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Let's not overreact

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Scott from Cocoa, FL:
I read your column all of the time because I'm a big fan of the Jags. I noticed that 70 percent of your letters answered are about money and cap issues; it's hardly ever about your opinion on different players or their expectations you think they might have. Why?

Vic: The three main ingredients of a forum such as this are information, opinion and entertainment. I purposely lean heaviest toward information because I have another forum, "Vic's view," that is built predominantly on opinion.

Caleb from St. Augustine, FL:
Where is the scrimmage going to be at and does it cost anything?

Vic: Friday's intrasquad scrimmage begins at 7:30 p.m., inside Alltel Stadium, and there will be no admission charge.

Philip from Woodmere, NY:
In regards to Byron Leftwich, shouldn't a number be fairly easy to come up with once all of the picks around him sign deals? I mean, the Jaguars obviously can't stiff him by giving him less than the pick below him, and he can't ask for much more than the pick ahead of him received. Shouldn't it just fall into place once Jonathan Sullivan of the Saints (sixth pick overall) signs?

Vic: Byron Leftwich is a quarterback. That changes everything.

Mike from Moncton, New Brunswick:
With the temperatures so high at training camp and the collapses of John Henderson and Larry Smith, have the Jaguars ever considered having their training camp in cooler climates such as Canada? We have university fields which are not being used in the summers and although they might not compare to your typical training camp field, the cooler weather possibly could help to save a life.

Vic: The Jaguars' inaugural-season training camp in 1995 was in Wisconsin. The intent was to escape the Florida summer heat. Instead, the Jaguars were greeted by triple-digit temperatures; cattle were dying in the field. It's summer. It's hot everywhere. The Korey Stringer tragedy occurred in Minnesota. Much about the effects of heat on individuals is unpredictable. Larry Smith and John Henderson are from the Southeast and have lived and played in this kind of heat all of their lives. Meanwhile, Rob Meier is from Vancouver and Leander Jordan is from Pittsburgh and they're as fresh at the end of practice as they were at the start. Go figure.

Kyle from Austin, TX:
I'm 15 years old and my dream is to become a professional scout. I like taking notes and observing other players. I have notebooks from previous drafts. What should I do to make my hobby into my profession?

Vic: Write back to me after you've turned 16, have a car and a girlfriend. If you still want to be a scout then, I'll tell you to go to college and get involved with the football team from a support standpoint; volunteer your services and impress the coaches with your passion for the game. Scouting careers are built on recommendations from people who've scouted you.

David from Jacksonville:
For goodness sake, please don't get me wrong on this and I know it may sound like I am heartless and uncaring about the health of my Jags, but am I wrong or are there more heat-related illnesses going on in this camp? I'm pretty sure we've practiced in weather more severe than this in the past. What, in your opinion, is going on?

Vic: Larry Smith and John Henderson were on the previous staff's heat "watch list." They're big men and they struggle in the heat. The feeling is their heat episodes are isolated incidents. Team-wide, only four intravenous treatments were needed through the first four days of training camp. Let's not overreact.

Gil from Atlantic Beach, FL:
If the player listed as the "third quarterback" enters the game, can the starting quarterback re-enter the game? I'm just wondering, as the "third quarterback" is usually the emergency quarterback.

Vic: If the "third quarterback" enters the game before the start of the fourth quarter, neither the starting quarterback nor the second quarterback may play the rest of the way. But if the "third quarterback" enters the game after the start of the fourth quarter (including overtime), the starting quarterback and second quarterback are eligible to play.

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