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O-Zone: JP and friends

JACKSONVILLE -- Let's get to it . . . John from Jacksonville:
I hope we go hoarse chanting Move the Chains, Move the Chains, Move the Chains, YEAH! Something will have to be done about the quarterback position for that to happen. MJD will need a backup; Cedric Benson is still out there!
John: Well, John, once again you have covered a wide variety of topics in your, um . . . unique way. By the way, you sound familiar. Have you a twin? A brother, per chance? Hmmmm. Yes, the Jaguars need to improve at quarterback for a lot of things to happen this season. That's a given, and the feeling around the Jaguars is they will be improved in that area. Stay tuned. As far as Cedric Benson, I don't see the Jaguars making a move for a backup running back right now. If Maurice Jones-Drew shows health issues during training camp, then that answer probably changes.
Bonnie from Jacksonville:
I got a present on Coach Bradley's birthday . . . my season tickets came in the mail!! My mail carrier got better today!!
John: Sounds like a lot of people did.
Jared from Jacksonville:
Hey John, two questions: Is this Daytona game I've read about supposed to be a home game or an away game? Next, with Denard Robinson being named an offensive weapon how would that translate into fantasy football – not likely to draft, but maybe a waiver if he works out – as far as position?
John: Tap your foot on the brakes, Jared, because we need to slow down just a touch. All right . . . good . . . there. The Daytona game you've read about is still something that's years away – if it happens at all. Daytona International Speedway is undergoing a $400 million renovation, and there are reports that officials would like to host Jaguars, Florida and Florida State football games. That's an intriguing idea. The capacity at Superspeedways such as Daytona would make for a mammoth event on a scale that few venues could match. At the same time, at this stage it's only the seedlings of an idea and it's unclear how it would fit with the Jaguars' long-term plans. As far as Robinson's fantasy value or position or translation, he's a weapon . . . I'm not sure where he fits into your fantasy, but I'll let you hash that out.
Patrick from Jacksonville:
Why twelve?
John: Because it seems like every Soccer Mom and their sisters are naming their kid "nine" these days.
Brooks from Jacksonville:
John, we've been hearing all offseason that you think Gabbert will start this season. But do you think he will finish the season (barring injury, of course) and more importantly, do you think he will be the guy after this season?
John: Honestly, I have no idea – and I spent some time thinking about that before I offered up that wishy-washy answer. I do believe Gabbert will start the regular season, and if you look at how he played just before injury ended his season last season there's reason to believe he will be better this season than he was during his first season and a half. He was significantly better and more consistent in his final three games then he had been before that. What I don't know how to predict is whether that improvement will continue. While Gabbert was better shortly before he got hurt, he certainly wasn't good enough, and frankly, nothing in his body of work on the field indicates a huge jump this season. Having said that, the same can be said of several quarterbacks – Eli Manning and Drew Brees among them – who have struggled to start their careers before reaching elite status. I'm 50-50 on whether or not Gabbert will be the guy moving forward, but I don't think there will be much of a doubt by season's end.
Hunter from Orlando, FL:
Tim from Jacksonville has me seriously concerned. Do you think Jedd Fisch was aware of the "Move Those Chains" chant when he designed the offense? Is this what also brought down last year's offense? Would it be a breach of your journalistic impartiality to convey this troubling message to Fisch? Help us Obi Wan, you're our only hope.
John: You'll be relieved to know I took immediate action on this. Casting aside my journalist hat (it's yellow, with a long brim and says, 'Riter' on the back so I can turn it backward like a rapper), I called Fisch, and getting no answer – read: he has caller ID – I emailed him. Then, just to be safe, I texted him and told him the issue, that the Jaguars' offense in years past has been curtailed by the "Move the Chains" chant, and that he needed to do something, anything, to account for this in his game planning. I waited patiently for a response, and four minutes later, texted the same message. I did this passionately and persistently for upwards of three hours Friday afternoon while watching "Real Housewives of New Jersey" and blinding myself on boxed wine and Hickory Farms cheese and sausage. When the box was gone, I still had received no answer. Worried, and with the family out of town, I dug a bottle of cooking wine from the "pots" cabinet, and settled into a pattern of texting Jedd messages such as "U OK?," " 'sup?" "text back if u get this . . ." and "are we not friends anymore/how culd u do this 2 me?" every 10 minutes or so (OK, every five minutes). I'll let you know when I hear back.
Stephen from Abiquiu:
John, re: debbie's email... first of all Hahaha! I love your sarcasm, man. Second of all, I have no freakin' idea what you do or how you do it but I know you do it well... why? Cause I keep comin' back. Any way you can start buggin us about how we do our jobs while we're at work? If life was fair....
John: I have no idea what I'm doing, either. That seems pretty obvious by this point.
IHOP Joe from a DVR Recording Because I Work Every Sunday:
What hurts us most are untimely penalties that kill our offensive momentum. I remember a few occasions where MJD, after breaking through the line up the middle, would lower his helmet and bulldoze a safety. I guess my question is with concern: how far out from the line of scrimmage (between the tackles) can a ball carrier lower the crown of their helmet? My concern is that this is MJD's instinct as a running back (as with many others) and will be hard to change.
John: The rule states that a running back delivering a blow with the helmet outside the tackle box – OR more than three downfield – will be assessed with a 15-yard penalty. I think your concern is valid in the short term, and that for a while this season runners will find it difficult to not lead with the crown. As time goes on, proponents of the rule believe that runners will be able to adapt and lead with their shoulders as effectively as they led dangerously with their heads in the past.
Bryan Jacksonville:
Tell us the story of J.P. Shadrick. He has burst on the scene, grabbed hold of its collars and given a gentle, friendly shake. If he was masked, I'd ask "who is that masked man"
John: Details of Shadrick's past are equal parts blurry, shady and disturbing. Legend is when he returned to Jacksonville last year, he arrived by Greyhound on a foggy, late June night wearing a gray beret and a crisp, lime tuxedo jacket; duffel bag in one hand, single white rose in the other. We don't know significantly more than that, and have been told it unwise to too many questions.
Manning from Calgary, AB:
Despite living as far from the team as I do now, I still try to make at least one game a year. This year I'll be doing at least two. @ OAK and @ SEA. I like to consider myself the Northwest's largest Jags fan, so expect to see at least one crazy guy dressed head to toe in teal, with a Jaguar foam head, comically oversized plush claw hands, a cape and a giant "TWELFTH MAN" sign sitting at the 50-yard line at both games. I don't know if Mr. Khan has the budget to fly senior writers across the country or not, but I'll wave if I happen see you. I guess this wasn't really a question, just felt like letting some of my pride out. I love this team, regardless of success or lack thereof and will always continue to bleed Teal & Gold.
John: I haven't checked with Khan on the budget, but I'll check with him on sending Shadrick to your two games. Considering the details of your wardrobe, it sounds as if you and he will be fast friends.

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