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Let's start with this


  1. New England—They deserve the top spot.
  1. Philadelphia—NFC still belongs to them.
  1. Indianapolis—At least until the postseason.
  1. Carolina—Hot new team? I'll buy that.
  1. Atlanta—This could be the Falcons' season.
  1. Pittsburgh—Was last season a fluke?
  1. San Diego—Last season was not a fluke.
  1. Minnesota—With Moss gone, chemistry good.
  1. Baltimore—I'll build 'em up, for now.
  1. Jacksonville—Good roster, good cap.
  1. NY Jets—When does Curtis Martin fall off?
  1. Kansas City—Showed character late last season.
  1. Cincinnati—Defense is improved.
  1. St. Louis—Bulger is the real thing.
  1. Dallas—Rookie Ware what the Cowboys need.
  1. Seattle—Somewhere in the middle.
  1. Arizona—I'm buying it.
  1. NY Giants—Manning takes small steps.
  1. Buffalo—It's up to Losman.
  1. Denver—I'm not buying it.
  1. Oakland—Moss makes it worse.
  1. Houston—Decision due on David Carr.
  1. Green Bay—End of the line.
  1. Tennessee—Bad cap, great coach.
  1. Tampa Bay—I don't see anything.
  1. Chicago—Bears could surprise.
  1. New Orleans—I wish I could make them number one.
  1. Washington—This is ugly.
  1. Cleveland—First shaky steps.
  1. Miami—Tough guys don't always win.
  1. Detroit—Tired of waiting.
  1. San Francisco—Until they prove otherwise.
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