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Let's get the facts straight

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Craig from Jacksonville:
Hey, Vic, not that I'm calling you a jackass but I partially agree with Scotty from Middleburg. I think there are plenty of speed-rushers and any team can find a pass-rush late in the draft, so why take Udeze so high? You have a better shot at one of the top wide receivers. I'd love to have your opinion on this.

Vic: OK, here's my opinion: Scotty's reporting skills are very weak. Here's what I mean: At the bottom of the home page you will see a link to "Vic's 'Value Board.'" Click on it and find Kenechi Udeze's name. Can't find it, can you? That's because it's not there. At this point in time, I don't even have him ranked in my top 20, and it's because there's almost no information on the guy. There isn't a scout who has a time on him. Udeze didn't workout at the scouting combine and his personal workout day isn't until March 24. He went to USC as an offensive lineman, made the move to defensive end and is coming out early without a lot of tape or information on him. I have no doubt he will hit a "home run" in his personal workout because he is said to be an impressive physical specimen, and when I get reports of that workout I have no doubt he'll zip up my value board, but I can't do that now without having any solid information that tells me he belongs there. In other words, I have never promoted "Udeze in the Jaguars' spot." I have mentioned his name as being one of the candidates – along with all of the top wide receivers and others – but I have never said Udeze should be the guy. In time, when information on this draft crop is complete, I'll weigh in. But not now. By the way, most scouts would say you can find receivers late in the draft, but you have to get the pass-rushers early.

Brad from Jacksonville:
I just want to say of all the websites I go to, I have to check out's "Ask Vic." It's just simply entertaining! My question to you is who is your all-time favorite player and why?

Vic: Joe Greene is my all-time favorite player because he was the absolute best when it came to working with the media. His training camp door was always open and, after a game, I went directly to his locker because I knew he would always give me his honest evaluation of what happened. Joe was one of the great players in the history of the game and he was also one of the game's great fans. He loved to talk about football and my conversations with him shaped my perspective of the game. He developed personal relationships with the reporters who covered the team, and you knew that whatever it was he said, it was absolutely from the center of his heart. No you-know-what with Joe. I developed that same type of relationship with Tony Boselli and Mark Brunell. I loved interviewing them and writing stories about them. They are two of my all-time favorites, but it's not likely anyone will overtake Joe for the top spot. My heart is closed to that possibility.

Jason from Bakersfield, CA:
If a team goes for two points and fumbles the ball and the defense recovers it and scores a touchdown, do they still get a free kick?

Vic: Well, you kind of lost me on this one, but let's simplify the whole thing with this: The defense may not score on a point-after-touchdown attempt.

Patrick from Morgantown, WV:
I want to commend the Jags for their patience. My question is, what is the plan for the cornerback position now that Fernando Bryant is gone?

Vic: The plan probably includes signing a free-agent cornerback; obviously a younger, less-expensive player than the big-name guys who've already signed on with other teams. I think it's safe to say the draft could be incorporated into the plan, depending on grade and availability. This year's draft class includes an especially deep crop of cornerbacks. Then, I think you have to look at players such as Jason Craft and Kiwaukee Thomas and understand they might also be part of the plan. From where I sit, I don't see a problem and I don't understand why so many people wanted to spend huge sums of money on cornerbacks who weren't good enough to be part of their former teams' plans.

Daniel from Arcola, IL:
If some guy gets a $1 million signing bonus with a four-year deal, does he get all of the signing bonus right now or does he get $250,000 a year?

Vic: The money is divided evenly over the life of the contract for salary cap purposes, but it's not paid that way. In most cases, the player gets all of the money immediately. In some cases, when the signing bonus is high, the money is paid in installments. Byron Leftwich's signing bonus money is distributed that way, and my understanding is a portion of Peyton Manning's signing bonus will be paid at a later date.

Lane from Orlando, FL:
Well, now it looks like the Redskins may sign a restricted free agent and lose another draft pick, leaving only their first-round pick. Is this exactly how not to build a franchise and a blueprint to wreck the future of your team?

Vic: Yes.

Julien from Montreal, Canada:
Some reports say our Jags will draft TE Kellen Winslow. Is he a special TE like Jeremy Shockey?

Vic: Kellen Winslow turned in a monster workout last week in the Miami pro day. He ran every route imaginable, caught every pass thrown his way and left a huge gathering of scouts starry-eyed. From what I understand, there's no way Winslow makes it past Cleveland at number seven.

Kyle from Austin, TX:
You have said in the past you think the Jaguars will be in playoff contention, which means around 8-8, 9-7. With the Titans and Colts both holding onto their players, do you still think the same? And will the AFC South be a powerhouse division?

Vic: Holding onto their players? Did I miss something? The Titans lost two of their starting defensive linemen; Jevon Kearse and Robaire Smith. The Colts lost linebacker Marcus Washington and several other players on a defense that already was suspect. As I said last fall when the AFC South was one of the NFL's stronger divisions, it won't be for long because Tennessee and Indianapolis are going to have long-term salary cap problems. Yes, I believe the Jaguars will be a division title contender this season.

David from Orlando, FL:
I was disappointed to see the Jags lose out on Shayne Graham. How does a transaction like this play out. The Bengals offer him bottom dollar. The Jaguars top it. Cincinnati tops our offer. Were the Jaguars given the chance to counter-offer, or at that point is it a done deal?

Vic: All the Bengals had to do was match the Jaguars' offer. That's the rule regarding restricted free agents. Their freedom is restricted.

Robert from Chicago, IL:
Hey Vic, your offseason coverage is outstanding so far, and you have me more excited about the upcoming draft then I can remember ever being. My question, though, is about the Kyle Brady "mic'd up" video clip. I would love to see a lot more of these clips available on this site. Will there be more?

Vic: will present these "mic'd up" pieces regularly as a new feature. These are features that have aired in Jaguars TV programming during the season, so, for those who can't or don't see them there, is the only place to see them.

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