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JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Greg from Jacksonville:
If Luke Joeckel stinks again this year, do you think the Jags will cut ties?
John: First off, while Joeckel struggled at times last season there's no thought on the part of the Jaguars that he "stunk" last season. He also didn't remotely struggle to the point that the Jaguars considered giving up on him. He has to improve, and there's every indication to think the size and strength he added this offseason along with the addition of assistant head coach-offense/offensive line coach Doug Marrone will help make that improvement happen. If Joeckel doesn't improve at all next season, then sure, the Jaguars would need to make some decisions there. But that's not exclusive to Joeckel, and is actually true of a lot of young players. You want young, core players developing early in their careers; if not, there's generally a problem.
Brent from Clearwater, FL:
So, how was it?
John: It was ah-ight.
Mike from Jacksonville:
O'Dewd, I think the perception of the London game would be a lot different if it were an away game. What's the revenue difference between a home team and visitor's team?
John: Dramatic. The benefit the Jaguars get in terms of local revenue from playing in London is because it's a designated home game. I think there's a possibility of the Jaguars and perhaps other teams in the future playing two games on back-to-back weekends in London. In that case, I'd imagine the team would have the home game one week and the away game the following week. But as long as the Jaguars are playing in London they want to be the designated home team once a season.
Jeff from Jacksonville:
What is this about a, uh, mulligan girl in a bikini or something about Bimini or something?
John: I know what you're talking about.
John from Dew Hong, China:
John, whatever happened to the 6-26-2015 Jags of the Square Lamp?
John: There wasn't one. It's late June and some people who appear on that show take vacation. You can only squeeze so much blood from a stone.
Jake from State Farm:
My tea's gone cold, I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all; the morning rain clouds up my window and I can't see at all; And even if I could it'd all be grey, but your picture on my wall. It reminds me that it's not so bad; it's not so bad.
John: Ladies and gentlemen … Tony Boselli!!
Steve from Hudson, FL:
Do NFL players have to pay taxes in every state they play in during the season and do they have to pay taxes in England?
John: Yes.
Joe from San Antonio, TX:
There is no push in the NFL to adopt an obnoxious colored field, is there? Green is perfectly fine. We don't need any red or blue fields in the NFL.
John: I have never heard of any push or proposal to have fields other than green in the NFL. Never say never, but I think we're a long way from anything like this. However, if anyone figures a way to sponsor it …
Matt from the Man Cave:
O man, you have seen my fantasy roster … but now, I need your wisdom. My friend is a Bucs fan and he and I are going to the Bucs/Jags game this year. We both mock each other's franchises but he always uses the excuse that they have a ring and we don't ... is there anything I can fire back with besides the argument we haven't lost to them since our first season?
John: Your idea is a good one. Or maybe you could find a better friend?
Chad from Jacksonville:
I hadn't been worried about the London initiative until I remembered the NFL is a copycat league. If being in London is as beneficial to our organization's bottom line as it is, won't other teams want to take our place once the four-year agreement expires? Specifically, the teams at the bottom of the rankings, similar to where we have been the past several years, might want to bolster their bottom line to prevent talks of relocation. Is London ours for the taking? Should we be locking down our intentions now, if we can?
John: This certainly could be a long-term concern, though I haven't heard of any teams anxious to move toward a similar agreement – or to take over the once-a-season London market. As we have seen in Jacksonville and here in the O-Zone, losing a home game per season is not the easiest sell to all followers of a team. At the same time, I do think in the long-term you could see teams copy the idea of having seven regular-season home games in their true hometown and having one game a year overseas. It wouldn't have to be London; it could be other markets in which the league would like to strengthen its presence.
Jared from Cantonment, FL and Section 116:
Tell Tommy from Jacksonville that all is not lost. I live right outside of Paola and me and my wife make it to game day. Not as terrible of a drive in as one might think. DTWD!
John: #DWTD
Gator from Jacksonville:
Beatles song? Favorite Beatle? Who cares?!?! One band and one band only matters: Skynyrd. One name and one name only matters: Van Zant. One song? Can't be done! How 'bout Sweet Home Alabama. #ASouthernManDontNeedHimAroundAnyhow
John: Forget your lust for the rich man's gold.
Frankie from Duval:
Why is it that every current minor league team in Jacksonville has multiple-title game appearances with a combined 10 championships, but the one professional team can't get out of the cellar? The Giants have been to the ABA championship game each of the last three seasons and won twice. The Sharks have been in the playoffs four of the last five seasons with one ArenaBowl championship. The Suns have seven championships to their name. C'mon Jags!
John: #Hottakes
Doug from Jacksonville:
I thought about my favorite Beatles song … I don't think I could definitively say one. I was astonished by your answer, short and sweet, then I thought perhaps it wasn't your answer but rather a request from the O-Zone faithful. Abbey Road in itself has so many great songs I couldn't pick my favorite of that album – let alone their entire catalog. Same for Help! I was going to say I've Just Seen a Face instead of the crowd favorite Yesterday, but then I remembered Ticket to Ride. Still my vote off of Help! is You've Got to Hide Your Love Away. #HEY!
John: I was a hard-core Beatles fan for several years in my early teens. During this time I made the regrettable though not uncharacteristic choice to have a Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band belt buckle as part of my daily wardrobe. This is not meant to elicit pity or rage, but rather to show the depth of my Beatles fandom. As such, I agree that picking one song is next-to-impossible. When asked, I selected "Help." There are many others that come close, but even with time to reconsider that's not a horrible choice.
Kamal from San Francisco, CA:
John, with Fowler being injured and Clemons missing all of the voluntary portion of the offseason, I was surprised that I didn't hear Andre Branch's name as standing out or making the most of his opportunity. I know he was injured much of last year, but in his healthy moments looked like he was finally starting to make an impact from the LEO position. Should we be concerned that his name wasn't being mentioned as often by coaches and observers during OTAs and minicamps? Do you believe he will challenge Clemons for starting snaps, especially given the age difference between the players?
John: It's the offseason. There's a limit to how much of a push a pass-rushing defensive end is going to make. The nature of organized team activities and minicamps is such that pass rushers or any sort of a one-on-one situation between linemen is going to be very limited in scope. Because of that, defensive players and even defensive linemen aren't going to draw too, too much praise or raise much concern during the spring. I believe Branch will get every opportunity in training camp and – if healthy – I believe he'll be a factor next season.
Trevor from Jacksonville:
When I first heard about Jaxson de Ville hanging up the fur, I was pretty sad. Then I was excited because I thought this was my big chance. After all, I'm a huge Jags fan, and I hate my current job. Then I remembered that time last year I saw Jaxson at the Bold City Brigade tailgate spot, standing on top of a chain link fence, with two Jaguars flags in hand, getting the crowd absolutely hyped. Literally standing on top of a chain link fence, perfectly balanced, in full mascot regalia. Whoever takes his place not only needs to be hilarious, charismatic, ballsy, and original, but extremely athletic too. Golf skills wouldn't hurt either. Unfortunately, I'm not qualified.
John: Yeah, except for the hilarious, charismatic, ballsy, original, extremely athletic part, I'm pretty qualified, too.

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