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O-Zone: Head over heels

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Ryan from Jacksonville:
It happened. We got the guy we all hoped for and wanted since this whole draft thing started. Awesome.
John: Well, well, well … and welcome to the Jalen-is-a-Jaguar inbox – and it indeed is a happy morning in Jaguarland. Florida State cornerback/safety Jalen Ramsey to the Jaguars at No. 5 overall in the 2016 NFL Draft was an overwhelmingly popular selection. He seems that rare combination of popular, easy and correct choice. He's an elite talent; the fit was right. And the energy and excitement around the organization Thursday night were real. General Manager David Caldwell's excitement was real, and Head Coach Gus Bradley – well, he's always excited, but his excitement Thursday was really real. The excitement of the fans at the draft party was real, too; you couldn't fake those cheers. There are no guarantees when it comes to the NFL Draft, but yeah … this felt special.
Chase from Fayetteville, NC:
Honestly, John … were you surprised Jalen Ramey was there at No. 5?
John: As I told my colleague, J.P. Shadrick, on Thursday, "If I had woken up with my head sewn to the carpet I wouldn't have been more surprised."
Alan from Jacksonville:
What a first round! Jalen Ramsey? If we trade up to get Myles Jack this would be the greatest 1-2 punch draft ever.
John: This was a common topic among readers late Thursday night with Myles Jack slipping to the second round. The Jaguars liked the UCLA linebacker a lot before the draft. They considered him strongly at No. 5. He's an elite-level talent and he's only available in Round 2 because of long-term concerns about his knee. If you're asking if there's a chance the Jaguars take him if he's there at No. 38 … yeah, I'd say there's a good chance. I don't know that they'll trade up because there appear to be a lot of good players left on the board, but it's fair to say Jack probably will be a strong consideration early in the second round for the Jaguars.
Scott from Aurora, IL:
How is Myles Jack still available?! Go get him! It's a worthwhile risk at this point, in my humble opinion. I'd have been perfectly OK with him at No. 5.
John: OK.
Trevor from Jacksonville:
Is it fair to say Dave Caldwell has likely got the No. 1 player on his draft board for the last four years? Unless he really wanted Eric Fisher or Joey Bosa (which I doubt, but we'll never know), I think he's fared pretty well as far as first rounds go. I'm hyped about this year and even more about the future.
John: My understanding is Caldwell liked Luke Joeckel over Fisher in 2013, and you're right: we may never know for absolute certain if Caldwell liked Bosa or Ramsey more this year. I got the impression Caldwell would have been happy either way this year with either Bosa or Ramsey, and he maybe, maybe, maybe would have taken Ramsey had the Jaguars been selecting No. 3. I don't think he thought he could have gone wrong either way.
mERICcle from MiracleVille:
A no-brainer selection, yet the Jaguars still take forever to get to the podium.
John: I'm going to assume you're kidding or being sarcastic or some weird combination of the two. Because if we're really criticizing the Jaguars for taking too long to make the Jalen Ramsey selection then we're truly off the rails. The Jaguars called Ramsey within minutes after Dallas' selection at No. 4 and … ah, never mind. I'm not doing this. Not today.
Sandro from El Paso, TX:
Great pick! Did Ramsey just become our No. 1 corner?
John: No. But the secondary as a whole got a whole lot better and the Jaguars got a player who became the most athletic player in the secondary. That's a good start.
Mike from Des Moines, IA:
Ramsey is talented. I think he can be a Pro-Bowl level player. It seems like a sure thing he will be playing corner this year. Do you think he will move to free safety a couple years down the line?
John: Ramsey absolutely will start out at corner. Caldwell and Bradley said as much Thursday night. But while Ramsey is versatile, the Jaguars want to give him a chance to learn cornerback before moving him around. As far as the long-term ... sure, it's possible Ramsey could play safety eventually. He was considered the best player in the draft at the position.
Jason from Jacksonville and Section 140:
John, one word: Awesome!
John: You're right. That is one word.
Tudor from St. Augustine, FL:
How is Ramsey slightly a surprise? Dude seemed to have been the highest-level talent at that slot. Caldwell did the wisest thing, I think - select purely on best available player. If the injury bug doesn't hit this team, watch out.
John: The only surprise involving Jalen Ramsey in the 2016 NFL Draft was that he lasted until the No. 5 overall selection. The Jaguars taking him once he was there was in no way a surprise.
Grant from Jacksonville:
John: It's not impossible.
Johnny from Jax:
Is Dante Fowler's knee fully healthy yet or needs a couple more months?
John: Fowler has been cleared to participate in the team's offseason program. The team will be cautious with him in his return, as is pretty much standard in the NFL for players returning from a serious injury.
Fred from Naples, FL:
Mercifully this is all coming to an end ... I cannot take it anymore.
John: I hope you're talking about the draft.
Shaun from Jacksonville:
If Kelvin Taylor is available when the Jags are picking in Round 7, can they pass on him as a change-of-pace back? Will Jags fan forgive the team if they do?
John: The Jaguars obviously can pass on Kelvin Taylor, though I don't know that they would do so. And yes – I think Jaguars fans would understand not taking Taylor. I think he has a chance to be a good player, but I haven't sensed any angst regarding his selection on the part of the fans.
Kyle from Ohio:
John: What?
Mark from Archer, FL:
I cannot believe Ramsey fell to us. So here is a hypothetical situation: why not forget about having a strong safety and play two free safeties? Lock down the back half of the field every game with Ramsey and Tashaun Gipson. Would a team ever do that on a regular basis? It just seems like with the NFL becoming so pass-happy maybe the need for a strong and free safety is dwindling so why not have two free safeties instead?
John: I mentioned this is a possibility a few weeks back, but I don't see it happening as a base of the defense. The Jaguars are going to start Ramsey out at corner because they want him to get that position down before moving him around. As far as teams playing two free safeties, remember: teams sort of already commonly do something similar in passing situations when they put a nickel corner on the field. That's a role Ramsey could also play so in a sense you might see your concept in play a lot.
Preston from Oakville, CT:
O-Man, do GMs create "mock drafts" of their own based on their board and other teams' needs? I would think a general manager's thought process is based on what he thinks will happen before his pick, but if things change his thinking will likely change, wouldn't it?
John: Yes, general managers absolutely do mock drafts before the draft. They usually involve scouts and other personnel people projecting various scenarios with the idea of preparing for what could occur on draft night.
Kyle from Ohio:
If you're Myles Jack, why would you admit that your knee has degenerative issues and you may only last three years right before the draft?
John: I do not have a good answer to this question.
Mike from Des Moines, IA:
How is the trip to Chi-town? Take in any Cubs games? Wrigley Field has awesome bathrooms. Dozens of guys standing around a giant tub, relieving themselves whilst trying to not make eye contact (impossible). It gets better the warmer the temperature gets; it gets the aromas wafting. What do you think of Wrigley? #EyeContact
John: I actually didn't go to Chicago because most of the story around a team when it comes to the draft happens at its own facility. But from everything you describe … yeah, I'm sorry I missed the trip. Sexton went, though. I hope he went to Wrigley.
The third from Boston:
Happiest ozone ever?!
John: It's up there.

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