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Mathis in the fold

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jeremiah from Jacksonville:
Everybody's talking about Byron Leftwich not being signed by camp, and for good reason. But what about Rashean Mathis and Vince Manuwai? Are they going to be there?

Vic: The Jaguars will announce today that Rashean Mathis has signed a contract.

Zen from Santa Rosa, CA:
How does the league calculate an estimated value of a football franchise? I've been watching the Al Davis/Oakland trial and was curious about how his estimated losses were calculated.

Vic: It's all about assets and liabilities. Owning their stadium was an asset that drove up the price of the Washington Redskins. A favorable lease is an asset. For example, a team that keeps profits from parking and concessions has an asset advantage over a team that doesn't retain parking and concessions profits. Of course, if a team is pinned in a bad lease, that's a serious liability that would impact a team's worth negatively.

Rob from Jacksonville:
I'm very excited about the new coaching staff and team direction. With the lack of talent the team has now, when do you expect us to field a competitive team capable of being in the playoffs on a regular basis?

Vic: That's the $64,000 question and I can't answer it. I think any new administration coming into a situation such as the one Jack Del Rio and James Harris are facing deserves three years before judgement can be rendered.

Sean from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
How is salary dealt with when a rookie signs a contract but is cut in training camp? Is he treated like a veteran?

Vic: Always apply the principal of: "You pay it, you claim it." In other words, if that rookie was paid a signing bonus, then that bonus money must make its way through the team's salary cap. But because he was cut before the regular season began, he was not paid any of his salary, therefore, it does not count against the salary cap.

Josh from Las Vegas, NV:
Does a coach's salary count against the cap? Also, I was wondering what the terms of Del Rio's contract are.

Vic: Money paid to coaches does not count against the salary cap. Jack Del Rio signed a five-year contract that averages just above $1 million a year.

Kevin from Surrey, England:
I am a Jags fan living in England and I'm trying to get out to the States to watch a game. What are my chances of getting a ticket and what games would you suggest?

Vic: I recommend the Tennessee game on Oct. 26. The Jaguars are in a marketing campaign based on the theme, "Take Back Our House." Of course, Titans coach Jeff Fisher once claimed Alltel Stadium to be one of his team's home stadiums. I believe it will be the most flavorful game of the season, and plenty of tickets are still available.

David from Orange Park, FL:
Now that the Jaguars have installed FieldTurf on the practice field, are they considering installing it in Alltel Stadium in the future?

Vic: Jaguars stadium operations director Bill Prescott was asked that question on Tuesday during the practice fields tour and Prescott said installing FieldTurf inside Alltel Stadium has not been discussed.

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