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O-Zone: Same old complaints

JACKSONVILLE -- Let's get to it . . . Natty from Jacksonville:
Are Dave and Gus two of the most transparent head coaches/general managers in the league? They seem to answer questions quite honestly and with a bit more detail than I'm used to seeing.
John: David Caldwell and Gus Bradley indeed seem transparent, and they have been pretty upfront about the approach thus far. That's all within reason, of course. There always will be information football people don't want public, such as draft specifics and certain personnel moves. But Caldwell said during the draft that the Jaguars will try to be transparent with the media – and, by extension – the fans. So far, he has done that.
Mike from Jacksonville:
Is it Tebow time?
John: Huh? What? Who?
Marshall from Section 106:
There is a rumor Bill Belichick might embrace the chance to use Tebow creatively on offense at a position other than quarterback. The Patriots treasure is a motivator. That's why the Patriots are winners. Maybe the JAGS can learn from this.
John: Yes, I'm sure the Jaguars will learn a lot from a rumor that the Patriots might, maybe, possibly be considering doing something – and something that the player doesn't seem to be interested in doing, no less. The Jaguars will be all over that possibility.
Jeff from Atlantic Beach, FL:
Refusing to take a day off? You must be married with children.
John: Ya think?
Blake from Sanford, FL:
Hey John, of all the undrafted free agents which one or two do you think have the best chance making the final roster for the 2013 season?
John: My four are Matt Scott, Ryan Otten, Lonnie Pryor and T.J. Barnes. That's this "expert's" opinion, and the beauty of the undrafted process is that list probably isn't close.
Matt from Bloomington, IN:
By inserting a healthy Will Rackley, Blaine Gabbert and MJD, it seems our offense should compete at a high level. On defense, we will have rookies playing safety and at least one corner, but I feel like the coaching staff is confident those guys can compete at a high level. What I will be interested in seeing is who our third linebacker is after Allen and Poz, and who our last D-lineman is after Babin, Branch and Alualu. Your thoughts.
John: I think Geno Hayes will be the third linebacker, and I think either Sen'Derrick Marks or Roy Miller will start alongside Alualu.
Tim from Ocala, FL:
I feel for ya man, your poor inbox today...keep strong brother!
John: #standunited
Joe from Section 105:
Great work by you and the "supporting cast" on the draft, particularly the war-room videos and post-pick commentary. I understand and agree with building through the draft and needing to pick the elite positions early. My concern is we still have at least two positions that might require elite-level drafting position: pass-rushing defensive end and quarterback. Would you anticipate more "big names" in free agency next year to fill that kind of need?
John: No. I think when David Caldwell initially looked at this roster he probably saw the team needing a significant number of "impact" – i.e., starting-level, potential-core – players. Acquiring those players was probably going to be a two-to-three-year process, and within that process, he needed to acquire premium players at key positions. He got Joeckel this offseason, and now he will get an opportunity to see if players such as Blaine Gabbert or, say, Andre Branch can develop into franchise-level guys at the other two premium positions. If they do, so much the better. If not, then that's what future drafts probably will be about.
Mitch from Apopka, FL:
Hey John! How are you?
John: Great Mitch! How are you?
Mandy from Section 414 and Tallahassee, FL:
I just wanted to see if you noticed any changes in Mr. Khan from last year to this one. Does he seem to be getting into the "owner grove" of sorts? He seems to be from the outside looking in. What are your thoughts if any of the changes that you have seen in Mr. Khan over the last few years from inside the organization?
John: I don't know much Khan has changed, but I will say that if there's a grove somewhere growing billionaires, I want in, I tell ya! I WANT IIIIN!
Jensen from Huntsville, TX:
JOHN! JOHN! WAKE UP! It's time do to the Ozone!
John: What? Huh? Who?
Andy from Roswell, GA:
This was a nice draft, but we should be in wait-and-see mode. Sorry to be a wet blanket. I want to get excited, but I think back to the 2009 draft when they "fixed the receiver problem" or when they drafted Zach Miller as a TE project. By the way, I have no point. Just felt like venting for some reason. I think because it's raining here. The coverage was top-notch, though, so thanks.
John: You're not being a wet blanket. You're being honest. The draft is always "wait and see." Every team. Every year. Right now, the Jaguars' draft looks very, very good, and there's every reason to think it will be a good class. We shall see.
Roger from Augusta, GA:
Alright, seriously. Tim Tebow has been released now. Do you guys have any idea how many tickets he would sell? Do you understand how much buzz he would generate? Do you understand that he has a winning record as a starting QB in the NFL including a playoff win? Do you understand how wonderful this would be for your struggling franchise? Do you understand how much Tim Tebow is loved in his hometown of Jacksonville? Thank you.
John: You're welcome.
Tyler from Jacksonville:
Even if he is released.
John: What do you mean?
Hot Rod from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
I think Matt Scott will fit in great, and exceed expectations similar to Russell Wilson. It's also pretty funny how Jags' fans are already choosing sides for Matt Scott and Jordan Rodgers to if we no longer have Henne and Gabbert on the roster.
John: I hadn't realized fans were choosing those sides with that approach. If I had to guess, I'd say that sort of talk is very premature. Even with open competition, which there will be, there's a huge difference between an undrafted free agent (Scott) and a third-round selection (Wilson). A lot of people last offseason thought that size was the only thing keeping Wilson out of the first round; there wasn't quite that sort of buzz with Scott. This is not to discourage fans from being excited about Scott. He absolutely is a story to watch, and there were indeed some who believed he could be a mid-round selection. At the same time, but to think that he's the favorite to be starting in the fall is pretty far off.
Daniel from Jacksonville:
Do you see Bradley moving Lowery to cornerback while having Evans and Cyprien as the starting safeties?
John: No. Lowery is a safety. You need more than starters in the NFL, and if all three players are good, that's OK. It's called depth, and in the NFL, it's needed.
Sage from Orlando, FL:
Do you think some Jags fans are following a college player signed/drafted by the Jaguars that is an alumnus of the same college they attended/are attending?
John: I don't know what to think, but I know my head hurts.
Dave from Kukuoka:
Every year has its storylines, but this year's is whether Blaine is gonna be "the guy." By not drafting Barkley in the fourth round, Caldwell was saying he thinks Blaine is better. For the first time ever, Blaine has two good tackles and two quality receivers: this year is it. If it doesn't get done now then I guess we go quarterback early in the draft next year. Blaine doesn't have Boselli, Searcy, Smith and McCardell. But Monroe, Joeckel, Shorts III and Blackmon are a quality group and the best he's had so far.
John: Yes, it is the best group Gabbert has had. He has to win the job, but if he does, there seems at this point to be more around him than was the case previously. We'll see if that matters. If there's no improvement, the leash will be short.
Joni from Section 432:
Pete Prisco, in one of his post-draft radio shows, said that when he saw MJD he appeared to be 25-30 lbs heavier and looked out of shape. Obviously Maurice isn't able to run due to his injury, but have you seen him lately and is this true? Do you think MJD will show up to camp out of shape?
John: Jones-Drew is almost certainly heavier than his playing weight. Gus Bradley said as much recently – I believe it was at the NFL Owners Meetings. Jones-Drew didn't work out for about three months after foot surgery, and he certainly didn't return to Jacksonville in playing shape. That's OK, because they don't play games in March. Training camp starts in three months. The Jaguars aren't worried about Jones-Drew being in shape when it begins. His history suggests that won't be an issue.
Aaron from Fairfax, VA:
I guess Caldwell and Gus really love the SEC, taking three out of eight. I'm mean it's cool and all but did not have to go overboard.
John: Typical Jaguars fan – complaining about the team having too many SEC players. If I had a nickel . . .

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