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O-Zone: The funny brother

JACKSONVILLE -- Let's get to it . . . John from Jacksonville:
What were some highlights from minicamp?
John: Considering Tuesday was the first day of the three-day voluntary minicamp, I don't know that there were highlights, per se. What stood out was that the tempo and energy Head Coach Gus Bradley has discussed was evident on the field. Guard Will Rackley tweeted later that he couldn't remember enjoying a practice so much, and tight end Marcedes Lewis spoke with notable sincerity about never having experienced a minicamp-opening practice such as that in eight NFL seasons. As far as specific players, Gus Bradley said he liked what he saw from Cecil Shorts III and Justin Blackmon. Overall, it seems the first day was eventful in the sense that a tone seems to have been established, and that's what Bradley wanted.
Jonathan from Fort Irwin, CA:
When I was watching the Justin Forsett video I noticed you step into the camera shot in the back ground to interview a player. I was thinking it was a smart move on your part, to make the boss think you are working. Then I noticed you were talking to the punter. I was like, "Ouch! He ain't fooling anyone." You could have pretty much picked any other player on the roster to fool the boss but you went punter?
John: I have no idea what you're talking about. My time in the Jaguars' locker room is spent diligently interviewing players of all positions, shapes and sizes. To use that time to falsely give the impression of not working would diminish the noble nature of the position.
Sean from Jacksonville:
No more games. I have kidnapped your French poodle! The name on the collar is Circe. Really John! Circe? Who knows not Circe daughter of the Sun, whose charmed cup whoever tasted, and downward fell into a groveling swine. So here is the deal! You tell us about the new uniforms now or I bring the dog back! Please tell us soon. The nasty dog is chewing everything in the house.
John: I wouldn't give up info on a third-team guard for a French poodle.
Chris from Crestview, FL:
"You can't change things based on what happened here in the past." I counter with, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" and throw in the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
John: You can counter with whatever you want, and I certainly expected that response when I wrote what I wrote Tuesday. Many readers judge everything David Caldwell and Gus Bradley do based on what went on here in the past. You can't expect them to worry about that. They have zero connection to teams or regimes of the past. They're not going to look at the history of the franchise and say, "Well, this is what the team did and this is what the members of the regime said from 2004-2008 or whenever, so we have to do something different." They have no idea of past approaches or mantras, nor should they. They have their own experiences, and their own approaches about what will work. They were hired to implement those approaches and what was said here in the past shouldn't have any influence on that.
Phillip from Bunnell, FL:
John, so many people I know are constantly saying they would be season ticket holders ( including my family ) if the jags would pick up tebow! The media has tried everything in there power to destroy this amazing quarterback ! He is all that and the jags should bring him in and build this offense around him and he will outplay cam newton ( like he did all through cams time at florida ) and bring a Super Bowl win to jax !!!! If the powers that be there care about our jax jags they should give us what we want and we will keep there bills paid ! Thanks john
John: And people wonder why I cry sometimes.
Benjamin from Jacksonville:
The logo hasn't changed in the last month and neither has my opinion of it. Time alone does not alter the reality of an abhorrent choice, only acknowledgement and repentance.
John: Ah, Benjamin . . . your diligence and commitment to the cause is admirable and not a little disturbing. God love ya.
Joe from Pontypridd, Wales, UK:
Hey John, when do you think the Chiefs will make their choice of player public - or will they keep it under their hat until draft day in hope of a late trade? Also, could you ask all your British readers to give the official fan club a follow on twitter (@Union_Jax)? Thanks, I owe you a pint.
John: There has been talk that the Chiefs may make their intentions known a few days before the draft. I don't know that anyone's counting on that really happening. I'll absolutely pass along the follow request, and as for owing me a pint, let's just say you made a certain senior writer on this side of the pond quite happy.
Jeremy from Wise, VA:
So, where will you be during the draft? Do you get to be in the war room? In the office the whole time? Working from home?
John: When is the draft?
Johnny 2X4 from Peach Creek Elementary:
The same league that sells itself as a consummate team sport is the same league that modifies rules to cater to one position. They have no one to blame but themselves and no else to look to for answers. Reinvent the running game and you revive the team sport.
John: The NFL makes billions annually as the most popular sport in the nation. Not to say there aren't things that can be improved, but is it really so broken?
Anthony from Madison, WI:
Ahh, I love this column. Best site in the league wouldn't be as good without the personnel, especially the senior writer. Funny stuff, John, funny stuff.
John: This is the greatest email in the history of the genre.
James from Jacksonville:
No quarterbacks in the 18 players just added to the workouts? I, like others, have lost faith in our current quarterbacks. Why no competition at that position?
John: Let's keep Tuesday's additions in perspective. While players from that list could be invited to training camp and potentially make the team, such an occurrence isn't something you should necessarily count on. There will be competition at the position. The absence of a quarterback from this list of 18 doesn't change that.
John from Gainesville, FL:
Is Boselli your archenemy? Or is it productivity?
John: Who says you can't have two archenemies?
Tim from Glenallen, AK:
If Caldwell said that there are two players he is looking at, then it must be position-based. I'm thinking Fisher/Joekel, Ansah/Jordan, or Star/Floyd. Does that makes sense?
John: I'm not sure I follow why it must be position-based. I don't know that it's correct to assume anything is position-based about the player-acquisition process right now, especially when it comes to this draft. Caldwell wants to be able to pick good players, and there probably aren't more than three or four positions where the Jaguars are so good that they wouldn't pick a good player there.
Mike from Atlanta, GA:
Teams in the middle of the first round feel good because there isn't a perceived difference in value between who will be there and who will be picked at the top of the first round. So why would they pay to move up to get the same value they would have picking 10-20? I am more interested in what we will do with our second-round pick. What do you think will happen with that pick?
John: I think the Jaguars will have offers to trade that pick. I'd be surprised if they won't do that.
Charles from Bangalore, India:
About the wide-open No. 2-selection discussion, I found the following from Caldwell a possible tell: There have always been good running backs found later in the draft, but if you think a guy is a difference maker, you have to take him high. We all know our situation with MJD. Any possibility of running back for the second selection, or am I reading too much into this? Do we need to go all in on running back, kind of insurance? Do you think any of the running backs in the draft are worthy of a second pick?
John: No, no, no, no, no. First, there is perhaps – perhaps – one running back worthy of a first-round selection this year. That's Eddie Lacy from Alabama, but he doesn't appear to be a Top 10 guy, much less a No. 2 overall guy. It will be a loooooong time before a running back is selected No. 2 overall again. The position is just too fillable in the later rounds.
The real Jordan from Jacksonville:
John, I do think you're cool. My brother framed me by sending in a comment under my name. He's just mad that you answer my questions more than his.
John: Your brother obviously considers himself funny, and just as obviously doesn't know when his jokes rub people the wrong way, offend people and eventually get himself into trouble. I think I like him.

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