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O-Zone: Identity crisis

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Captain Cameron from The O-Zone:
What is DeAndre Coleman's weight? The Jags' website has him at 255 pounds, but that seems very low for a guy his size. ESPN has him at 315, but that is from the Combine. Can you help me out? Thanks!
John: This is not just a good question; this is a great question. Nay, it is a great, great question and while I have been accused by some sometimes of only answering stupid, silly questions, I believe in answering great, great questions. So, if I had the answer I'd darned sure tell you, but you're right that our site has him at 255 and you're right that ESPN has him listed at 315. Where I come from, that's considered a big difference. My guess is it's closer to 315 and that we are in error. I'll find out.
Dave from Jacksonville:
I wanna know more of what Hays thinks. After all, he's the only reporter for pretty much any local media outlet and certainly nationally that predicted the Blake Bortles pick. And with that, when does he expect us to win our second Super Bowl? Oh yeah, I guess ask him who we beat in the first one too. Thanks.
John: Hays Carylon is a genius. I envy essentially everything about him. He loves great questions.
Kent from Jacksonville's Westside:
It's pretty amazing that nearly 2,000 people showed up to watch the Jaguars practice in shorts. It shows: a, our city loves football; and b, Dave Caldwell has done an amazing job putting together a team worth getting behind. Thank you Mr. Khan, Mr. Caldwell and Mr. Bradley for bringing "that feeling" back to our team!!
John: You're referencing Thursday's organized team activities practice, an event that drew 1,787 fans to the Florida Blue Health and Wellness practice fields – and you're right, it was notable. It means that more than 10,000 fans have attended the team's three open practices this offseason, and more than just numbers, there has been an energy, excitement and enthusiasm at all three. It is, frankly, neat to see and it's safe to say those who have attended can't help feel it. There's no question it reflects your points. This city does love football, and Khan, Bradley and Caldwell have infused an exciting feeling back in this organization in a very short time.
Chad from Jacksonville:
How big is DeAndre Coleman, our UDFA defensive tackle? has him as 255. That's wrong. ESPN has him at 315. That's not updated. So how much does he weigh?
John: Good question.
Keith from Jacksonville:
I had the Mattel Electronic Football IIA (with the passing) as a teen. I LOVED it and played for hours. Fast forward to 2014, I am in the process of cleaning out our old house after dad's passing last fall. I am now going to specifically look for it as I go through stuff. Thanks for the nice memory.
John: Here's how good the game was. I rarely worked for anything when I was young, and I probably saved less, but I babysat and saved the money for that game. I think it cost $30 or so, a goal I reached in early December – of 1980s, perhaps? I insisted on buying the game immediately, angering my mother who unbeknownst to me had bought it for me for Christmas. I forget the details, but I recall pouting my way into keeping the game I bought and having her return the one she bought. I obviously overcame a dramatic, difficult upbringing fraught with obstacles and symbolic crises, but hey! I got that game when I wanted it.
Kevin from Jacksonville:
I see you are the senior writer. You the only writer
John: Thanks, Kevin.
Coydog from Jacksonville:
Is that it for OTAs that are open to the public? Really loved getting out there to see this new team and want to see more.
John: Thursday's was the last 2014 OTA open to the public, but fear not, young Coydog: your opportunities to see this team this offseason have not come to an end. Minicamp practices are essentially the same as OTA practices, and the first two days of the team's June 17-19 minicamp are open to the public.
El Hoffe from Jacksonville:
I know it's tough to tell without pads, but how does the O-Zone look in comparison to last years? That's what is going to cause this team to sink or swim in my equally unimportant opinion.
John: The O-Zone has maintained its usual level of consistency. Sorry.
Daniel from Gainesville:
As I see the Henne situation, there are two possible outcomes. One, Henne has a very good season and pushes for the playoffs. Two, he plays consistently well and we show moderate improvement over last season. Either way is a good situation for Henne. In Case One (unless it's a deep playoff run), Henne earns respect around the league and puts himself in a position to start for a team next year via trade. In Case 2, he remains the backup behind Bortles for the foreseeable future and retires comfortably in Jacksonville or can find a starting gig once he hits free agency. Either way I am impressed with his demeanor and approach and I can't wait to see what he can do this season.
John: The Jaguars and Henne certainly like your outlook, because those are the two positive scenarios. And while another scenario is that he doesn't play well at all, the Jaguars don't expect that. Henne thus far in organized team activities has looked better than he has in past offseason work with the Jaguars and he appears to be taking ownership of the position as Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley and offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch hoped. There probably isn't a scenario in which Henne is the starter in Jacksonville long-term. At the same time, there isn't one in which him playing well hurts his future, either.
Brian from Ponte Vedra, FL:
Having your O-Zone question answered is like a base hit. Having your question answered last and therefore part of the O-Zone title is like a walk-off home run! I dig baseball analogies.
John: Strike three. You're out.
Mike from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
O-Man, What happens first? Eighteen-game game season or expanded playoffs? Will we eventually see both?
John: I think expanded playoffs will happen first, because you can do it without adding as many games – and thus, minimize injuries – and still increase revenue. I think an 18-game season will get a lot of push-back from the NFL Players Association for a long time, though I think eventually you'll see an 18-game season.
Manuel from Jacksonville, FL:
What's the situation at tight end? I don't think we have the depth we need there. Apart from Marcedes, who else has more chances of making the team and how have they looked during OTAs?
John: The Jaguars' tight end situation appears strong, particularly at the starting level. Marcedes Lewis is one of the Jaguars' strongest starters, and Clay Harbor – after showing potential as a move tight end – has recovered from a significant ankle injury late last season and is working full in OTAs. But you're right about the depth. Behind Harbor and Lewis are first-year veteran Brandon Barden and rookie free agents Marcel Jensen and Reggie Jordan. At 6-feet-6, 270 pounds, Jensen has the size to be a blocking tight end, but the Jaguars need to find depth from that trio. It wouldn't be shocking to see the Jaguars add a released player at this position before the start of the season.
John from Jacksonville:
John: Just remind all of those worried about injuries that your least favorite left tackle in team history missed the first few games of his first season, but everything turned out just fine.
John: You just did.
Redmond from Jacksonville, FL:
A lot of fans seem to believe Telvin Smith will start over Dekoda Watson at the new Otto position. I am not one of them. I believe Smith needs a year to put on weight and adjust. If you had to guess the starting linebackers, who would they be in your correct professional opinion?
John: I'd be very surprised if Smith start over Watson next season, though I wouldn't be surprised if Smith eventually developed into a starter. While Smith has special speed, the Jaguars like what they believe Watson can bring to the Otto in terms of being able to both hold the edge and rush the passer. Fans correctly are excited about Smith's potential, but as you mentioned, most rookies – especially those drafted after the second or third round – need time to develop, so it would be surprising if Smith were ready to start ahead of Watson. As for the starters: Watson, Posluszny and Hayes. Anything else would be surprising.
Jonathan from Orange Park, FL:
I was finally able to shake the hand of the Great Oehser himself at the OTA last Thursday. Appreciate everything that you do on this site.
John: That wasn't me.

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