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O-Zone: Hmmmm...

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Brooks from Dallas, TX:
O-Man, what do you make of the report that Justin Blackmon has voluntarily checked into rehab? I think that if he were to return, with Bortles and the other young receivers the Jags could have a scary good offense in a few years.
John: The report Wednesday that Blackmon had voluntarily checked into a treatment facility and is doing well is indeed good news. It's also what the Jaguars have hoped would happen throughout Blackmon's off-field issues. Their approach remains as it has been since essentially last November when he was suspended indefinitely – that they hope the best for Blackmon as a person and support him any way possible. They clearly have moved forward in planning and building as if Blackmon won't be on the roster, but they never closed the door to the possibility of a return if circumstances dictated it appropriate. And yes, Blackmon is absolutely a talent that could help the Jaguars' offense be very good.
SMH from Jacksonville:
TRADE EVERYONE. NOW. Except Bortles.
John: On it.
Alday from Blountstown, FL:
I know I am alone in this, but the offensive line is improving and the running game is improving. We have to find a way to get more rushing attempts to get more yards per carry; that I'm sure will come now that defenses have to account for Blake Bortles (We got the right guy). The defense is three plays away from being middle of the road and that's all we is on and I am jacked!!!! Tell the backbenchers to keep the faith and don't panic!! #gottawearshades
John: Your enthusiasm is admirable and your assessments have a chance to be right. There are 12 games left in this season, and it's important this offense stay healthy enough to make the strides it appears it can make. I don't have my sunglasses on yet, but if Bortles keeps playing this way and these young players develop, I may start squinting soon.
Chris from Northampton, England:
With the team being 0-4 does it surprise you the team is turning the roster over almost as much as last year?
John: I can't say I anticipated the release of Cameron Bradfield or Winston Guy, Jr., before the season, but considering how the pair played, it made sense. And this doesn't feel like last year. Last season the moves were about bringing in players to gradually increase the talent level of the bottom of the roster. It was about casting wide net in an effort to be better overall by the end of the season than the beginning. Releasing Bradfield and Guy was strictly about performance and a sign that in professional football you simply must perform at the level needed to compete.
Ron from Orlando, FL:
Did you miss the stat of the day on Sunday's CBS broadcast? The Jags have given up the most points through four games since 1961. This is the result of the rebuilt "full rebuild."
John: Yes, it is. And the results from here on out will show how that full rebuild does as players mature and more pieces get added.
April from Pooler, GA:
I got a gun to your head and you have to pick the over/under for Antonio Brown for receiving yards this Sunday. The number is 132 yards. What way you going with your life on the line?
John: I wish you would put the gun down, first of all. I'd say the under because I think you'll see some improvement based on the emphasis that's sure to be put on coverage this week. But it wouldn't be tragic if Brown goes for that amount of yardage. A No. 1 wide receiver in the NFL often is going to get to that range. It's letting the second or third receivers go off that leads to meltdowns.
Tom from St. Augustine, FL:
How confident are the people in the building that Mr. Khan will have the patience for a 4-5 year rebuild? Can we say Fulham?
John: It depends on the progress shown in the meantime. I'd say pretty significant progress/building must take place by the middle or end of Year 3. We're not there yet.
Scott from Honolulu, HI:
I grew up a Cowboy fan watching Tony Dorsett, Herschel and Emmitt. Then I became a Jags fan and watched Fred and Mojo. So I am a little spoiled to the special ones.
John: Sounds like it.
Bob from Walterboro, NC:
I've never seen an NFL team have three starters on opening day (Brewster, Bradfield, Guy) no longer even on the roster because of poor play by Week 4. Have you?
John: I haven't and neither have you. Mike Brewster wasn't the starting center in Week 1 and Cameron Bradfield would have been a backup in Week 1 had Austin Pasztor not been injured.
Kevin from Sault Ste Marie, ON, Canada:
Looking ahead, October's schedule doesn't look as difficult as what the Jags just went through in September. I'm thinking 2-2 seems like a reasonable goal, with 3-1 being very optimistic; what say you?
John: I'd say that seems reasonable, yes.
Dennis from Port St. Lucie, FL:
Come on, man! Get rid of the square table on Jags of the Round Table. It is hard enough defending our team, now we have to try explain a square table on Jags of the Round Table to friends that cheer for other teams. We don't need to turn every aspect of the franchise into a joke!
John: Way to see the details, Dennis. #DTWD
Daniel from Dallas, TX:
John, are you really surprised with the troubles in the secondary? Any decent quarterback this secondary has played in the last few years has been a nightmare for this team. The wins and closer games have all come against bottom-tier quarterbacks.
John: I'm not surprised there have been troubles. I'm surprised the secondary isn't at least a little improved from last season, and I'm surprised the struggles have been to this degree. I'm surprised Dwayne Gratz didn't play a little better than he has, and I'm surprised receivers have been running so open. So, yeah, I'm surprised.
Bobby from Salt Lake City, UT:
So I'm just going to throw this out there and see what you think. Ever since the first drive of the Eagles game, it seems like the name "Chris Clemons" has not really been called at all. Maybe here or there but he disappears during the game. Bradley has shown the last couple games (Bradfield, Reynolds, Guy, Brewster) that if you don't do your job he will put someone in that will. What's the chances that Andre Branch starts for Clemons and have Chris come off the bench? Branch has been playing much better. Also how come we don't see a lot of Tyson Alualu?
John: The Jaguars' defensive front overall has played better than OK more often than not this season. While there could be more consistency and production in spots – Clemons included – I don't know that that's where a change in rotation or starting role is going to happen any time soon.
Jason from Duval:
John, what do you foresee the free-agent period looking like for the Jags next year?
John: Busy, pricey and productive.
Scott from Section 137 and Ponte Vedra, FL:
You talk about the draft and develop process; however, a large portion of our draft picks are mediocre or just roster fillers. When do we start drafting elite talent at skilled positions? If not, then you need to take your chances in free agency. I am afraid we are just spinning our wheels and I am beginning to question why I should continue to be a season-ticket holder. Please tell me where I am wrong or when things will start looking upward? Thanks.
John: I understand the frustration with losing and your other points, but the gist of your email is about a large portion of the Jaguars' draft picks being mediocre. I'd say it's far too early to make that assessment about the last two draft classes, and I'd say particularly when it comes to the 2014 class there is quite a bit of early evidence to the contrary. I can't control how you feel about the process, but remember: rookies and young players aren't finished products. They just aren't. As for looking upward, I'm of the belief that if Blake Bortles as good is as he has looked, things are already doing just that. But that's just me.
Quinn from Tampa, FL:
If the defense struggles this week against the Steelers do you foresee Bradley taking over play calling for that unit in the future?
John: I wouldn't necessarily rule that out, although that would depend on where Bradley believes the issue lies. If it is a matter of players not executing assignments there would be no reason to take over play-calling duties. If it is scheme or defensive play-calls, then a change in play-caller makes sense.
Al from Kingsland, GA:
Sunday's game against San Diego proved Henne should be the starter and Bortles should be in on the sidelines in learning mode this season as the coaching staff originally envisioned.
John: Wait! What?

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