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O-Zone: All about perspective

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … David from Oviedo, FL:
How come the Wizard of Poz was so quiet in the last game?
John: Jaguars middle linebacker Paul Posluszny played only eight snaps on defense against the Texans in the regular-season opener Sunday. This was about 10 percent of the team's defensive snaps. This was because the Texans spent much of the game in three-receiver sets, which meant the Jaguars spent much of the game in their nickel defense. Telvin Smith and Myles Jack are the team's linebackers in nickel. Posluszny is playing middle in base situations; when teams run their offense from a more conventional formation, he will play extensively. Sunday against Tennessee is such a game.
Don from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
The Jaguars' uniforms are cool and I like them. Go Jaguars!
John: They looked good Week 1. We'll see how they look Sunday.
Jeremy from Wise, VA:
So pumped about the way the Jags started the season. Any win is a good thing, since they have been few and far between the last few years. I think we will have a very good idea where the team stands after the London game. These two games are against tough teams and I can't wait to see how far this team has come.
John: I typically go by the rule of thumb that you get a real feel for NFL teams and seasons after about six regular-season games. That's typically about how long it takes to drub the fluky starts, preconceived notions and statistical anomalies from the equation – and six weeks or so give the eyes and mind a fresh look at what's really going on that season. It's easier by then to get an accurate idea of what teams are good and bad. But sure … the Titans and the Ravens over the next two games are good tests. If the Jaguars come home from London a week from Sunday over .500, that would be a really good sign – and a really good start.
Matt from Orange Park, FL:
Sheldon Day is good for some interior pass rush against the Titans. Not saying he needs to start, but I'd like to see him get reps inside.
John: Day played 21 snaps against the Texans in Week 1. That was a touch over 25 percent of the defensive snaps. That's about right.
John from Jacksonville:
The Jags are on pace for 190 sacks for the season/playoffs/Super Bowl. I expect nothing less.
John: You kid, but I'm sincerely looking forward to my first email complaining about the Jaguars' next five-sack game.
Mike from Cortland, NY:
At first I understood why Jacksonville didn't get a prime-time game. Then I realized next week's Thursday night game is 49ers versus Rams. Sheesh.
John: What's not to understand? The Jaguars went 3-13 last season. They haven't had a winning record in a decade. The Cleveland Browns don't have a prime-time game this season, either. They've been bad a long time, too. I'm not all that fired up about 49ers-Rams next Thursday, either, but it's not hard to see when the Jaguars aren't on prime-time television this season. If they win this season, they'll be on in prime time next season. This is simple.
Romeo from Jacksonville but now in the 619:
Do you think the fullback and tight-end positions could play a role in Blake's passing game?
John: Yes.
Jeremy from Newport, RI:
Leonard Fournette appears to be such a mature young man and his talent, potential and maturity seem to be at the top of the charts. What a great draft selection he appears to be. Good for the team and city!
John: Jaguars rookie running back Leonard Fournette is about as turn-key ready for the NFL as you can imagine. He has been an elite, star-level player for a long time at a big-time level of football. He is used to the spotlight and expectations – and nothing about his demeanor indicates that his surroundings are "too big for him." So far, so good on this front.
Chad from Yulee, FL:
Tom Coughlin used to talk about building a team to compete with and win the old AFC Central first. Do you see this team emphasizing that now more than in past years?
John: There is no AFC Central anymore. Emphasizing winning it would be stupid.
John from Edmonton, Canada:
O, everyone suggested Hurricane Harvey would be an emotional empowerment to the Texans. Could it have been a distraction? Should we expect the same with the Jaguars returning to Irma's wake? I imagine it's not easy to push out of your mind.
John: It's always difficult to gauge how much or how little off-field issues influence on-field events. That's because while such things make for nice mid-week stories and conversation, there's rarely anything tangible to attach to the results. My sense was the emotion at NRG Stadium was high when J.J. Watt was introduced last Sunday, but that the Texans' level of play – and the Jaguars' corresponding level of play – took the emotion away quickly. The crowd actually seemed flat throughout much of the game, which isn't surprising considering the Jaguars' firm control over much of the game. I expect the EverBank Field crowd will be energized Sunday, particularly early. I imagine some of that will be some rallying around the situation in the city, but my guess is more of it will be because this team is over .500 for entering a game at the 'Bank for the first time since 2010. That's a long time (too long), and considering the nature of the Week 1 victory, I can't imagine fans won't be really up early Sunday. If the Jaguars play well early, I expect that to build and for the 'Bank to be in an emotional tizzy much of the game. If they don't …
Steven from Duval:
I still think the new app sux.... I understand the jags dont get a primetime game because they are not interesting but this houston cincy game has to be one of the worst ive ever watched and them the rams and niners are deserving of a night game is just a joke. If it werent for the jags i would be done with this league. They are gonna lose everything theyve built in the next tem years
John: Sorry about your dog. It's not cool they kicked him like that.
Otto from Ponte Vera Beach, FL:
John, would Jason Myers and his inconsistent play still be a member of the team if he played almost any other position?
John: Absolutely. Myers' inconsistencies in fact are far more noticeable because of the position he plays rather than the other way around. Take defensive end Calais Campbell, for instance. He had a great game on Sunday with four sacks and five hurries. If he had three plays were he rushed the passer terribly – or where the Texans running back ran roughshod over his spot – few outsider observers would notice. When Myers or any other kicker misses a kick, everyone notices. Now, this is not to excuse Myers. Making kicks is the job and he didn't do that twice last week. I doubt he can do that much more and remain on the team. But a lot of NFL players are inconsistent; it's just much easier to notice the inconsistency for kickers.
Steve from Denver, CO:
If you need a good laugh, look at career stats for Marcedes Lewis and Jason Witten. Hard to believe they play the same position. Think our guy will get any Hall of Fame votes based on "great blocking?"
John: Probably not, so I guess your point is Marcedes Lewis hasn't had as good a career as a receiving tight end as Jason Witten? Or is it that Witten may be a Hall of Famer? And that Lewis is it? Is this news? Is there actually a point?
Tyler from Jacksonville:
I take back every bad thing I ever said about this team, O-man. I am pumped up to go watch them run through the Titans on Sunday. I'm supposed to work Sunday, and my boss is going to be at the game too, but YOLO, O, I gots to GO! Go Jags! P.S. Don't put me on the Jumbotron! Bauww, Bauww, Chicka-Chicka....
John: I thought you said Chick-fil-A there at the end. I had a Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuit Friday. A bunch of us at the office did. Mmmmm … Chick-fil-A.
Nate from Visalia, CA:
Love the hype and buzz about the team. Feels great. But the team moved on to Tennessee on Wednesday, and we need to as well. Let's hope our boys can get that 'W' on Sunday in like fashion. If not, let's hope they just get it. Fifteen more games. Fifteen opportunities to forget what happened on opening weekend. Marcus Mariota is neither a rookie getting his first action or a statue in the pocket. The task at hand is all that matters. That task is getting a home win for the home crowd. Do work boys. Do work. That is all.
John: Thanks, Dad.

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