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O-Zone: All-out effort

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Brett from Jacksonville:
With Davon House having excelled at the nickel position in Green Bay, do you think we will see him inside with Prince Amukamara and Jalen Ramsey outside in some sets?
John: I doubt it. I think the Jaguars will start the season with House starting at one corner with Ramsey or Amukamara starting on the other side. If Ramsey starts, he likely will kick inside to the nickel in passing situations with Amukamara coming in to play the outside corner. I expect that to be the scenario until Aaron Colvin returns from suspension after four games, at which point I expect Ramsey and House to start on the outside with Colvin at the nickel. I thought entering camp Amukamara/House likely would start outside with Ramsey at the nickel, but after watching Ramsey Thursday, it's clear it will be tough to keep him off the field. Either way, the one constant looks to be House starting on the outside.
Aaron from Chantilly:
I would think Rashean Mathis would be the next into the Pride ahead of Mojo and McCardell?
John: I would disagree.
Mark from College Park, MD:
Simple. The higher the volume, the lower the intensity a workout needs to be. The higher the intensity, the lower the volume needs to be. With so many injuries in training camp - what do you feel is the appropriate percentage of volume and intensity in training camp?
John: Sixty-three percent. No, wait … 63.1.
Robert from Jacksonville:
What is the typical circumference, statistically speaking, whereby coaches measure player performance on a molecular/experience level?
John: Sixty-two percent.
Bryce from Algona, IA:
With the amount of cap money the Jags spent the last two years and with Blake Bortles, A-Rob and others set to make big money after this year – and knowing you can't keep everyone – is it reasonable to say this year's team will be the most talented roster the Jags will have for quite a while? If so, then they had better win now, ya think?
John: I wouldn't call it "unreasonable" to think the Jaguars' roster this year could be its most talented in a while, but I would call it "incorrect." First, the Jaguars will have the cap space to keep a great number of core players over the next few years. Second, because most of the players we're talking about as talented core players are entering their first, second and third seasons, there's every possibility – even a probability – they will improve. I expect Bortles to be significantly better in two or three years than this year. I'd also be shocked if the same isn't true of Dante Fowler Jr., Myles Jack and Jalen Ramsey. In a very real sense, this feels like Year One for the Jaguars' "core," and for that reason I believe the team will improve a great deal over the next two or three seasons.
Kyle from Gotham, NY:
Is it OK that I am not convinced on this team until I see it in the win/loss column? Easy answer, I know, but when you've been hurt so many times by the ones you love it just makes it that much harder to love again.
John: Ah, the difficulties of the heart … Look, I've said often I can't control how fans feel. I've also said that it's OK to feel about this team however you want to feel. Fans pour their hearts – and a lot of money – into this team, so if you don't want to commit with your heart and soul until you see some improved results, that makes perfect sense. It's understandable. I believe there are a lot of people who feel that way.
Blake's Fan from Jacksonville:
Who is the face of the franchise?
John: J.P. Shadrick.
Mason from Palm Bay, FL:
Mr. O. I'm very excited to see Jimmy Smith inducted into the Pride of the Jaguars. I know there are many factors that hurt his stock in making the Hall of Fame (off-field issues, small market team, etc.). Do you think he will ever receive the gold jacket?
John: I doubt it, though I have learned to never say never in these situations. Smith absolutely had Hall-of-Fame talent and the numbers say if he didn't have a Hall-of-Fame career he was really close. For a long stretch of his career, an argument could have been made – and often was – that he was second only to Jerry Rice in terms of the respect he had from defensive backs. The reality, though, is it will be tough – at least partially because he has had no momentum yet. That could change. The voters for the Hall do listen to strong cases and a strong case can be made for Smith. But right now, it looks like a long shot.
Donald from Orange Park, FL:
You said recently, "You can't write the history of this team without him" regarding Jimmy Smith's Pride of the Jaguars induction. That is the perfect criteria for determining if a player deserves this honor.
John: I can't honestly take credit for the concept. It has been used to describe criteria for Halls of Fame in different professional sports. I first heard Peter King of Monday Morning Quarterback use it for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but it's quite possible someone used it before him.
Mike from Jacksonville:
O, with the entire offense [and just about everyone tied to the Jaguars] agreeing we need to start faster, do you think we'll see more touchdowns on the first drive of the game? Also, it'd be great to see us score on the first play of the game; it has been awhile since we've seen that.
John: You should see more first-drive touchdowns this season. Not only are the Jaguars considering it an area of focus, but the offense should improve overall with another year together under coordinator Greg Olson – and with improvement should come better starts.
Gator from Gainesville, FL:
If Tim Tebow was in the pride it would make the whole thing better. That's what he does, makes everyone around him better. Just sayin'.
John: I'll pass this along.
Travis from Copper Canyon:
Look, I know the team is young and there are a lot of new and moving parts. But when Gus Bradley was hired on January 17, 2013 many notable voices described him as being "special" – i.e., his coaching style, energy, knowledge, and motivational tactics. Because of that, 2016 should be the year that he proves that – not 2017 or 2018. Any coach can wait until his general manager does the bulk of the work and fills the team with elite talent, wait a couple years until that elite talent matures – and win. I am not talking Super Bowl but 10 and 6, 9 and 7 minimum ... then he's special.
John: OK.
Christian from Titusville, FL:
I heard Colin Cowherd say he likes the Titans to make a big step this year, and predicted the Jags 7-9, Colts to win the division with Luck having a MVP-type year. He said Blake Bortles hasn't shown the ability to win close games and the Jags should be in a lot of them, which is why he doesn't see them winning the division. I think this points to the consistency and decision-making that Bortles must improve upon that you have pointed out. I would throw in that the crucially bad interceptions must stop for us to be a contender.
John: I have said often that Bortles must improve consistency and decision-making, but I wouldn't say that he is a liability in close games. He hasn't had a slew of fourth-quarter comebacks, but I think most observers would say he's better late in games than he is early. But hey … if Colin Cowherd said it …
David from Oviedo, FL:
O-Zone - Do you think Marcus Mariota can run 87 yards with Jalen Ramsey, Myles Jack and Dante Fowler Jr. on his back?
John: Yes, but he would probably do it very slowly.
Cliff from Summit, NJ:
The Jaguars last offseason had competition for the starting center position between Stefen Wisniewski and Luke Bowanko. The team parted ways with the former, so what of the latter? There hasn't been talk of LBo and the team apparently felt more confident shifting one of its best lineman over to center. Do they just see Luke as quality depth? Why has he fallen out of starting competition? If he isn't an elite football talent, he sure seems to have an elite sense of humor.
John: Bowanko is entering training camp on the Physically Unable to Perform list, and I'm thinking he probably will remain on it until the regular season. That means there will be a window that opens in mid-October in which the team must decide whether to activate him or move him to the injured-reserve list. If he were healthy, I would imagine he would be quality depth.
Scott from Gilbert, AZ:
Zone, what did you do to improve yourself over the 39 days?
John: Nuttin.

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