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Next three games are our season


The following is the transcript of Tuesday's question and answer session between Vic Ketchman and Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver.
Vic: Wayne, you have a big game in Pittsburgh this Sunday. What are you thought on it?
Wayne:I think we have a lot of momentum going into Pittsburgh. Sunday's game was a big game for this organization. You could feel the energy and the spirit in the locker room that it was a must-win game, and they went out and played a great game in the second half; so-so in the first half. They really came out and played hard in the second half. I think that's going to carry over into Pittsburgh. We know it's another must-win game for us and I think our guys are really going to be up for it.

Vic:What are the major positives to come out of the win against Cincinnati this past Sunday?
Wayne: It shows the major character of this team. It would be very easy after you have lost five in a row to say it's all over, let's quit. That team came out to play on Sunday. They played hard. They played together. You saw the swarming tackles. You saw the gang tackles. The offense played well. Mark (Brunell) has had three good games in a row. He's moving the ball around. He's getting it to more receivers. I think our team is starting to gel.

Vic: Tom Coughlin told reporters last week that you speak to him on Mondays and give him your thoughts on the previous day's game. How candid are those conversations?
Wayne:I'm candid to Tom. We have a good relationship so we can be very open and candid. I think those are very healthy conversations. I am never willing to interject myself as a football fan other than as a fan. I have certain observations that I share with Tom. Sometimes we agree and sometimes we don't. Those are good meetings. They are helpful and we both have enough respect for one another to be very candid.

Vic:Do the two of you have a comfortable working relationship?
Wayne: Absolutely. You have to have that with all your people. I've always acted on the basis that I want people to tell me what I need to hear and not what I want to hear. I've always operated on that premise.

Vic:You experienced a personnel move in your front office last week when Michael Huyghue resigned and you replaced him with Paul Vance. What are the facts behind that decision?
Wayne: First of all, we appreciate all the contributions Michael made. Michael has done a great job. We're disappointed he decided to move on, but we knew this day would come. Mike is a very bright guy. He has this very entrepreneurial idea. He has great vision. I believe that from a player standpoint the player is underserved by the agent in terms of a total comprehensive package. He has vision in trying to do this with his company. I wish him well, but as far as Paul Vance, that was an easy decision for me. This is not about Paul being a football person. It's about Paul being a skilled negotiator. That's what he's trained to do. He spent 21 years as an attorney. I have known Paul for over 10 years now. We have a very close working relationship. I admire his skills and I think he is going to do a fantastic job in replacing Michael.

Vic:What are the important factors in successful contract negotiations?
Wayne:First, you have to be a good listener. You have to understand where the other side is coming from; what their motivations are. What the major strengths are so you can try and negotiate something that is fair, and you take the emotions out of the negotiations. You deal with reality. I think so many times that with puffery and the importance of where the market is and the perception of where the market is vs. reality, and it's not all the same; I think Paul will bring some real strength to this because of his negotiating skills. Paul is a real laid-back person who really never shows much emotion. He will be very good in this job.

Vic: Finally, is it too late to mount a playoff run?
Wayne:I don't think so. If you watched that game last night, boy it was a wild game. It was a physical game. I had hoped McNair would sneak it in and they would pull out the win and bring Baltimore back closer to the pack. We are not out of it. I will say, however, that these next three games are our season. We've got to find a way to go to Pittsburgh and win on Sunday and come back home for two games. Baltimore is a huge rival and the fans are going to be up for that one; then, on Monday night against Green Bay. If we can string those three wins together, I think we'll set ourselves up to roll through the rest of the season.

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