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O-Zone: Pretty good workout

JACKSONVILLE -- Let's get to it . . . Bryan from Alexandria, VA:
It's funny how when it seems like Mojo was looking likely to be innocent and cleared of any charges, your inbox was full of regards and "don't jump to conclusions." Yet, when the tide has shifted and it looks like he may not be as innocent as you initially implied, the O-Zone is filled with zero (0) comments or posts on this.
John: I appreciate your use of parentheses (parentheses) and your search for some deep or sinister motives (motives), Bryan. Unfortunately, there aren't any. I haven't been inclined to comment (comment) much or include many posts (posts) on Jones-Drew's situation, because I have no idea about his innocence or guilt. My sense at the beginning was this wasn't a story that would have much impact on the field next season. Could that change? Sure. Will I comment if/when it does? Absolutely (absolutely), I will.
Maggie from Annapolis, MD:
Saw your video of the O-Zone mailbag. Does Jaxson deVille know you stole his scooter? You don't want to mess with the Jaxson.
John: He knows where to find me.
Tommy from Jacksonville:
O-man, first of all: didn't MJD tell us, his adoring fans, he was going to Miami to rehab his foot? How then did he end up in St. Augustine "allegedly" to punch the security guards' lights out? I mean, it's hard for us stupid fans to understand this kind of behavior because we don't live in their lives. Can you please explain it to us?
John: I don't recall anyone saying fans were stupid, certainly not me. Jones trained that week in Miami, then evidently returned to Jacksonville for the weekend. NFL players do have access to planes and sometimes they use them to travel back and forth from locations.
John from Jacksonville:
What happens with the players during all of the gaps between the draft and regular season? For example, the gap between OTAs and mini-camp? I heard how the draft next year will have so much impact being moved two weeks back, but can't they just close one of these long time gaps without any big issue? Seems like a lot of wasted space.
John: It seems likely the league will push back the start of the offseason workout program a week or so, which would allow teams to keep the amount of time veterans and rookies work together relatively the same. The area this is going to impact most is probably time off for NFL front-office types and senior-writer types – at least those of us foolish enough to put in 40-hour weeks.
Chief Scout from Jacksonville:
Quarterback competition is really simple. No matter how well Gabbert/Henne/ANY QB performs, Caldwell will replace him when he believes he has a better option. Until then, you use the best you have.
John: Well, yes. The question this season is will Gabbert/Henne/ANY QB perform well enough for Caldwell to believe they're the best option moving forward. Time will tell.
Andrew from Orange Park, FL:
I see Pro Football Focus had a stat that Gabbert had the highest completion percentage of any QB when under pressure. This goes along the lines of if he has 0.1 seconds more to throw he is in the top half of QB's in the league. Tony Khan has all these stats, so my question is do you think analytical data is the main reason the Jaguars didn't draft QB and are willing to give him another chance to prove he's the guy?
John: Was it the MAIN reason? I don't know, because I don't know that there was a main reason. I think there were a lot of reasons. Gabbert's talent. The presence of both Henne and Gabbert on the roster. The lack of a franchise guy available at No. 2. And so on.
Dave from Jacksonville:
Can you explain the practice squad issue a little more? I asked last year and you only gave a one word answer that didn't really answer the question. I've googled it too but can't find it. You stated a practice squad pick up must remain on the roster for at least three games, yet last year we signed someone off a practice squad with only one game remaining in the season. Why did we not have to keep him the first two games this year? Is it simply because it's the end of the year and after the end of the league year everything just sort of starts over? Kinda like a contract running out?
John: Yes.
John from Jacksonville:
For Cecil, Mohamed, or Justin to produce you need someone to get the ball to them. The Jaguars still haven't made any changes to the QB position to do that. Do they plan to before September?
John: I doubt it. For now, I'd be surprised if the starting quarterback for the Jaguars isn't Chad Henne or Blaine Gabbert.
Alex from Birmingham, AL:
Not really sure why everyone decided to bring up LeBron on a Jaguars mailbag, but I thought I'd be the latest to jump on the bandwagon; any chance we see King James in a teal No. 6 jersey under center for us in the near future?
John: (Sigh)
TJ from Jacksonville:
OK, so I've been to a couple rallies now, and the coach keeps yelling, "What's your profession?" Apparently, tree man isn't the correct answer. Help me out here, O. What did you put as your answer?
John: I was in a meeting like that with Bradley and he kept yelling that. I finally stood up and shouted, "Hey, Coach, I do one heck of a Bill Clinton!!!!" He stared at me. Someone stood up and whispered in my ear. I told Bradley, "Oh, Profession! I thought you said, 'Impression!'" Then I got the heck out of there in a hurry, and went and got ice cream.
Steve from Nashville, TN:
What did Mr. Khan learn in his first year as a NFL owner that he can use this year for the betterment of the team?
John: Khan has said he learned a great deal in his first year as owner, and that he leaned on a lot of that knowledge in making his decision to change coaches and general managers shortly after the season. In terms of decisions that will help the team be better on the field, that's probably the most significant. Khan wants his general manager and head coach handling the day to day.
Christian from Orlando, FL:
I love Gus Bradley's personality. He seems to take over a room with his easy-going, confident demeanor. However, do you think he is maybe a little to "player friendly?" There doesn't seem to be a mean bone in his body. Can he be tough when necessary?
John: Bradley has admitted he struggled at first with certain parts of the NFL, especially with what he considered a lack of loyalty that became necessary when time to cut a player. He said he came to grips with this by making the commitment to coach all players as hard and well as possible, and to give players the opportunity to have quality video to show other teams. I mention this as a way of answering your question. Bradley is going to do what it takes to do the job, and if it comes time to be tough, I don't see that being an issue.
Marcus from Jacksonville:
In your honest opinion, given current rosters, is there another team in the NFL where Blaine Gabbert would be favored to start?
John: I don't know that he'd be favored, but would he have a chance in Buffalo, New York (Jets), Cleveland, Tennessee and Arizona? Yeah, I think he would. And maybe a few others.
David from the Island:
You ever notice that the teams that make the least "noise" in the offseason are the teams that make the most noise in January?
John: Yes, I have.
Tariq from Jacksonville:
I have grown tired of the claims that Gabbert has struggled because of new systems annually. Do these individuals not realize that Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, RG III, Ryan Tannehill, and every other rookie that enters the NFL all are playing in a new system?? I am in support of whoever is at the helm but he has not been effective to date and fans need to be honest with themselves.
John: You're right. No question. Some players have handled it better than others. The reality is there's not going to be an answer about Gabbert that satisfies everyone this offseason. The only answer that's going to matter is going to come in the regular season.
Nicholas from Fort Lee, VA:
As a former resident of Alaska, working out in a Speedo this time of year is not too bad. Even outside, you quickly overheat when the weather is above 50 degrees.
John: The same is true here in Jacksonville. The other day, I was jogging on Baymeadows in my Speedo. Yeah, I got a little overheated, but aside from the traffic pileup, the sirens and the fleeing, sobbing children, it was a heck of a workout.

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