bad and invites a possible injury when the defense doesn't bite on the fake.

Vic: Gil, you're not playing those video games again, are you? Just kidding, Gil. When I used the word "hot" to describe Mark Brunell's postgame mood, I was referring to his reaction to questions about the way the issue of his job security was handled during the week of the final preseason game. Play-calling was the last thing on anyone's mind.

Bob from Jacksonville:
I am originally from Buffalo, NY. I am a fan of the Bills and Jags. I figure if I have two teams my chances of celebrating a Super Bowl win will increase? What do you think about the Bills' chances of the Super Bowl are this and next year?

Vic: The Bills appear to be a team on the rise. If the Willis McGahee pick hits a home run in 2004, the Bills could become one of the league's dominant teams.

David from Jacksonville:
I am so glad the QB situation has been settled. Maybe we can get down to getting ready to play some real football. It was great to see Tony Brackens back in the fold, and if everyone plays to par I don't think we will have to worry about our defense. Would you please lay to rest one more dumb rumor once and for all. I am so tired of so-called "in the know fans" who still believe Mark Brunell is only here because he's married to one of Tom Coughlin's daughters. Please set these fools right.

Vic: David, you really know how to lighten the mood. I was having a bad day until I read your question. You just put it all in perspective. Thanks.

Jason from Jacksonville:
I read an article on that praised the Jaguars for having a clause in Jimmy Smith's contract that allows them to recoup a portion of his signing bonus in light of his recent drug suspension. That number they gave was $1.2 million. If that is the case, will they receive the cash back from him, cap room or both? I have never heard of this before, but it makes sense.

Vic: The Jaguars would receive $1.2 million in amortization relief on their salary cap, after the money was returned. Of course, that's only a fraction of the $6.35 million bonus that was paid.

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