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NFL is number one

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

John from Jacksonville:
Do you have any thoughts on the upcoming Super Bowl commercial by the mother of Tim Tebow?

Vic: I believe in freedom of speech.

Al from Fruit Cove, FL:
The college overtime rule is OK for college, but I wouldn't want to see it in the NFL. On the other hand, even at 60 percent, the luck of the coin flip weighs a bit too heavily. One suggestion I thought had some merit was that a team would have to win by six in overtime, so a quick field goal would get you only halfway there and the other team would have a chance. Your thoughts?

Vic: Here's an idea for those of you who never want the game to end: Let's do it the USGA way. If regulation play ends in a tie, let's play the whole darn game over. If it's still tied after that, then just keep playing until someone breaks the tie. Is that fair enough? I mean, we gotta be fair, right? Three or four hours isn't nearly enough time to declare a winner. Let's keep playing until everyone has passed out due to exhaustion.

Omar from Oakland, CA:
I was wondering about your opinion on Taylor Mays for USC and do you think he would be a good fit for the defense. I feel like he has the size and speed to play in the NFL. Your thoughts?

Vic: He's great, if you like size, speed, strength and athletic ability, but I wanna guy who has that look in his eye.

Jeff from Seattle, WA:
When you were writing and the writers were so much tougher and dedicated than they are today, was writing for the fans more important than writing for the money?

Vic: I would've covered the NFL for Tass if they would've paid me more. It's the American way.

Todd from Beaufort, SC:
With the league announcing the Pro Bowl is sold out for the first time in many years, do you think this could be a major selling point to keep the Pro Bowl on the mainland?

Vic: I think it means that it doesn't matter who plays in the game, it's gonna sell out because it's the NFL and it's the number one entertainment entity in America. I really hope it starts selling out in Jacksonville.

Kyle from Orange Park, FL:
Ryan's comment about the team winning the coin toss in overtime winning 50 percent of overtime games is misleading. The team that wins the toss in overtime wins the game on the first drive of overtime much less often. Before the NFC championship game overtime, they flashed a graphic that said of the 13 overtime games this year, the team that won the toss scored on the first drive of overtime only five times and were a combined 7-6. Of the 13 overtime games, the team that won the coin toss didn't score on the first drive eight times (61 percent), which is hardly reason to scrap the current overtime rules. By the way, five years or so ago I would've been in the camp that was screaming to change the rules, but I feel after reading your column so much over the years I've gained some savvy as a football fan and try, as much as possible, to look beyond the numbers, or look at the numbers a little more critically.

Vic: Never let the facts stand in the way of a good story.

George from London, Ontario:
Sidney Rice was a second-rounder. He dropped due to speed issues, so Scott from Tempe may have been thinking about Troy Williamson. Brad Childress is an adamant believer in the no-wide-receivers in the first round philosophy.

Vic: Dime a dozen.

Brandon from Westminster, CO:
Has anyone in the Pro Bowl ever sustained a career-ending injury or had to sit out the next season because of an injury caused in that game?

Vic: Robert Edwards lost what might've been a brilliant career due to a catastrophic knee injury sustained at the Pro Bowl. After rushing for 1,115 yards as a rookie, Edwards was injured in the rookie flag football game at the Pro Bowl.

Richard from St. Johns, FL:
The media, of which you are a part, are a bunch of losers. Guys like Lageman know what they are talking about. You don't. You used to get beat up when you were a kid, didn't you, and you've taken that chip on your shoulder with you? Dinosaur Vic with false teeth that don't even look that good.

Vic: Jeff is really gonna like you. Maybe he'll take you hunting and the two of you can talk about your playing days.

Kenneth from Jacksonville:
So who are you picking as your Super Bowl winner, Vic? I'm picking the Colts. They have the best QB and arguably the two best pass-rushers. It's that simple for me. What do you think?

Vic: I think that's an astute analysis of the game.

Stephen from Jacksonville:
I always thought it was you'ns.

Vic:'s official translator accepts both yinz and yinze. I think it depends on whether you're from the norside or the sahside.

Joel from Atlanta, GA:
Adrian Peterson would seem to have all the qualities it takes to be an all-time great back, but it seems he's doomed to play in a pass-happy era. Can you think of other players who didn't reach the level of greatness they could have because they played in the wrong era?

Vic: I can think of lots of guys. The first guy that comes to mind is Bert Jones. He was made to play in today's game. He had a powerful arm, hair-trigger release, keen instincts for the position and a flair for the big play. Unfortunately, he played in the kill-the-quarterback era and injuries shortened his career. Some think he could've become the greatest quarterback of all time.

Carlos from Barcelona, Spain:
I was watching the replay of the Saints-Vikings game and it sure seemed the Saints were willing to give up some roughing-the-passer calls in order to rough up Favre. In a league in which yardage and points are way high, do you think this could become a trend?

Vic: I got the same feeling and I agree with the strategy because the quarterback must go down and the quarterback must go down hard in any era. You can't play defense timidly. As Joe Namath said, "We're the trophy."

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