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O-Zone Late Night: Still 2015

NEW ORLEANS – Well. Well, well, well, well, well …

Let's get to it …

Neil from Gloucester, UK:
Sir John of Oehser: The Jags are assembling some great talent. Whilst Gus is without doubt a great person, he has shown he is not good enough to be a head coach at this level. Sad, but we need a new man at the helm.
John: This as would be expected is an opinion being heard more and more. It was being heard a lot in recent weeks, and after a 38-27 loss to the New Orleans Saints Sunday, the voices voicing that opinion understandable have grown louder. I've written often that I don't think there will be a head coaching change after this season. I still don't, although as I wrote in a View from the O-Zone early this evening – a double-digit loss to ensure a double-digit loss season is not remotely what the Jaguars wanted from Sunday. Jaguars Owner Shad Khan doesn't make quick-trigger decisions and he won't make a long-term decision based on Sunday's loss. I don't pretend to know what Khan is thinking on this matter. The season will play out and there is a week remaining. There will be noise, and it remains to be seen what happens at season's end.
Tommy from Corona, CA:
This defense is terrible.... I am tired of making excuses for them: 2nd-and-21, a 71-yard touchdown???
John: I frankly lost track of things in the avalanche that was the Saints' first-half offense and can't remember the coveted first email of the game. Probably this was not it. But this was sent in the first quarter, so hey – maybe it's close enough. It was very accurate at the time, and stayed pretty accurate throughout.
Miguel from Section 145 and Duuuvvvall!!!:
With Drew Brees playing I did not expect a win but with the Saints' defense I expected more from the Jaguars' offense. Very disappointing.
John: It was disappointing – and the Jaguars were disappointed in that area, too, particularly in the first half. You knew entering the game the Jaguars couldn't afford the sort of slow starts that have plagued them most of the season. The Saints typically start fast, and that's particularly true when they're at home. The Saints did start fast and the Jaguars couldn't match it. By the time the Jaguars' offense started moving and scoring it was uphill enough that it was never realistically close. I don't know that it would have mattered in terms of outcome because I don't know that the Jaguars' defense could have gotten the Saints' offense off the field enough, but it certainly kept the game from being the true "shootout" many were expecting.
Chas from Crescent City, FL:
Dear Santa ... I realize Christmas just came, but could you kindly come back in the spring and deliver some presents full of defensive players that can perform? Oh, and tell your new elf, O-Man, he's doing a good job ... as you know he's a strange elf, but he covers the Jags very well. Again, bring us an early defensive-filled Christmas!
John: I don't know that Santa's listening – if he is, then why didn't I get that sweet bike I wanted? General Manager David Caldwell and the Jaguars' front office know defense is an offseason priority. They have known this for some time. Enormous draft equity has been spent in the last two off-seasons on offense. I expect similar equity to be spent on defense in the coming off-seasons.
Mark from Crescent Beach, FL:
We need new safeties, new corners, new linebackers, new defensive ends, new defensive tackles … well, thats a whole new defense. We will have to spend through free agency and not miss on anybody. If Gus and Dave don't go this year, it will be next year. You cannot fix this mess of a defense in one year. That is why we should start over now. David Caldwell just did not have the resume to be given such an important role! Khan is not stupid he has to see what we see week in and week out, poor players that are poorly coached. Four seats Section 104 Row U from Day 1.
John: Many of the things being said about the Jaguars' defense now were being said about the offense this time last season – and the defense is not as far off as you portray. I'm not saying it doesn't need a lot of work, but it's not as if everyone's awful. Remember, the defense for the most part has been good against the run this season. That wasn't the case Sunday, but it has been the case much of the season. Add speed and effectiveness at pass-rusher and a playmaking free safety and a lot of other things look better. That's a tiresome thing to hear because it's what I've said for a while now. That doesn't make it untrue.
Jeff from Rutland, MA:
I think Gus and the Jags have done a great job the past few weeks -- a great job in managing expectations about next year. And the dry spell continues...
John: Anger and frustration reigned Sunday, and why not? This was a tough day. The Jaguars played poorly. They hadn't done that a lot this season, but they did most of the game Sunday.
Darren from Jacksonville:
AAAARRGGHHHH!!!! Is it the 2016 season yet?
John: Hold on … no. No, it is not.

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