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Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Polly from Van Buren, AR:
Regarding lagging ticket sales: My four children and I are having our trailer transported to Jacksonville so we can buy season tickets to support our hero in his rookie year. If you could ever get a lock of his hair or save a towel that he sweat on, it would be greatly appreciated.

Vic: I really like you people from Arkansas; I really do. You're fun-loving souls and I think you might even be able to soften me and help me enjoy life more fully. The only problem I'm having right now is that my instincts, which are the product of a lot of years covering this league, are causing me to cringe at all of this Matt Jones hype. This is a really tough game and I don't wanna curse this kid by jumping into all of the wild expectations for his immediate success. Forget all of that pig stuff for awhile and, please, give this kid a chance to sign his contract, get his feet on the ground and dig in on the process of learning how to play professional football.

Nick from Hanover, NH:
I have to say, I think the half-season ticket package is a really good idea. This is the first I've ever heard of them. Has it been used elsewhere? If so, what were the circumstances for its use and was it successful?

Vic: The Jaguars did this years ago. They offered three-game ticket packages very early in the team's existence and the packages were advertised on TV and radio and in the newspaper and on billboards. Apparently, the Jaguars did a bad job of marketing the fact they were marketing.

Paul from Virginia Beach, VA:
Can you recall any really successful teams that actually use a third-down back? I understand a short-yardage pounder-type back, but the third-down back seems like a wasted roster spot.

Vic: The best third-down back in the league, Brian Westbrook, also happens to be the Eagles' first and second-down back. The Eagles had the perfect combination at running back when they had Duce Staley and Westbrook, but the Eagles wanna throw the ball so Westbrook became a perfect all-downs back for them. I think that might be the point you're making; that most feature running backs are good pass-catchers so, therefore, third-down backs aren't as prominent as they once were. Edgerrin James, LaDainian Tomlinson, Marshall Faulk and a lot of other top running backs are good pass-catchers and guys you don't want to take off the field on third down. What if your feature runner isn't a sure-handed receiver? That's when you need a third-down back. Amos Zereoue has been good in that role. I think Alvin Pearman can be an outstanding third-down back and this is a team that needs one. Maybe Pearman will become the Jaguars' Westbrook.

Keith from Jacksonville:
When will the "Jack Del Rio Show" start?

Vic: Jack Del Rio's weekly radio show began last night. It will air on WOKV-AM, 690, on each Tuesday from 6-7 p.m. through Jan. 17, or longer if the Jaguars are still playing.

David from Orlando, FL:
Why not offer packages that include season tickets and transportation for fans in the Orlando area? I'm sure you would find a lot of interest, especially since Bucs season tickets are sold out.

Vic: Anything else? How about breakfast and a post-game snack, too? Oh, by the way, indications are the Bucs aren't sold out any longer. It was reported recently that the Bucs informed fans on their season-ticket waiting list that up to six tickets can be bought for each regular-season game this season. The ticket pitch was made to every fan on the team's waiting list, via e-mail and postcards. Hmmm, how can you have a waiting list if you have tickets for sale? I guess that's marketing.

Joe from Jacksonville:
What players playing right now, in your opinion, are sure-fire Hall of Famers?

Vic: I don't wanna go through the whole roster of current NFL players, so, just off the top of my head, I would say Brett Favre, Ray Lewis, Jonathan Ogden, Jerome Bettis, Curtis Martin, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are some of the top names.

Jason from Gainesville, FL:
The Jacksonville area is one of the fastest-growing areas in the United States. If the population continues to increase, do you believe it can outgrow Nashville, Charlotte, Buffalo or Indianapolis and no longer be the second-smallest market in the league in about ten years?

Vic: There's no doubt in my mind that Jacksonville will move up the market-size ladder over the next 10 years.

Dan from Rochester, NY:
What exactly is an "H-back" and what do they do? I've asked some of my friends and they have heard of the term but they don't know either.

Vic: An H-back is a tight end/fullback hybrid. He's a guy who can catch a lot and block a little. You may line him up at tight end or at fullback and send him in motion. I think Matt Jones could offer some H-back potential.

Steve from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
It is the responsibility of marketing to sell the product. It works that way in every other company.

Vic: The Jaguars' marketing guys are workin' their buns off. I don't know what more they can do. At some point, in all businesses, a decision is made about the consumer's willingness to purchase the product.

Dwayne from Jacksonville:
Black package? Teal package? How's that for executive thinking? The Jags should have thought up this idea 10 years ago.

Vic: They did.

Mike from Rockville, MD:
Why don't the Jags offer multiple-game packages? They need to extend their marketing boundaries. They need to spice everything up. They need to reach the fans. This should all help the attendance problem.

Vic: Did some of those tiles that came off the space shuttle hit people on the head? What's going on here?

Tonga from Inglewood, CA:
I'm a 19-year-old kid all the way from California and I'm helping my Jags sell season tickets. I have to admit it made me feel good to see that my "big question" got at least one fan in Jacksonville out to get a ticket. Hey, fly me to Jacksonville and I'll work in marketing for free. Don't get me wrong, I am a Jags fan and have been since the beginning. I even had a Jaguars jersey without a name or a number because there were no players yet.

Vic: You da man, Tonga.

Charles from Jacksonville:
If a player is franchised and he gets injured during the season, is his money still guaranteed?

Vic: Yes.

John from Brooklyn, NY:
What's the status of Ty Law? Are the Jags still interested?

Vic: Yes.

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