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My dog did the Oklahoma

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Tim from Jacksonville:
Montell Owens is most likely going to be in as a special teams guy. How are the other running backs – Cotrone, Giles and Washington – performing and is there anyone who is making a name for himself so far?

Vic: Anthony Cotrone has caught my eye. He's a big (6-2, 260), powerful fullback who's a devastating blocker, a powerful short-yardage runner and an accomplished pass-catcher. As of the middle of this week, he was leading the camp with a 100 percent catch average. I'm looking forward to seeing him in the preseason, especially on special teams. He could be the "find" of the undrafted class, although there are a couple of other strong undrafted candidates. Lavarus Giles has nice size (6-1, 230) and blazing speed. I think his potential is as a third-down pass-catcher. He's a little too upright for my taste but his speed is so special that, with a strong preseason performance, you'd find a way to keep him. Chauncey Washington missed all of spring drills with a soft-tissue injury and, to this point, hasn't jumped out at me. I'm still waiting.

Mike from Schnecksville, PA:
Is there not already a rookie salary cap?

Vic: It's a rookie pool of money within which each team must operate, but it's a soft-cap concept, which means teams can and have found ways to defeat it. The teams have not operated within the spirit of the rookie pool, therefore, it hasn't worked.

Ray from Jacksonville:
What a difference a year makes. The quarterback situation is settled and fans are worried about when Reggie Williams will return.

Vic: I understand what you're saying and you're right on. Every team has injuries, but as long as you don't have problems at the quarterback position, you don't have a problem you can't fix.

Jonathan from Yulee, FL:
Coach Del Rio said they held Mike Walker out of practice. Is this because his knee is starting to flare up again or are they just being extra cautious?

Vic: Walker twisted an ankle. That's the reason he's missed some practice time this week.

Chris from Ormond Beach, FL:
Any chance of you blogging Friday night's scrimmage?

Vic: I'm not going to blog it and it's because most people won't be able to see the game. The blog works best in conjunction with the telecast of a game. I need people to see the game so I don't have to explain every comment I make.

William from Houston, TX:
What are your impressions of Grambling's Clyde Edwards?

Vic: I made the comment to someone the other day that Edwards reminds me of Troy Edwards, but with a little more under the hood. In other words, Edwards has a little more muscle. I like him. I think he's a player. I think he's a longshot to make this team but I can see him playing in the CFL, for example, and getting another shot in the NFL. He has good hands and he moves gracefully. At 5-10, however, there's nothing about him that jumps out at you. That's why he's probably going to need some exposure in another league.

Matt from Dover AFB:
With the early injuries to the WRs, does Marcedes Lewis become more of a focus in the passing game? How has he looked in camp so far?

Vic: He's been very strong in this camp. Frankly, I haven't been real impressed with the tight end position this summer. Lewis has saved the position.

Miguel from Jacksonville:
How much control does a player's agent have in getting a player to sign a contract?

Vic: In most cases, his control is total.

Donald from Erie, PA:
Even though I'm a fan, I only check out "Ask Vic" once in awhile. I'm missing something. What's this raccoon business all about?

Vic: My buddy, Snoop, got bit by a raccoon recently. We were golfing and a couple of raccoons were begging food from us at one of the tees and I was feeding them pieces of my Granola bar. All of a sudden, one of the raccoons went nuts on Snoop.

Fred from Portland, OR:
In your latest training camp video, you insinuated that the Jaguars' top four LBs are their best ever. Come on, Vic, no way is Ingram the same caliber of player Kevin Hardy was.

Vic: I was suggesting the Jaguars' top four linebackers represent the best linebacking corps this team has ever had, which I believe to be true. Linebackers coach Mark Duffner told me the other day that it's the best four he's ever had.

Joni from Jacksonville:
With the scrimmage coming up on Friday night, could you give us a few specific players we should keep an eye on?

Vic: Greg Jones had a coming-out party a couple of years ago in this scrimmage, before injuring his knee a few weeks later. I think he's ready for another coming out. I wanna watch Cotrone. I think Cleo Lemon is a player of interest. D'Juan Woods has to seize this kind of opportunity to keep his roster bid alive. I am definitely going to keep an eye on Khalif Barnes and Richard Collier at left tackle. I think Barnes has created a gap between he and Collier and I wanna see if that gap will widen or if Collier will close it. Tony McDaniel has been a "monster" in this camp. He's worth a look. Quentin Groves is certainly a player of interest. I could go on but I'll stop there.

Conor from Plains, MT:
Yesterday, at my high school football team's mini-camp, we did the Oklahoma drill in our first contact practice. It got all the guys and even the coaches pumped up and it was great to get some hitting in. Just wanted you to know that the Oklahoma rite of passage is still being passed on here.

Vic: I had a dog that liked to do the Oklahoma. I'd get down on my knees on the living room floor and right away she'd take a position opposite me. I trained her not to go on sound, only movement. As soon as I moved, she'd lunge at me. I'd yell obscenities at her and she'd bark. She liked to do it so much that sometimes I'd be sitting on the couch and she'd just sit in the middle of the floor, our designated spot for the Oklahoma, stare at me and bark. I guess everybody loves the Oklahoma.

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