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O-Zone: Shoved together, oddly enough

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it . . . Sean from Jacksonville:
We technically lost our last two games, but we actually won them. The times our starters lined up against their starters, we held our own (not without a few mistakes) and came out on top after halftime. I think as long as our starters stay competitive, this preseason can be a window into where this team is headed: up.
John: You have an accurate read on the preseason – that what has happened so far can be interpreted as a good sign. What you want from preseason is to have your ones outplay the other team's ones, then you want to see quality play from your depth. The Jaguars have seen the first thing happen in the last two preseason games. The depth hasn't played nearly as well, but considering the team turned over a lot of the roster in the offseason and is trying to build with youth, that's not unusual. The offense made strides, and has played better the last two weeks than many anticipated. That's a good start.
Aaron from White Hall, AR:
If a player signs in Week 8 a one year/ $1 million contract, does he get paid that whole amount over the last part of the season or just half that amount?
John: Any contract depends on wording and guarantees, but in most scenarios the player would get paid half that amount.
Chris from Boring, OR:
So, the Jaguars gave up seven sacks in that game. How many were on the starters? Looks like offensive-line depth is poor.
John: Four were on the starters, with three coming in a two-series stretch in the second quarter. Guard Uche Nwaneri seemed to struggle for a brief stretch, and bear in mind that guard Will Rackley went out with an ankle injury. Overall, the starting group played pretty well even with the sacks allowed, but yes: offensive line depth is an issue right now.
Dane from Jacksonville:
Were you surprised by any of the cuts made on Sunday?
John: I was surprised by the release of Paul Hazel. He was a rookie defensive end who showed good pass-rush ability in practice and also had shown it against third-team offensive linemen. But considering he also was undersized it's easy to see why the team didn't feel it could keep him on the active roster. Beyond that, there were really no surprises. The most noteworthy release was that of long snapper Jeremy Cain. Carson Tinker won the long snapper job, and considering he's a rookie, the move made sense. The Jaguars are building for the long haul, and if Tinker works it figures he could be the long snapper for the foreseeable future – and at an affordable price.
Dane from Jacksonville:
Do you consider Matt Schaub to be an elite quarterback?
John: I consider him a quarterback with whom you can win. I consider Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning and Drew Brees elite. There are others, including Schaub, who are close.
Don Clayton from the Same Place as John Clayton:
"To replace the revenue, the NFL might see if the networks would go for a 16-team postseason instead of 10." This was taken from my more famous brother John's latest mailbag. Now, ignoring his incorrect statement on the current number of teams in the playoffs, why would my brother suggest expanding the playoffs? I really hope this isn't something that his network wants to start pushing. Watered down playoffs are the worst.
John: I don't see a 16-game postseason happening, but it wouldn't surprise me to see the league expand to 14. More teams means more games means more revenue and we all know what that means.
Mike from Lawtey, FL:
It's funny to me that people still haven't figured out the #Moodachay thing, it's easy. "Move the chains." "Move da chains." "Moo da chains." Now, we have #Moodachay. Now it's become its own entity. It's ALIVE. #Moodachay.
John: #Moodachay
Rob from Pensacola, FL:
I was at the Philly game. Something I was thinking when I didn't see Bryan Anger punting: Why don't they announce injuries/inactives at the game? I'm scrambling to check my phone to see if our "star" Bryan Anger was hurt or just resting. Same thing happened when Rackley went down, then when Posluszny grabbed his arm/chest area. We in the stands were holding our collective breathe. But other than that, I love the game day experience.
John: @JohnOehser
Drew from Buford, GA:
I heard MJD on a radio show discuss his own health. He said he feels 25 again and better than he has in years. You have seen him. Do you concur that he looks that good? If so, our run game looks like it will again be dominant as it has in the past.
John: I've covered Jones-Drew the last two seasons and I've found it's difficult to judge where he is based on practice. As a veteran running back, he seems to have a different gear and different approach in games, which makes sense because you don't want to use up hits in practice and preseason. Jones-Drew has looked fine in his two preseason appearances, and he looks healthy in practice. I've seen nothing to indicate he won't be fine September 8.
Sean from Jacksonville:
What we learned from the Eagles game is once again, Henne is the best quarterback on the Jags roster and that Gabbert was given the job without having to earn it. 0-16 here we come.....
John: #StandUnited.
Jeff from Jacksonville:
Do you know if Justin Forsett will be able to start in Game 1?
John: I doubt he will start. There's no reason he would if Jones-Drew is healthy. But the hope is he will be able to play. He ran sprints on the side Monday. If he can practice next Monday, he should be ready by September 8.
Ross from Jacksonville:
The fact that you don't question the offensive play-calling when it was obviously horrible in the Eagles game shows again how little you understand football. Jedd Fisch is one of the worst OC's in the NFL right now with his horrible play calling. Laugh all you want but when he has one of the worst offenses in the league this year with Gabbert starting your laughter will just turn to tears.
John: Thanks again.
Steve from Section 215:
Best part of the game? "Move those chains" rather than "moodachay"!
John: HEY!! Watch it.
Chris from Mandarin, FL:
I maintain that the logo is fine, the uniforms are okay – but will probably be tweaked eventually – and the helmets will almost certainly change in five years or whenever that is allowed. The problem with the helmets is the matted finish from the black does not go with the glossy finish from the gold. Say all you want John, but unfortunately you and the team are incorrect about the helmets looking "good." They look okay from far away, but close up they are discontinuous because of the gloss, matte combo (not the coloration style). They will change once they are able, just watch. It's okay for you to be wrong sometimes.
John: I have said I like the helmets. I haven't said I love them. I also have said they will grow on people with time. For some people, that has happened and for others it hasn't. Not everyone likes everything. Maybe they will change or maybe they won't. But I'm not wrong. It's not possible to be wrong on a personal opinion. For instance, if I said, "J.P. Shadrick is from France and speaks fluent Japanese, German and Spanish and is three times divorced," that would be, "wrong." If I said, "I like J.P. Shadrick," – well, that would be wrong, too, but you get the point
Jared from Madison, WI:
I like the jerseys, but I am not OK with the helmets. You know how you said we'd grow on them? I feel like I dislike them more and more. Just go to the good old teal-tinted black with the new logo. That would be good.
John: Yeah, well . . . wait: you know what? Here is probably a good time to point this out: the Jaguars' uniforms aren't changing this season. They're probably not going to change for at least five seasons, because that's the NFL rule – that unless there is an ownership change, you can change only every five seasons. I get that they're different. I get that some people don't like them. I get that some people may really, really dislike them. These are the uniforms. These are the helmets. Sending in ideas about changes may keep you busy, but it's probably not happening.
Brucifer from Jacksonville:
I really like how the new general manager made the quick cuts to the roster. It makes me feel like there is no second guessing on his part. Why wait until Tuesday when you already know the direction your taking the team? Your thoughts.
John: It is apparent from your email your name is a combination of Bruce and Jennifer. I mean, you actually shoved Bruce and Jennifer together to make "Brucifer." . . . I just felt obligated to point it out should any of your male friends be reading.

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