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O-Zone: Say again?

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Roz from Fleming Island, FL:
Not a question, just a statement. The other "Mr. O" who covers this team has created such a "stir" amongst the fans. He needs to learn how to write in such a way that his opinions are opinions and not misunderstood as potential fact. The national media has "run" with this storyline as well. Re: Jags (home team) vs Green Bay Packers in London. As soon as I read it myself, I knew that it was going where it has gone.
John: You are certainly entitled to your opinion, and you're correct that Florida Times-Union Jaguars beat reporter Ryan O'Halloran's recent speculation that the Packers-Jaguars 2016 game would be in London cause quite a "stir." But I can't blame O'Halloran much on this one. He was writing an offseason Sunday "insider" piece and speculated that he believed the Jaguars' opponent in London would be Green Bay. A careful, responsible reading of what he wrote made it pretty clear that it was his opinion – not fact. That other media outlets since have reported it more strongly and incorrectly is indicative of the current media trend of stories sometimes going awry when they are rewritten and relinked. But that's not the fault of O'Halloran.
Lee from Jacksonville:
O-man, I don't care what game they play in London if it means keeping the Jags in Duval.
John: #DTWD
Redmond from Jacksonville:
In a recent video about the defensive line, Brian Sexton said Ziggy Hood was a lock for the 53-man roster while Abry Jones and Ryan Davis would be in a roster battle along with Chris Smith for the last two spots on the defensive line. I thought Ziggy would be easier to cut after the drafting of Michael Bennett – that and the fact Abry Jones is our only real backup to Roy Miller.
John: This area is fluid – and it's an area where the Jaguars must make some decisions as the regular season approaches. I agree that Jones will be a difficult cut because he is the best option as Miller's backup. At the same time, Ziggy Hood will be very difficult to release before the season because of the uncertainty around Sen'Derrick Marks as Marks returns from offseason knee surgery. You may see a scenario in which the Jaguars keep more tackles than usual until they are certain about Marks, which could make them decide whether to keep three or four Leos on the final 53-man roster.
Darrelle from NY:
It's been a while since I've emailed - miss me?
John: Sure. Go with that.
Chase from Jacksonville:
Haven't been as active on the site recently with it being the offseason and all, so I apologize if this has been covered recently, but what's Justin Blackmon's current status?
John: There is no change. He is suspended indefinitely by the NFL. The Jaguars would welcome him back if he is reinstated, but they have continued to plan their roster and acquire players as if he will not be a member of the team.
Fred from Naples, FL:
Speaking of former players living in the area, I was at Bonefish two weeks ago in Atlantic Beach and ran into Kyle Brady who makes his home there.....he looks like he could still play!
John: Do the people who own Bonefish know Kyle Brady is living there?
Greg from Jacksonville:
Hey John, I was just wondering if you have heard anything about the Jaguars maybe being interested in acquiring Reggie Wayne? I think his veteran leadership would be great for the team. What say yee?
John: I say I'd be a huge fan of this move personally. Wayne was one of the classiest, most-professional players I ever have covered and I like him and his family very much. At the same time, I'm not a big on signing a player for veteran leadership. If you think a guy can contribute on the field, sign him; if not … eh. I doubt this is a move the Jaguars make. They like their top three young receivers – Allen Hurns, Allen Robinson and Marqise Lee – very much, and they drafted Rashad Greene in the fifth round. Signing a veteran likely would mean cutting into the playing time of one of those wide receivers.
Chad from Duval:
I'd like to give a shout out to the Bold City Brigade- Birmingham chapter. I'm seeing some guys posts photos of their season tickets. Way to go, guys.
John: #DTWD
Joe from Boston, MA:
Hey John, a lot of options have been thrown around as "great" sports movies, with you agreeing. Could we get your final top-5 last?
John: I pretty much judge sports movies by whether or not I'm unable to scroll past them if I see them on television. If I can't, it's pretty good. With that as the criterion, my list looks like: 1 "Remember the Titans. 2. "North Dallas Forty". 3. "Hoosiers." 4 "League of Their Own." 5 "Friday Night Lights." And don't give me grief about "League of Their Own." See if you can keep from crying at the end when Stillwell Angel poses with his mom's picture at the Hall of Fame.
Mike from Jagsonville:
DaddyZone! DaddyZone! Are we there yet? Are we?
John: Don't make me stop this car.
Kent from Oak Harbor, WA:
Okay, so people are feeling like they'll be short-changed if the Jags-Packers game is played in London. Well, there's another fairly easy answer to the problem - go to London and see your Jags play their 'home' game against the great Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers. The football problem is solved and they would get the added advantage of getting to visit London. From what I recall of the season-ticket package when we were local and had a set, there's nothing that says you can't go see the Jags play at a different venue.
John: Sorry, Kent: I can't bring myself to respond to a question with an answer that includes "spend a whole bunch of money on international air fare, hotel rooms, food and game tickets to go see a game you wish was in Jacksonville." A game in London each year is absolutely a necessary and positive thing for this franchise, but it's certainly not reasonable to think every fan who holds season tickets could afford to go to London each season.
Paul from Jacksonville:
In some ways, we are lucky the Jaguars have been here for this long. If a better situation had existed in L.A. in 1993, we might not have remained in the race for an expansion team long enough to have been selected. Had Shad Khan not been a man of his word when he told Wayne Weaver that he would keep the team in Jacksonville, it would have been possible (I won't say "easy" because of the stadium lease agreement) to move the team elsewhere. "Trying to make an NFL franchise work" is an understatement. I understand that some are skeptical of Mr. Khan's motivations and actions, but objectively speaking I think "lucky", or perhaps "fortunate" is a good way to describe our situation here in Jacksonville.
John: I'm not going to insult this fan base by saying the people of Jacksonville are "lucky" the Jaguars are here. Too many good people have spent too much money and been too dedicated too long to say that. This town and this community without question deserve to be proud of their passion and support for the NFL and they deserve an NFL team. But yes, if you love this franchise and love football in this town there's no question that Shad Khan purchasing the Jaguars is something to appreciate.
Damon from Rockville, IN:
I'm a huge fan of Dave Caldwell and the way he does business. The staff he has brought in, the way he has structured his players contracts, and the players he has gone after are almost exactly how I would've handled things. My question is about our defensive secondary. Last year they were limited in the amount of turnovers they forced. Do you think Caldwell's philosophy will be to add more playmakers like James Sample or do you think he believes we have the right guys back there right now; we just need to develop a better pass rush to help them out?
John: I doubt you'll see a whole done on this before this season; if there were a bunch of playmakers out there they would be on someone's roster. The secondary objective is to force more interceptions this season. The maturation of Aaron Colvin and Demetrius McCray and addition of Davon House should help that area. If it doesn't, then yeah … Caldwell may look for more playmakers in the secondary. But that assessment can be made later in the season.
Tim from St. Petersburg, FL:
John: I've asked the same question different ways, but you won't answer. My question is: If I ask the same question a bunch of different ways, will you finally change your answer?
John: Can you repeat the question?

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