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O-Zone Late Night: Fair point

JACKSONVILLE – The Jaguars lost 31-25 to the San Diego Chargers at EverBank Field Sunday. This one hurt. This one felt like it would be different. This one probably could have and should have been different. Ah, well.

Let's get to it …

Jeff from Rutland, MA:
I'm beginning to think our red-zone offense is a bigger problem than our pass rush. The lost points can quickly add up to lost games. If you could fix just one of those issues today, which would you pick?
John: I'd definitely fix the Jaguars' red-zone offense in your scenario because it was so obviously the overwhelming storyline of the day. In fact, I'm hard-pressed to remember a loss so defined by one statistic. The Chargers scored four touchdowns on five red-zone trips; the Jaguars, one touchdown on four red-zone trips. Sometimes you watch an NFL game and you just know when one team is kicking field goals early that it's going to come back to bite them. The game epitomized that. If you reverse the team's performances in the red zone you reverse the outcome – and the Jaguars probably outplayed the Chargers except for plays close to the goal line. The thing about those red-zone plays is they matter. A lot.
Dane from Jacksonville:
Really hard to see Allen Hurns go down like that. Here's to hoping he is okay and makes a speedy recovery.
John: No doubt. Jaguar's wide receiver Allen Hurns was taken from the field on a stretcher after sustaining a concussion late in the game. He gave a "thumbs up" signal to the crowd. Better news than that was that while he was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure he was released soon after the game. That's good news. Here's wishing him the best.
Brian from Section 238:
Our red-zone offense is like watching Treon Harris. Ugly, John. Ugly.
John: That's not very nice, but the red-zone offense Sunday? Yeah, tough to watch.
Renee from Duval:
Okay, John: What is the rule on an onside kick and knocking it out of bounds? Not familiar with it, so can you enlightened me?
John: It is against NFL rules to bat or punch a loose ball in the field of play toward the opponent's goal line. In the case of the Chargers batting the Jaguars' onside kick out of bounds late in the fourth quarter, officials ruled that the ball was batted laterally by Chargers tight end David Johnson and therefore legal.
AJ from Section 214:
Can we please stop this playoff-talk CRAP until we are able to score a touchdown in the red zone and not have all of these defensive offside at a HOME game? Just saying...
John: That thing you were "just saying" … you make a valid point.
Bob from Fort Bliss:
Blake Bortles has to lead the league in interceptions. He needs to go. For every touchdown he throws, he throws one interception. You can't win games like that. How do you throw two illegal forward passes in one game? Unbelievable.
John: If you're waiting for the Jaguars to give up on Bortles, you're going to wait a long time. As for the interception, it hurt, but I didn't find it all that maddening. It looked like Manti Te'o made a good play on the ball and it looked like the sort of interception that's going to happen from time to time. It didn't seem as if Bortles saw him, and while that's not good, it wasn't as if Bortles just made a poor decision. Now, as far the red zone, he didn't have his best game there Sunday. He checked away from multiple running plays to T.J. Yeldon and looked a touch indecisive on the plays when he passed beyond the line of scrimmage. As far as how you do that twice in a game … yeah, I got nothing.
Steven from Denton, TX:
Paul Poz one-on-one with Stevie Johnson. Yeah, that's coaching. Rivers is money. Jaguars are broke.
John: A play that has Posluszny one on one with a receiver is indeed usually doomed, as is a scheme that has defensive end Ryan Davis in coverage on Chargers tight end Antonio Gates. The first cost the Jaguars a second-half touchdown and the second helped set up a first-half touchdown.
James from Pensacola, FL:
Trying to get the coveted first question of the game here: watching the first drive and stunned at how well they moved the ball, only to sputter out at the end. You called it on Ten Things this week. Also, whoever asked for T.J. Yeldon to get involved in the passing game got their wish. He's going to be something special.
John: As far as the first question … well, you got it. It was a giddy, fun question. It was sort of a giddy, fun start to the game. That was cool. I liked it. While it lasted.
Cade from Orlando, FL:
A pretty good amount of stuff did not go right for the Jags, but it's pretty easy to say that if you turn field goals into touchdowns in the red zone there is a different outcome. Fair enough?
John: Yes. That's fair.

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