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My five is my five

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Dr. Witherby from Oxford, England:
I think your "Ask Vic" golf tournament is a smashing idea. Will you have a package for the "Good Doctor" to travel over the pond with the sole purpose of lambasting you and your wisenheimer followers with participles and pronouns in your supposed native tongue?

Vic: Come on over, Doc. We're gonna have a good time.

Regina from Cold Spring Harbor, NY:
Could you please rate the NFL's five greatest tight ends of all-time? Where do you predict Tony Gonzalez will wind up on the list if he continues to play at his current level for a few more years?

Vic: In my opinion, tight end is absolutely the most difficult position to grade because there are two distinctly different kinds of tight ends: tight ends who are wide receivers, such as Kellen Winslow and Shannon Sharpe; and true tight ends, such as Mike Ditka, John Mackey and Mark Bavaro. My top five must be equal parts pass-catcher and blocker, so I'll begin with Ditka, Mackey and Bavaro. No question about it, they were all great pass-catchers and blockers. I also had a high opinion of Dave Casper when he was in his prime, so I'll make him number four. Keith Jackson and Eric Green had the ability to be the very best, but they fizzled out too quickly. I'll make my fifth all-time-best tight end Russ Francis. His career was marred by injury, but at the top of his game he was the best I have ever seen. You could certainly make a point for a lot of other guys and Tony Gonzalez would be one of them. My five are my five.

Derrick from Jacksonville:
If you had to pick a coach to win a game for you, who would it be and why? Thanks for your answer in advance.

Vic: Among current coaches, Bill Belichick is the easy answer.

Steve from Atlanta, GA:
The Jaguars will always be my team but in the NFC I root for the Falcons. Even being in Atlanta, I feel more up to date on the Jags than the Falcons because of Can you give me your expectations on the Falcons and how their offseason has gone?

Vic: I like the Falcons' draft. DeAngelo Hall can do for the Falcons' defense and special teams what Michael Vick does for their offense. Hall is the definition of play-maker. Michael Jenkins was a solid selection with the 29th overall pick, Matt Schaub is great value in the third round, Demorrio Williams is even better value in round four and Chad Lavalais could step in immediately at defensive tackle and could end up being the steal of the draft. The selection of Quincy Wilson is another pick that gives the Falcons' draft dramatic upside. If Vick stays healthy, the Falcons could have a big year.

Greg from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
I just called my cable provider, Comcast, and they are unable to air the Jaguars training camp video due to the fact Direct TV has an exclusive contract to air NFL Ticket and the NFL Network. So, unless you buy Direct TV, you won't be able to see "Inside Training Camp with the Jacksonville Jaguars."

Vic: I took your e-mail to NFL Network Media Relations Director Seth Palansky, and he said you have been given incorrect information. Palansky said NFL Network invites Comcast to join the other cable companies and satellite providers who have added NFL Network to the list of stations they air. Palansky said there is absolutely no exclusivity of NFL Network and that "any rep who says there is is either misinformed or lying."

Gil from Atlantic Beach, FL:
Vic, love your column, and the golf talk doesn't bother me in the least. I wasn't surprised to see the kicking tandem of Mike Hollis and Bryan Barker not mentioned on your top 10 Jags list, however, as far as special teamers go, I'd have to put the two of them at the top of that list, with Barker being the number one special teams player in Jags history. Would you agree with that assessment?

Vic: I'd probably give the nod to Hollis. I think kickers have a natural impact advantage over punters.

Tim from Waterbury, CT:
My question is about Adewale Ogunleye. I personally think this guy is a stud and we should trade for him. I say give him his large signing bonus and multi-year contract. It is worth it, having arguably one of the best if not the best defensive end in the NFL right now. I say we go for it. What about you?

Vic: Anybody who knows me knows where I stand on these things, because if there are two things I hate to do, it's trade away draft picks and sign players to contracts that'll hold their team hostage. In this case, you're probably talking about having to do both. I don't do it. I'm old-school: Be patient, pick the best available athlete, protect your salary cap and never, ever let a player hold you hostage.

Nate from Tampa, FL:
Would you not consider Mike Hollis one of the top 10 Jags? Searcy was with us two years, right? Hollis was here for the long haul. He'll always be one of the best kickers of all-time, in my eyes.

Vic: Leon Searcy was with the Jaguars for four years; the four best years in franchise history. He and Tony Boselli made for arguably the best tackle combination in professional football. Searcy was an outstanding run-blocker and an underrated pass-blocker. He made the Pro Bowl in 1999. Offensive tackles the quality of Searcy are difficult to find.

Brian from Birmingham, AL:
Do you think Erika hasn't been getting any flowers lately? I thought maybe, Vic, you could let her caddie for you.

Vic: She has an invitation to ride in my golf cart.

Kevin from Philadelphia, PA:
When can we expect the next "Reporter's Corner?"

Vic: I don't know. I haven't seen Sexton this week so I'm guessing he's on vacation. Everybody's on vacation. Maybe I could do a "Reporter's Corner" with one of the secretaries.

LeRoi from Cleveland, OH:
The Jaguars have been 0-for-October since 2000, which has pretty much killed any playoff hopes later on in the season. Do you see that happening with this team?

Vic: Great observation! The Jaguars are 2-12 in October since 2000. That's unbelievable and it must be reversed. This year's October schedule includes home games against Indianapolis and Kansas City, and games at San Diego, at Indianapolis and at Houston. We're talking about a five-game month, so, clearly, October will be critical to the Jaguars' success this season. Do I think they'll do better this year in October? Yeah, I do, because Jack Del Rio will make a point of emphasizing the importance of reversing the trend of the past four seasons. All five of those games are AFC games and three of them are right in the AFC South. Big month!

Nick from Jacksonville:
Man, Erika's a feisty one. It's cool; that's how I like my women.

Vic: Flowers, Nick, always flowers.

Nic from South Sioux City, NE:
How much longer until we can expect to see the Jaguar' draft choices signed? Who do you think will be first?

Vic: He who is last shall be first, and I'm guessing around mid-July.

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