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Musgrave provides answer

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Travis from Ormond Beach, FL:
This is a little off-topic, not being about the draft, but I was wondering what you thought was the greatest moment in Jacksonville's history so far? A lot of people say it was Andersen's miss in 1996, but I think it was the playoff win in Denver later. What do you think?

Vic: The win in Denver and the late-night welcoming party at the stadium has to be the highlight of this franchise's history, but I have a lot of fond memories of other great games and other great moments in Jaguars history. The two games against the Steelers in 1997 were as dramatic as any games I've ever covered.

Dan from Orange Park, FL:
With the departure of Mack, everyone thinks we should be shopping for his replacement. Is it just me or do you think Elvis Joseph is a more than capable backup? He didn't get to carry the ball last year, but the year before, when Fred was injured, he stepped in and did a great job. I guess what I'm asking is for your thoughts on Elvis and if you think drafting a running back early is necessary?

Vic: I don't see Elvis Joseph in the mold of a true backup running back. I see him more as a specialty back; a player for whom there are specific plays. The Jaguars need a bread-and-butter kind of backup; a Stacey Mack kind of guy. Should they draft a running back in the early rounds? Sure, if he's the best available player.

Tom from Malabar, FL:
What is your impression of Brad Meester's move to center? Did he take to it in the mini-camp? Do you think center or guard is his best position?

Vic: I thought Brad Meester looked very natural playing center in mini-camp. In my opinion, it's the right move.

Andy from Bossier City, LA:
Great column. Could you explain the "West Coast offense?"

Vic: Andy, I'm going to let offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave explain it to you. Here's his explanation: "It's an offense that's predicated on timing, in which the quarterback's drops match up with the depth of the receivers' routes. It's based on a high completion rate, which not only fatigues the opponent's defense but adds time of possession that results in our defense staying off the field and being fresh for the fourth quarter."

Tim from Evensville, TN:
What exactly makes Leftwich such a "rare talent?"

Vic: You're talking about a 6-5, 241-pound man who has the kind of classic arm strength, touch and release that define the prototype pocket passer. It's not often a quarterback with those ingredients lasts until the eighth pick of the draft, if, in fact, Leftwich lasts that long. I have my doubts. By the way, Daunte Culpepper made it all the way down to the 11th pick. Do you think some teams regret having passed on Culpepper? Rule of thumb is that when one of these rare talents is available, you better take him.

Luis from Jacksonville:
I noticed an article in the newspaper that indicated Pete Mitchell is not with the Jaguars. I must have missed something because I don't recall him signing with another club. What is Pete's status?

Vic: Pete Mitchell signed a one-year contract with the Jaguars last year. That contract expired following last season and Pete became an unrestricted free agent on Feb. 28. He has yet to sign with another team.

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