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Motorcycles hot topic


Kyle Brady got rid of his motorcycle and took up flying. "But I wear a helmet," he joked.

Yeah, that's a good one, but Ben Roethlisberger probably wouldn't laugh at it – couldn't laugh at it, probably – as he lies in a Pittsburgh hospital bed following seven hours of surgery to repair facial fractures caused by his motorcycle accident on Monday.

All across the NFL, the subject of dangerous off-the-field hobbies, especially motorcycle riding, rose to prominence following Roethlisberger's accident. Brady says the ranks of Jaguars motorcycle riders have decreased dramatically in recent years.

"A couple of years ago, we had a whole bunch (of motorcycle riders). You may remember the Harley poster back in '99," Brady said.

These days, motorcyclists on the Jaguars roster number "fewer than 10," said Brady, who sold his bike two years ago, which was about the time his son was born. Brady said he wore a helmet when he rode his motorcycle.

Coach Jack Del Rio has talked to the team about his position on motorcycle-riding and other such dangerous hobbies.

"As red-blooded Americans, we have the freedom to make choices. What I try to do is educate our guys to make good choices. I try to emphasize the fact we're all counting (on them)," Del Rio said.

Del Rio doesn't own a motorcycle and has resisted the temptation to ride one since being a passenger in a minor spill on one in his youth.

"I learned my lesson. I just choose not to ride them any more," he said. "As a family man, I want to give myself every opportunity to be there for my kids and their kids. I've resisted the urge."

Why the urge? What's the fascination?

"People ride motorcycles because of the feeling of freedom. Being from Pennsylvania, I'd get out on those country roads on that rolling farmland and it was beautiful," Brady said.

"I rode it for a few years and then sold it. I thought there'd be plenty of time to ride it when I retire," he said. "You can be as good a rider as you can, but you can't guard against other people's decisions."

Brady and Del Rio made their comments following Wednesday's "veteran camp" practice. Four more practices remain before the Jaguars conclude OTA's.

"You can see a whole lot of progress. We're working to get better for Dallas, but Dallas is a long way away," quarterback Byron Leftwich said.

Offensive lineman Mike Williams did not practice on Wednesday. Del Rio explained that Williams has back pain and was to see a doctor on Wednesday to determine the cause and extent of his soreness.

"He's got some issues with his back. Rest is the best thing," Del Rio said.

The coach was asked if Williams needs to lose weight.

"It won't help to have extra weight. He needs to drop some," Del Rio said.

Meanwhile, kicker Josh Scobee used Wednesday's practice to prepare for the Monday night game against the Steelers. Scobee sailed a 68-yard kick downwind between the uprights.

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