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Not a great tournament

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Nate from Tallahassee, FL:
When draft-day trades occur, is it customary for the team wanting to move up to tell the team whose pick they're trying to acquire who they intend to draft with that pick?

Vic: No, it is not, but the other team probably has a good idea who it is.

Michael from Columbus, OH:
Regardless of whom the Jaguars draft, I am certainly not in the mood for another long, drawn out Harvey, Monroe type of contract holdout. With all the sacrifices the fan base is making to help keep the team in place, it would be difficult to embrace another process where a new player and his agent are splitting hairs over the difference between 1.5 and 1.6 million dollars.

Vic: It's professional football; it's about the money. If that offends you, this isn't your game.

Todd from St. Augustine, FL:
In a past post you said that all it takes in the NCAA basketball tournament is for one team to shoot out of their mind. Based on Butler's run in the tourney, don't you think defense has a lot more to do with winning games than a jump shot?

Vic: You obviously didn't read the past post accurately. It wasn't talking about a run, it was talking about how the power programs can lose a game to a weaker team. Yes, strong defense will provide a more consistent result, but a hot shooting eye will win on any given night. The Wisconsin coach said it all when he talked about his team having shot 52 percent in the first half against Cornell and still trailed by 12 points.

William from Jacksonville:
If you could wave the proverbial magic wand and preserve one thing forever about the Jaguars and change one thing forever, what would they be?

Vic: I'd preserve forever the win in Denver in the 1996 playoffs and I'd change the size and configuration of Jacksonville Municipal Stadium. It's too big and too wide.

Malachi from Moore, OK:
Do you know if there's a timetable set for Jarret Dillard? Could he be ready for training camp, or maybe even some of spring training?

Vic: I think he's ready to go now. Last season represented a major leap in competition for Dillard and I think in training camp it overwhelmed him. He was starting to make his move when he was injured in the Jets game. I expect big things from Dillard this year.

Matt from Jacksonville:
Who snaps the photos of players lifting weights if the media is not allowed in the weight room?

Vic: You don't believe me, do you? Well, Matt, it's called a photo op. The media was allowed a brief visit to the weight room on Monday, to shoot pictures and tape video that can be used with offseason conditioning stories and reports during the offseason conditioning season. When the photo op time expired, the media was dismissed from the weight room, not to return again until next spring's photo op.

Kyle from Orange Park, FL:
What happens if the clock expires on a team? Does that team have the right to make their pick at any time, or do they have to wait for the next team to pick before they make their selection?

Vic: They can make their pick at any time by handing a piece of paper with a name on it to the guy who takes the pieces of paper with the names on them.

Robert from Orlando, FL:
Vicbow, what do you think of Everest Griffen, the defensive end out of USC? I have been watching clips of him and other DE prospects and he really seems to be a guy who impacts a game. He gets out of his stance really quick, has some nice spin moves and seems like he has good speed and ball awareness.

Vic: If there's such a thing as a high-round sleeper, Griffen is it. He's just learning how to play football and may not have yet scratched the surface of his potential. The same can be said of Jason Pierre-Paul, but everybody knows about Paul. I think someone's gonna hit a home run with Griffen.

Mike from Jacksonville:
I know football coaches have different philosophies, but I was curious as to what kind of philosophies do strength coaches have? What would you say is Luke Richesson's philosophy?

Vic: Luke is a strengthen-the-core guy. He believes that's the secret to staying healthy. The Jaguars do this thing with medicine balls. They throw them against the wall or floor or something and they make a loud, pounding sound that drives me nuts. My fear is the stadium is going to fall down. I've covered teams that have had strength guys who ranged from health-food nuts to bigger-is-better guys. Then there are the guys who emphasize stretching and flexibility. Way back in the '70's, the Steelers had a guy who was obsessed with downhill running. He said it was good for the hamstrings. The Jaguars' previous strength coach had an interesting philosophy. He believed in doing the absolute minimum to get in shape because anything more than the minimum represents unnecessary wear and tear on the body. I kind of liked that philosophy. He also had a sandpit installed for players to run in. I never understood the principle in that. When I was in high school, every summer the coach would ask if we were going to the beach. If we said yes, he'd say, "Don't run in the sand." I didn't get that either. Some strength guys are big on martial arts. If I was a player, I'd want a strength coach who's big on golf.

Mike from Jacksonville:
If you are sitting in Gene's shoes on draft day and the following names are the only draft considerations, in what order would they be listed on your BAP board: Derrick Morgan, Rolando McClain, C.J. Spiller, Dez Bryant, Earl Thomas and Joe Haden? Assuming that order you assigned, who do you draft out of that group at pick 10?

Vic: Based on the order of my value board, Spiller would be the pick from that group.

Adam from Jacksonville:
The San Francisco 49ers will travel over 16,000 miles next season, whereas the Bengals will travel under 3,000. Does the relatively easy travel schedule give the Bengals a significant advantage over a team like San Fran that racks up a lot of miles?

Vic: Sure it does. Tough schedules have to be overcome.

Wally from Lloyd, FL:
What did you think of the championship game Monday night? Was it one of the best you have ever seen?

Vic: It was very entertaining but it would've been better had the final shot gone in. Then you might be able to say it was the best ever. Frankly, I thought this tournament was kind of a dud. It was one of the weakest fields I can remember and I don't think it said much for the quality of college basketball this year that so many power programs were upset in the tournament. Georgetown and Kansas should be ashamed.

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