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Let's look at both sides of the Brunell issue

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

David Whitsett from Jacksonville:
Is it realistic to think the Jaguars would trade Mark Brunell? Is he so unhappy with the Boselli situation that he would make it tough for the Jaguars to re-structure his contract and force their hand? Is there enough benefit in cap relief or draft choice compensation to do this?
I can't answer the question as to whether or not Mark Brunell will be traded. It remains speculation, but let's look at the issue from both sides. Contrary to what most people believe, Brunell's contract is club-friendly. In my opinion, it's the best contract the Jaguars have. We know that because it offers the flexibility of trading him and realizing significant salary cap relief. By comparison, Tony Brackens' contract is overloaded with bonus amortization, which greatly restricts the Jaguars' options. Brunell is one of the game's most talented quarterbacks, his contract is sound, and he's still young enough for the Jaguars to consider rebuilding around him. All of those factors make it logical to retain Brunell, and his contract is favorable enough that re-structuring it is not absolutely necessary. The trade side of the issue rests on two factors. Any team in the Jaguars' situation has two needs: salary cap relief and extra draft picks. Brunell is one of the few players on the Jaguars' roster who could provide both. In a trade, he would provide the Jaguars with $2.25 million in cap relief this year and would probably return a first-round pick. For those reasons, I won't dismiss trade rumors.

Richard Oaks from Ocala, FL:
Being that you know the situation well, what do you believe is the best scenario of release, trade and expansion-draft hopes we have to keep a contender in the AFC and still get under our cap problems?
I consider your question to involve dangerous thought. In my opinion, this year should be completely dedicated to correcting a salary cap situation that got out of control. With the Texans' help, and if the Jaguars are willing to take the hard road and gut their roster, salary cap recovery can be achieved in 2002.

Mikayl Silva from Providence, RI:
When you trade a player, is it possible to have the other team take the amortization for the next year as part of the deal?
Realistically, the answer is no. You might be able to work out some kind of convoluted strategy in which the player returns his bonus money, then is traded to a team willing to pay him new bonus money. But the money would have to be returned before March 1 for it to be deducted from that year's salary cap, and trading isn't permitted until March 1. Players aren't in the habit of returning money.

Bill Cavanaugh from Jacksonville:
If the Jags lose Boselli, what do you think of them using their first draft pick on offensive tackle Mike Pearson of Florida?
If he's the best player available, I'm all for it.

Mark Tablante from Kansas City, MO:
Did you stop updating the audio part of the Jaguars' web site? I've noticed the last broadcast was in early January. If you aren't updating it anymore, is there any way I can still listen to the radio show?
You may listen to "Jaguars This Week" live on by clicking on the appropriate link under on-line events. "Jaguars This Week" is currently airing from 5-6 p.m. each Wednesday on and WBWL, 600 AM. Due to technical difficulties, recent "Jaguars This Week" shows have not been archived on Those problems have been resolved and anticipates posting the "missing" shows some time this week.

Cheryl Overfield from Jacksonville:
Thank you for the great job you do at I really appreciate your knowledge and commentary on the Jaguars and the NFL. Can you tell us how much "dead money" the Jaguars carried on their cap this past season? How about the 2000 season?
The dead money was about $12 million in 2001; about $3.5 million in 2000.

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